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Biafo Hispar Pass

It is no doubt said that the Karakorum is the great mountain range in the world for the fans of adventures. The best trek in Karakorum has amazing adventurous opportunities to enjoy. Furthermore, the high mountains offer passionate climbing, the passes are the best, and incredible glaciers are awesome attractions. The most adventurous trek Biafo Hispar and Snow Lake takes you from the east to the west. Shigar Valley Skardu to Nagar and Hunza Valley down to Karakorum Highway is a lifetime adventure experience.

Moreover, if you are a real fan of mountains and able to walk on the glacier then this is the best choice. Without a doubt, hundreds of adventure lovers from all over the world go on this trek. The fascinating views of the great mountains many the above 7,000 meters with beautiful heads. Doubtlessly, the mountains along the Biafo Glacier have great attractions for rock climbers. Bintha Braks are famous rock climbing mountains in the region. Baifo Glacier in the east before crossing the Hispar Pass offers a great walking experience. You must have well experience for this trek to go.

Like trekking to the four Great Mountains Base Camps, this trek also demands the experience of walking on Glacier. Camping on the glacier and long days walking on the moraines are challenging. It is for those who are a good fit for sleeping on glaciers for long days. Crossing crevasses on the glacier is another demanding feature of this trip. You need well-experienced guides to make success crossing Hispar Pass. Snow Lake is the amazing part of this trek with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. You must pay a visit for this trek if you are well adventurous.

How many days do I need to go on this Adventurous Trek?

A long holiday of three weeks is required for this trek and well organized as well. The trek takes 12 to 15 days if you are well fit. For well-experienced people, it is a 12 days trek. With having fewer experience people need 15 days to go camp by camp. On other hand, you may cross two camps in one day which makes it shorter. The other week is leaving from home to reach the last destination to start the trek and preparations for it. This is the best choice for adventure lovers to go on amazing holidays.

Above all, the journey from Islamabad to Skardu and Askole is the last village to start the fun. You may fly from Islamabad in an incredible one-hour flight over the Himalaya Karakorum Mountains. Either the road journey of two days on the Hazara Motor and Karakorum Highway is not without enjoyment. You will come across mind-blowing experiences and heart-touching stories on this two days journey. There are spectacular views and exciting landscapes from Islamabad to Skardu along the road. Indus River from Thakot to Skardu on this travel is the main highlight to enjoy.

The Road journey on the 8th wonder of the world Karakorum highway has great history and stories. Most travelers appreciate even being a long two days drive. The rock carvings, in Manserah, Chilas, and Spatial, and the view of Nanga Parbat are the best memories. Furthermore, the Junction point of the three mountain ranges (Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalaya) add to the joys of your holidays. The mesmerizing villages along the Skardu Road are worth seeing. These are the reasons most visitors prefer a road journey to fly in one hour. Should try it one way.

The best trek in Karakorum
Skardu Airport

Baifo Hispar and Snow Lake Trek over (Hispar Pass 5,151) meters

The most adventurous trek in the Great Karakorum Mountains begins from the beautiful city of Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. If you fly from Islamabad it takes an hour a fantastic flight to Skardu the base of the great mountains. On the other hand, if you take the bus it takes two full days on the 8th wonder of the world. The Karakorum Highway with incredible highlights on both two days passing through charismatic towns and villages with spectacular views.

It is not without joys all the way. Arriving at Skardu is an experience at an altitude of 2,400 meters a crowded city among stunning mountains. You will stay here a night or two depending on the organization of the next day’s trekking. There are some nearby spots to visit and enjoy nature. You will stay here in a hotel with great views from your room’s window.

Day-1 Skardu to Askole 5-6 hour drive in four-wheel Jeeps on the best trek in Karakorum

An awesome day starts from the city of Skardu crossing the Indus River to the north of Skardu to Shigar Valley. The road journey has exciting moments passing through typical villages of Baltistan with amazing cultural architecture. You will have a visit to an 800 years old mosque in the Shigar Valley that has great art of ancient architecture. Furthermore, the natural architecture has some unbelievable experiences of life. The dusty and bumpy rough road welcomes you to the land of adventure on the very first day.

Drive along the Baraldo River accompanies you to Askole with its magical attraction. Moving further up the beauty of nature increases where you will find yourself in a real natural environment. T Askole village you will stay the last village and first day in the tents at 3,000 meters. Certainly, you will not miss visiting the village to experience the life standard and culture of a Balti life. An Italian Museum is there to represent the history of the great Karakorum Mountains and the region. You will definitely, learn here the history of the region and the mountains.

