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Holiday Hikes Pakistan welcomes all adventure and nature lovers to enjoy their holidays in the ultimate destination for a lifetime. Pakistan offers the best seasonal tours in the north. Moreover, there are breath-taking nature, enchanting traditions, and beautiful culture with extraordinary art and architecture await you with warm greetings. Furthermore, there are magical scenario of the naturally blessed Pakistan is something worthwhile to visit by everyone, either by trekking or tour and travel in the country. From snow to land, in amazing places of different geographical landscapes, one will definitely get to live his or her dreams.

Attar Trekking in Summer

It offers one of the exciting seasonal tours to the North Pakistan, and hopefully, you will enjoy the diverse cultures, traditions, and landscapes from valley to valley. In addition, it is difference from other agencies is that it mostly offers unspoiled parts of Pakistan, such as the Hindukush Range. Obviously, there are several treks and mountains are still waiting to be discovered and explored. We are there to provide our services by taking you to new places on the best seasonal tours. Our professional background makes us proud to come here to serve our valued readers. I am sure you will enjoy being with us in the wilderness with our planned trip itineraries.

The Four Seasons of North Pakistan and the beautiful holiday destinations

In this post, Holiday Hikes provides you with the best seasonal tour information on where you can enjoy holidays in eye-catching destinations. North Pakistan wears stunning colors in different seasons. Like other parts of the earth, it has four seasons. Spring (March, April, and May) Summer: (June, July, and August), autumn; (September, October, and November), and winter: (December, January, and February). Definitely, every season has its own beauty. You may enjoy your holidays in your favorite season.

The best time to travel for Spring Blossom to North Pakistan

In this post, we are discussing the seasonal conditions in North Pakistan. Hunza, Skardu, Ghizer, Astore, and Diamer are the different parts of Pakistan rich in natural beauty. Above all, the changing scenario of the four seasons makes it different from other parts of the country.

The months of March, April, and May, with their spring blossom colors, offer great beauty for nature lovers. The best thing is how spring comes in different months in different regions depending on their elevations. The lower parts, like Chilas, Gilgit, and the closer parts to them, are full of spring colors in March. The best time for lower Hunza, Nagar and lower Ghizer Valley is from mid-March to mid-April. Then in April and May, the higher villages like Astore, Skardu, Upper Hunza, Phundar, Ishkoman, and Yasin Valley get full of spring color.

You may plan your holiday trips to the north of Pakistan by looking at this scenario. Either you can organize it on your own or with a tour agency (we will provide you with information about the best companies in Pakistan). Holiday Hikes Pakistan will help you plan your best trip.

The best time for autumn color seasonal tours in north Pakistan

Autumn Colors of Pakistan

As in the spring season, the autumn colors offer variety in the different months from September to November. It is the opposite of the spring season, where the lower parts get autumn colors while the higher regions get them early. Like in September, the best month for the higher regions. The Upper Skardu, Upper Hunza, and the higher regions of the Ghizer Valley are getting superb during the autumn. You may plan your holidays keeping the conditions in love with autumn colors. For trekking, there are some areas with thick forests that are best for autumn lovers during September and October. Furthermore, if you love adventure, you can see our content on trekking here. If you are planning for autumn in lower Hunza and lower Ghizer, mid-October to mid-November.

The best summer adventure trekking in the great mountains

During the summer months of June, July, and August, all the great mountains and passes of the Hindukush, Karakorum, and Himalaya open their doors to adventure travelers. There are hundreds of adventure destinations to choose from for trekking and camping. Obviously, it is the best time for climbing high mountains as well. June, July, August, and September are the best months for trekking in the Karakoram. In the Hindukush and Himalayas, most of the treks begin in mid-May and end in mid-October. This is definitely, an amazing seasonal tour attraction in Pakistan.

During the trek, you may enjoy visiting local communities in the summer houses. Mostly, in Hindukush, families still practice it. However, in the other parts, only men could be seen with goats and sheep in the mountains. If you are willing to make such trips, always try to look for the best tour operating companies in Pakistan. Certainly, many Facebook companies are offering low prices and have no experience with the organization of the holidays. If you choose the best company, you will definitely enjoy your trekking trip.

This is the best time to plan for the base camps of the five 8000s located in the north of Pakistan. Each of the incredible mountains has its own significance. Going to Nanga Parbat, 8,125m, is completely easy. The best advantage is that it is easily accessible from the Karakoram Highway. On the other hand, K2 and its siblings require a good trekking experience and more time. Obviously, it costs more as well. The normal trekker cannot do it. For choosing your favorite Trek Check out here…..

The Best Time for winter seasonal tours

Winter Darkot

Without a doubt, like the other seasons (spring, summer, and autumn), winter has its own beauty. Most adventure lovers love to see winter beauty in all its glory. North Pakistan is the best for it. During December, most of the north of Pakistan wears white dresses all over. Most importantly, for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports, you may visit northern Pakistan. Moreover, we will give you detailed information on winter travel destinations in the coming post for sure. Keep reading our website for your enjoyment.

Where to stay during your holiday trips in the North of Pakistan?

There has been a big change for those readers who visited North Pakistan in the early 90s. Everywhere you go in the north of Pakistan, you will find great hotels in a home-like environment. The hospitality of the local people in the remote regions is awesome now. Some villages have Guest Houses with good services. In addition, you will be warmly welcomed in every part of the country. We will post detailed itineraries of the above-mentioned highlights in the coming days.

Finally, stay tuned with us for your adventure travel plans and suggestions. The writer of this blog is obviously simple but has a huge experience and has been to every corner of Pakistan. He has been working as a tourist guide for 22 years and is now part of Hindukush Karakoram Tours and Treks as Operation Manager. You may enjoy reading the posts.

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