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There are numerous hiking in and trekking destinations still need to be explored like 3 best passes in one trip.

Arrival Islamabad city tour of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is the first exciting day on your way to 3 best passes in one trip trekking. Furthermore, you will have a great and diverse landscape from one place to another.

In sharp contrast to the ancient and historical cities and towns of Pakistan. The Federal Capital Islamabad is a new city modeled on the pattern of many new and modern western architectures. Half day city tour you will explore the history of Pakistan on this day trip and sightseeing.

Camping in Hinduksh

Rawalpindi – is a bustling town strategically located between Punjab and Azad Kashmir. It has a strong colonial influence and possesses a large military cantonment with the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. Moreover, it is the sister city of Islamabad, ad is essentially the older sister of Islamabad. To locals, Old bazaars, such as the Raja Bazaar, retain their oriental character, with artisans who still create in the an-fashioned way: designing jewelry, pounding out copper and brass items, fashioning cane baskets, hand-and carving walnut furniture.

Drive to Gilgit for the 3 best passes in one trip for Hiking and Trekking

Driving along the Naran and Kaghan Valley in the Province of Khyber PukhtunKhaw. The other option the 8th wonder of the World the Karakorum Highway.  which is worth enjoying the diverse towns, cities, and villages. In addition, with unique culture of the people along Hazara and Kohistan regions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Formerly, it was North West Frontier Province and the mighty Indus River flows down from the Karakorum and Himalaya Mountains. You will reach the starting point of the 3 best passes in one trip trekking through spectacular views.

Moreover, we stop at ancient rock carvings close to Chilas of left travelers. The pilgrims, and traders on their way to Sub-continent and Central Asia left their memories. It dates back to 5000-1000 BC the purpose of their journey on the rocks is in different languages.

Gilgit and continue to Naltar

Naltar 3 best passes in one trip
Trekkers in Naltar

Two more hours along the beautiful Nomal and on narrow Naltar road along the river. It is hidden in the mountains up a dramatic barren gorge. 19 km long surprisingly green and lush of Naltar adds to the joy of your holidays. Overnight stay in hotel at 2880 m with spectacular views in the surrounding you will dive into the nature by the evening. Manage porters here for the next trek. This the place to begin for the 3 best passes hiking and trekking.

Trek to Lower Shani the first campsite of the 3 best passes in one trip

 It takes 5-7 hours if you start the trek from the village. On the other hand we can drive 12 km in jeep it takes about one hour more or less to 7 colors Kutu lake surrounded by birch trees. Then start the trek from here to the Lower Shani will take 4-5 hours along the Naltar River.

 In addition, passing through thick forest and Gujar settlements with awesome views all the way the walk is quite smooth. Ahead the views of numerous snow-capped peaks are eye-catching. Shani Peak 5,887m, the dramatic triple-headed Twins 5,798 and 5,700m visible further north many more to see. We will camp at Lower Shani at 3,800m quite lush, fed by a small stream edge with flowers; pink bistort, purple geraniums, blue gentians, white edelweiss, and many more. Herds of animals roam the hillsides. 

Trek to Upper Shanni a stunning day of Hiking and Trekking

5-6 hours continue on good path along the edge of the Shani Glacier with small lakes reflecting the mountains around. For two hours and then another 3 hours to Upper Shani is completely ascending climbing straight ahead with zigzags path through knee-from lowers (during mid-July to August) and up a wide grassy shoulder. Furthermore, you come out on a big plateau featuring herds grazing yaks, cows and horses.

 There are several beautiful campsites clear streams and spring water and great views of overhanging seracs. Camp at 4,100 meters on the plateau with exciting views. Here the night will be cold about 10C. An interesting day of the 3 best passes in one trip.

Trek to Kriue Borth Crossing Naltar Pass 4,700m crossing the first pass of the 3 best passes in one trip

6-8 hours the first two hours climb up with stones and snow takes you to the flat top of the pass. From where we have mind-blowing views of snowing covering mountains in a distance to the northeast over Passu in Hunza. From the pass you will continue drop down towards Pakhora Ishkoman. All the way descending on the glacier and then on the crest of the moraine down to Kuriu Borth.