Day-2 Trek to Namla 5-6 hours walk

You leave morning for the trek from here on road following Baraldo River on right. After one and half hour the meeting point of the Biafo and Baraldo River make you leave Baraldo here. Continuing to the left takes you towards Baifo Glacier. To the right is a wide valley that goes Baltoro, K2, and four 8,000s base camps with panoramic views. Soon you will climb to the moraine of Baifo Glaciers there boulders on your way to the first camp Namla.

You will walk on the moraine obviously, the first day of the trekking makes you tire it is normal. Furthermore, with moving up you will feel better and fit day. In this case, you don’t need to be worried as my experience it happens during the adventure trips. By end of the day, you leave the Glacier and get the left side a lateral moraine for camping. The camp is 3,600 meters with great views of the mountains in the surrounding. There are no boulders and up-downs smoothly the trek goes with more exciting views in the next days.

Day-3 Tre to Mango 5-6 hours an exciting walk on the best trek best trek in Karakorum

This morning you will get on the Baifo Glacier again and start your trek. As I mentioned above this day is not as harder as the previous day. The walk on the glacier has no boulders flat with concrete and sometimes white glaciers on your way. The views get more exciting this is normal every day on this adventurous trek every next day becomes more beautiful. By end of the day again after six hours you cross the glacier on boulders to the right side for camping. It is an amazing sandy campsite in the lateral moraine at 3,900m.

There is water nearby you will have a great view from the doors of your tents. The night is noisy with falling glaciers and avalanches from the mountains. You may sleep well at the campsite with soft sand ground offers like foam in your bedroom. This is great day of the best trek in Karakorum.

Day-4 Trek to Marfo Ghoro 4-5 hours with amazing views ahead

Again you cross to the glacier to your left and begin your day with boulders and get on the white glacier. Wide crevasses on the glacier welcome you to go zigzags and needs to be very careful. The crevasses are terrible sometimes your guide put the rope on the crevasses to be safe. You need to be passionate about walking on the glacier. By end of the day again crossing the glacier to the right is a beautiful campsite in lush green meadows. There is great clear water at the campsite that adds to the beauty of the camp at Mango 4,100m.

In addition, the views from here are lush green meadows close and to the left and the snow-capped mountains of the great Karakorum. The adventurous trekkers enjoy the sceneries all on this mind-blowing holiday destination.

Day-5 Trek to Bintha the best campsite on the Biafo Hispar Trek

A lovely walk begins from here half an hour walk along ablation valley past the small lake then heading to the glacier. Then again on the white ice with wide crevasses. The walk is smooth and gradually goes higher but the crevasses make you afraid always need to be together today. This day and the next three days need to be very careful of the whole team members. Always need to have a rope with you in case of an emergency you may use it. I always used to keep all the team members in one line the whole day. Stay far from each other is not a good idea.

At the end of the day, you will cross again to the right side of the glacier to a beautiful campsite at 4, 500 meters. There is a clear stream of water flowing from the lush green meadows above. A very exciting campsite on the whole trek I love it enjoying the spectacular views of the art of nature.
Day-6 Rest day to be relaxed and wash your stuff socks etc.

As said this is the best place to have a rest day here. You may wash your stuff used in the last four days of trekking because you have more chances for next week. You will have a great fun day here relaxing.

Day-7 Trek to Karfoghoro/Napina Camp 5-6 hours

The morning begins with 45 minutes of easy walking crossing a couple of small lakes surrounded by flowers and willow bushes. The views getting more interesting now to high mountains above 7, 000 are all around are the main highlights of the best trek in Karakorum. Side glaciers join Biafo from a different location. The main highlights of the day are a glimpse of Hispar Pass from some points and disappearing. Walking on the glacier is smoothly climbing as usual crossing crevasse take your time. But the joys of the scenery make the adventurous journey exciting.

At the end of the crossing towards the right moving boulders to Karfoghoro campsite among the boulders. Hardly, pitching tents in the rocks is the worst campsite on this adventurous trek. You will stay a hard night like any other day.

Day-8 Trek to Snow-Lake was the most exciting day of the Biafo Hispar Trek 

Your morning will start on the moving boulders dropping down to the Glacier with snow here. You are going to fix up the safety rope here and up to the pass. The walking is quite smooth lovely views of the pass and the white-headed mountains of Karakorum are awesome. This steadily plods on snow-covered ice zigzagging to cross the crevasses all stunning. Snowy peaks with glacier walls in the south and granite towers to the north are all eye-catching. There is the interaction of Sim-Gang Glacier and Snow-lake and the route to the Luckpe La and Hispar pass.

There is a great walk on the glacier with a surprising landscape most is paradise on the earth for adventure lovers. Camping on the snow at 4,700 meters is a lifetime experience for the fans of nature. You are here on an ice airport without a plane the honor of the art of nature. You will love this place as I experienced with those who visited here.

