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Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi Base Camps is An Exciting Trip Destination

An Exciting Trip for nature lovers who extremely like to see the great mountainous destinations but do not have long walking experience. Holiday Hikes Pakistan looks at the entire conditions of nature lovers and finds destinations accordingly. Nanga Parbat Base Camp via Fairy Meadows is an exciting trip destination for soft tourism fans. As well as Rakaposhi Base Camp is the same one for all those. Furthermore, the best trip to see the high mountains from closer destinations. You may enjoy both trips with your car on the road.

A week long tour from Islamabad takes you on the 8th wonder of the world Karakorum Highway. Moreover, along the mighty Indus River. Furthermore, there are several mind-blowing highlights on the way up to North Pakistan the great mountains of Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalaya. This exciting trip is an awesome experience visiting Nanga Parbat Base Camp and going to Fairy Meadows to explore the paradise on earth. Above all, it is an easy access point to view the killer mountain (8125m) from a close distance. This is the second-highest peak in Pakistan and number 9 in the world out of 14 of the  above 8,000s.

Exciting highlights of the Rakaposhi Base Camp

Rakaposhi is one of the most beautiful mountains in Karakorum Range in Hunza Valley Pakistan having 7, 788 meters in height. The view of the mountain is incredible while traveling on KKH to Hunza and China border. The best is to go for a day hike to its base camp is an easy day walk from Minapin Nagar Valley. Moreover, the views from the windows of your hotel room in Hunza are another awesome experience.
You must not miss this trip once in your life in the holiday destinations plan. You will enjoy it without a doubt.

Nanga Parbat (8,125m) the 9th Highest Himalayan Peak in the world Base Camp 

Hiking to Nanga Parbat base camp has numerous options the easiest approach is Fairy Meadows where you can go easily. On the way driving on Karakorum Highway from Islamabad to Rawalpindi takes 10 hours to reach Chilas. You will stay overnight there is a luxury Hotel. The next day you will drive one and half hours to Raikot Bridge the destination of Fairy Meadows. 
Take a four-wheel Jeep on an adventurous road to Tato in two hours where the jeep road ends. There is a small hotel with simple food to eat and prepare for further walking. There is an exciting 2-3 hours easy walk to Fairy Meadows with the great views of Nanga Parbat ahead.

An Amazing Day Hike to Nanga Parbat Base Camp from Fairy Meadows

The day hike up to Nanga Parbat base camp does involve a relatively beautiful day of trekking. The trek follows a walk on a narrow goat path along a ridge overlooking Raikot Glacier. Further up, it descends to a stream originating from the melting Ganalo Glacier. Once across the stream, the trek rises to the top of a ridge on the base of the snowy mountains. This is the charismatic trek to the base camp of the Giant Mountain.
Another descent leads to a narrow reach of Ganalo Glacier marked by ice walls and big boulders affording access across the glacier. Following the glacier, the trek rises again leading now to a wider grassy plane and meadows. Moreover, in the wilderness with wildflowers above the tree line. Nestled between the monumental peaks, Nanga Parbat base camp (3,967m). It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, huge masses of snow, and the frozen world.

Rakaposhi Base Camp hike is an Exciting Trip in Hunza and Nagar Valley Pakistan

Rakhaposhi 7788m

Rakhaposhi 7788m

An Exciting trip to Rakaposhi Base Camp is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most beautiful hikes, second after hiking in Fairy Meadows. Most people trek the Rakaposhi Base for two to three days, camping there in tents with guide cooks and porters. But for those who do not like staying in tents, it is possible in a single day easily.

The Rakaposhi Mountain is a 7,788 m high peak in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Nagar Baltistan’s Valley, part of the Karakoram mountain range. The name Rakaposhi, which means “snow-covered,” comes from the fact that the extraordinary height of its snow-covered summits can be seen from the Karakoram Highway route that leads to China over Khujerab Pass (4,700m). Its majestic wall of snow can be seen from Hunza Valley.
The Rakaposhi base camp, at 3,500 meters, is a great place for hikers to climb and see the spectacular mountain up and personal. Approaching Rakhaposhi Base Camp from Minapin Nagar where you can stay in a hotel and early morning go for the hike. It takes four to five hours to reach the base camp Tagha Fari. It is a wide muddy flat with incredible views of Rakaposhi, Diran Peak, and many others in the surrounding. You may spend one to two hours and easily descend to Minapin in three hours. It is an exciting day.

What is the Best Time to Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi Base Camp?

The best time to go to these amazing places is from April to November for soft tour lovers. For the adventure, love is also possible in winter as well. Mostly, people go on these trips during the summer. However, spring Blossom and autumn colors seasons are the best of the best time for this trip. The whole of north Pakistan wears a beautiful and colorful dress during these two seasons. For more information, you may visit here on this website.

How many days do I need to go on this Exciting trip in the north of Pakistan?

This will be a relaxed trip in one week from Islamabad and back to Islamabad. What do I mean from Islamabad? It is the capital city of Pakistan and most of the international flight destinations from all over the world. For this reason, all the tour operators plan trips from here. In addition to it, you may plan from any part of Pakistan according to your destination and choice of interest.

Are there other interesting other activities at this holiday destination in Pakistan?

There are many highlights from Islamabad to this destination. Driving on Karakorum Highway is a lifetime experience. You will witness the history of Pakistan while visiting the historical sites on the way. In the North of Pakistan visiting Hunza and in the surrounding adds to the joy of your holidays. We will discuss all the exciting destinations in the future post in the Historical Tour Section.

Is there any other way to reach the destinations apart from a road journey on this Exciting Trip?

There is one hour flight from the Federal Capital Islamabad to Gilgit and then drive to the next destinations. As well there are flights from Karachi and Lahore to Gilgit (needs to check the latest schedule). The flight is incredible over the Karakorum and Himalaya Mountains.
The other option via Naran and Kaghan Valleys over Babusar (Pass 4,100m) from June to October is possible. This journey has other eye-catching views and landscapes for nature lovers to enjoy with.
Overall, this tour covers the Karakorum Highway tour, Nanga Parbat, and Rakaposhi base camps. This trip is full of fun you may experience the art of nature. Holiday Hikes is determined to present facts and figures for its readers based on the live experience. It is simply written but with correct information. 
The writer has been to every corner of Pakistan guiding tours and trekking groups for the last 25 years. There is nothing wrong but simple writing. We hope you may enjoy it and it will help you plan your holiday destination. You may reach us by writing in the comment section below. For more adventure holidays go here.

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