The usual campsite is at about 3,900m. The camp is nearby a big red stone that name kurui Borth (red stone in Khowar Language is spoken in Ishkoman). Here better to move down another hour to UCh. A beautiful place with Lush green meadows in the thick forest of pine, birch and willow trees.

Trek to Pakhora Ishkoman Valley in the Ghizer

5-6 hours descending the two hours along the trees and then on clear donkey path down in narrow valley. The river stays down to your right there several small waterfalls along the wPokharahora is the largest village in Ishkman we will drive down to Chatorkhan for overnight stay in a hotel to be relaxed after this tiring trek. Hot shower and washing in the beautiful Garden of Royal Guest House.

Rest day for Washing, Relaxing and preparation for the Attar Pass trek

 You will have two hours walk to Dain Water Falls. Above all, the village or you can ha hire a car if you wish it is worth visiting here to interact with local people to explore the life of the mountain communities of Hidukush. The views from the waterfall are interesting because you can see Hindukush and Karakoram mountains both. Overnight stay in the Guest House.

Drive to Ghotolti the Road journey for the 2nd pass of the 3 best passes in one Trip

 3-hour through the charming villages of Ishkoman Valley. Before entering proper Ishkoman from the Dok Bridge you will have a great view of the Wakhan Corridor and Korumbar Lake trek that leads from the right here. Unfortunately, it is closed now to go. You will reach Ghotolti the last village where the trek to Attar Pass and Panji Pass begins. Camp in a beautiful garden under the apricot trees you will have the taste of the apricot by picking them from the trees. Manage porters here for the next trek. Click here for more.

Trek to Mathantir an Exciting walk meeting local communities

3 best passes in one trip trekking on the way to Attar Pass
Attar Trekking

It is an interesting of 4 to 6 hours trek with views of white-topped peaks of 5,000 to 6000 meters. The first two hours on an easy jeep road take you to Hundis. At about 3,000 meters, Hundis is the highest winter village, surrounded by fields of barley but too high for fruit trees. The views to the North up the MathanTir Valley showed jagged peaks. There is the bridge which to the west of the Village which leads to another trek to Darkot over Punji Pass of 3 to 4 days.

You will follow to the North along the river of Mathan Tir passing through many huts with local people. who spend their summer with cattle welcoming you with cup of tea if you get close to their huts which is an interesting culture of mountain communities of Northern Pakistan and it is a great opportunity to discover their culture and living standards.

Most the people like to go on such treks that add to their joys of holidays. You pass undulating day huge juniper scrub with occasional cedar, pine, and Rowan trees, and wild rose bushes. You pass a couple of settlements high above the path and it is a gentle walk to reach Mathan Tir a beautiful summer village with a green ground camping site at the side of the Attar river with clear spring water to drink and cook at about 3200 meters.

Trek to Attar Lake the best day of the trip

It is a three to four hours interesting dof trek crossing through very beautiful summer villages along the Attar valley. There is path under the shade birch trees and views of surrounding snow-capped mountains of the 6000 to 6600 meters. Furthermore, waiting for Summit and names because the locals are not aware about of climbing. Some of the Italians since from 2000 to 2009, and enjoyed climbing on these amazing mountains. They gave them new names and discovered their local names, still many of them are un-named and waiting for Summit.

After walking of 4 hour you will reach Attar lake a beautiful campsite with clear water at about 3700 meters. There are some summer huts about 500 meters to the lake. It is wonderful place to have a rest day her and Explore around. There are some parts very close to the camping site. You enjoy if you have some of your holidays to enjoy most people like to do it.

Trek to Jutbar an exciting day of the 3 best passes in one trip hiking and trekking

It is your third day of this trek. A smooth walk of 3 to 4 hours along the Jut bar stream flows from the mountains with colorful flowers all along the way. Moreover, you will reach to grassy campsite with wild onions. The views of the mountains back and ahead give immense happiness of your holidays. If you are interested in Climbing, it is a spot. There are 5000 to 6000 peaks near your camp. This campsite is at the height of about 4000 meters.

Trek to Bohrek across the Attar pass 4742m the longest day of the trek

The climb to the from the east to the top is a site-allow 3-4 hours to reach to the top. The last part to reach the pass is a gentle approach and you reach to 4350 meters and view to both sides is amazing with scenic landscape and it is a bit confusing some for the people and ask about it.