Day-9 Trek to Hispar Pass the last on the Biafo Glacier moving to Hispar 

Your day of celebration begins here with rope up wearing gaiter and waterproof shoes. Climbing to the top of the pass is easy steadily but a bit of altitude makes it hard as well. Reaching the pass is fun. Your porters will welcome you with slogans of success an interesting moment of this adventure trip. You will camp at 5,000 on the wide glacier at the pass with fascinating views. The night here will be very cold. However, you are fully acclimatized now you will enjoy it as well.

Day-10 Trek to Khani Bassa Descending to Hispar Glacier 

Descending is definitely, easier but crampons are necessary on this for two hours go down on the ice. Sometimes early season the ice is covered with snow as well may be easier but need to be aware of hidden crevasses. The best is to rope up as in previous days until you get on the clear ice without snow. Jumping on small crevasses you will again cross to the lateral moraine the first camp after crossing the Pass. You will camp here at 4,580 meters. Certainly, the views back to the Biafo Hispar Pass id stunning.

There are eye-catching mountains above the Hispar Glacier with hanging ice and you hear falling ice and avalanches. All these highlights of the day are heart-touching you will enjoy and remember this adventurous trek. It is not an easy trek but still happy by the end of the day because of the great experience in the Karakorum Mountains.

Day- 11 Trek to Yutmaru 5-6 hours on the best trek in Karkorum

The first 90 minutes of the day is easy going to cross the Khani Basa Glacier. The fine views to the north are one of the famous peaks Kanjut Sar (7,760 meters) and many more. From here getting on the Yutmaru Glacier is terrible with boulders and up and down. Later on, you get on the lateral moraine some meters above the glacier. The walk is easier and as usual magnificent views of hanging glaciers and frequent avalanches make your day exciting.

There are several campsites with clear spring water and green pastures. You will camp in Yutmaru a camping place with stone shelters for your porters at 4,330 meters. It is the comfortable campsite after Baintha Campsite on Biafo Glacier. A few small willow bushes with flowers and beautiful tent places are there.

Day-12 Trek to Red Star Camp 4-5 hours

A tiring Yutmaru Glacier takes at least two hours to cross, with high ice walls and wide crevasses to cross. At the end of the glacier is a steep climb up under the cliff. You will get on a clear path with panoramic views of Hispar Passback. You will have to cross some scree slopes up and downs are there all the way. Honestly telling you until the end of this glacier terrible walk on the western side of this trek. But the landscape and its amazing sceneries are mind-blowing to enjoyable for nature lovers. re

This is the reason that makes it the most adventurous trek in the Karakorum. Down to the next camp to Bitanmal is challenging and tiring as well. But the camp on this day is the best of the best on the best trek in Karakorum.

Day-13 Trek to Bitanmal 4-5 hours

Another glacier Pumarichish Glacier is the same as the previous day boulders and ice ups and downs are terrible. You will walk for about two hours on the glacier, then get on the lateral moraine on the north side of the glacier. Most importantly, there are great views as well again make the trip interesting and passionate for adventure lovers. In the afternoon you will walk in the ablation valley passing willow and cedar shrubs. You will reach a wide flat with a beautiful water channel Bitanmal. The campsite at about 3,600 meters at the edge of the Kunyang Glacier with spectacular views.

Day-14 Trek to Hispar Village of Nagar Valley the end of the best trek in Karakorm

Easily crossing the Kunyang Glacier and the way descending down to the Hispar village of Nagar. Finally, this is the last day of your adventurous trekking on the best trek in Karakorum. The path down to the village on the north side of the Hispar Glacier. Finally, your trek ends by crossing the Hispar River to the village. The last village of Nagar Valley. Your jeeps will wait here to drive to Hunza for another three hours. Mostly, trekkers camp here in the village and drive next down to Hunza Valley. We will tell about it in our coming posts.

Best Trekking in Karakorum
Trekking in Karakorum


I am sure you like this adventurous trek if you are planning an adventure in Pakistan. All the above information is based on my trek in 2018. In August I led a Spanish trekking group to Biafo Hispar and Snow Lake.

If you are looking for some easy treks go to my post (9 best adventure trips in Hindukush). You may like to choose a trip of your interest apart from this best trek in Karakorum. Holiday Hikes Pakistan facilitates it, readers, with detailed information about your holiday destination.

Definitely, the aim of this blog is to provide facts and figures about the destinations. If you have a dream to visit Pakistan and looking for an amazing place to go. Then, visit this site to find your choice of interest. Without a doubt, we facilitate your entire requirement for a trip to Pakistan. If you want to look for more destinations Click here. Moreover, you can write us in the comment box below as well.

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