Sometimes there is snow in the early or late in the season on the pass. I mean if you are there around the month of the end of September. Within a one to one and half hour you reach to a beautiful campsite of the Yasin side.  There is a clear spring and views of narrow valleys down. Your porters will celebrate the success by running down towards the campsite and welcome to the other side of the pass. You will camp here on about 3800 meters with clear spring water and soft grassy campsite.

Trek to Darkot Village the last historical village of Yasin Valley

  It is an easy walk of about 4 to 5 hours down wards and come across the summer comess of Bohrek, Momosil and Silling Harang of Darkot as the people like in the Ishkoman will be very happy to see you and welcome you with tea and local dishes made of milk. You must not deny the offers that are unique culture of tha e mountain communities of North Pakistan.

Moreover, walking 3 hour you will reach to the beautiful vage of Darkot the last village of Yasin Valley. It has about 350 houses. Overnight stay here in the camp or you can drive to Gilgit by the same day it’s of 4 hours’ drive to Gilgit from Darkot. You can have Darkor three days trek over Ghamubar Pastreks330m) to Thoi Valley from the Darkot if you have more days to trek.

Rest day at Darkot and explore the village visiting the local communities

Darkot is the most last village of Yasin Valley it has an interesting story of the murder of a British Exploer George Hayward an Explorer murdered here in 1870 on his way to explore Oxus and Indus. The place of his murder is there you can visit and enjoy the story on the spot. Moreover, it has also great story of Chines force with the Korean General Huasen Chi in the 8th century. Darkot is the hub of numerous tourist attractions click here to know more.

Trek to Doholing an Untapped Region to Explore for the first time

the best place on 3 best passes in one trip
Doholing Darkot

 No foreigner has been there yet. It is very famous because of its greenery natural water channels, flowers and many more. Worth visiting here to explore more about it. Make sure that I haven’t been here too but seen pictures and hear a lot about I heard beauty. So hope you will have an honor to discover some new places in the region. There is a lot to explore in Hindukush.

Trek to Ghamubar the shortest pass of the 3 best passes in one trip

 4-5 hour smooth walk hour from Darkot village with fantastic views of Ghamubar Peaks ahead that above 6000 meters unclimbed. Apart from these, Ghamubar Lake in the snout of the Glacier flowing down the mountain is the main highlights of this day. Certainly, it is a fascinating walk to the base of the great mountains. Although the mountains are not so high but beautiful. Without a doubt you will enjoy the day.

Trek to Gohicho Kuto across Ghamubar Pass 4200m with magnificent views

This trek starts hard ascending towards the pass about three hours on scree slop up to the top of the pass. The views from the pass back to Darkot and towards Thui Valley are heart touching. In addition, straight ahead you will see Thui I 6666 meters the highest peak in this region. Then from here we are going to descend all the way to Gohicho Kutu a summer pasture with an awesome campsite.

I used to stay here in the summer 12 years of my childhood with grandmother. From the pass a glacier flowing down to the end if you wish to walk on it is possible too. This site is also called Ghamubar. Ghamubar is Glacier in Brushaski Language (Spoken Yasin Valley) that gives the name for both sides Darkot and Thui.

If you wish to climb here are some peaks too if not climbed in (Jutbar) I will send you the picture separately.

Trek to Hakal a smmer village with fields of barley

3-4 hour smooth walk down towards Thui. Moreover, you will have great views of in the surrounding mostly rocky mountains.There summer settlements along the way the people from Thui Village stay during the summer with herds of animals. Some parts have fields of Barley along the valley.

Trek to Harp Thui Village the end of the 3 best passes in one trip

3-4 hours it is again an easy walk down to the village. Thui is huge valley with 1500 houses people of the village are famous for their hospitality and tourist friendly. Furthermore, from here you have two options whether if you are interested visit Chitral then Choose Thui Pass will send you in a separate email. The second option over Asumbar Pass to Ishkoman another 4 days trek.

Furthermore, there two options for Thui Pass to Yarkhun valley another 4 days trek (Detail see for Thui Pass)

Second Sandi Yasin over Asumbar Pass to Ishkoman 4 days trek (See Asmbar Pass Trek). Sandi villages famous for the Muduri Fort very little remains are still there it has an awesome story Dogra’s attack in 1860 on the people of Yasin. Moreover, we will tell the story on the spot for entertainment.

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