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Shokar Gah-Lake-Bigal Nalah


Ghizer Valley Tour

Trip Highlights:

  • Road Journey, River Indus, Rock Carvings, Mountains, Day Hikes, Trekking, Camping, Camp Fire, Watching Stars, Stay in Guest Houses, Delicious Food: These are amazing highlights of this 7-days North Pakistan Tour.
Trek Duration:                      3 Days
Maximum Altitude:              3,600 meters
Trek Standard:                      Easy

Zone:                                      Open
Best Time to Visit:               April to October


There are so many potential destinations for a trekking holiday that it can be difficult to narrow down your options. There are some interesting short trekking destinations in Ghizer. These recommendations are based on our experience leading trips and the level of satisfaction our guests report with each destination. Certainly, you’ll find many more options than these, but if you’re looking for a place for your next holiday, this list can be a great place to start. These are especially for those who have a short time and want to wander through nature on their short holidays.
This 7-day amazing tour is planned in the Ghizer District, located in the west of Gilgit. The district is called “The Land of Lakes.” Why? You will be surprised that there are more than 100 lakes in the entire Ghizer, but very few are known to people. Most of the lakes are easily accessible on a short day of hiking. Of course, some of them could be reached in hours without any walking experience.

What is unique about this 7-day tour to North Pakistan?

Ghizer is a profoundly unique place and a wonderland of long and short trekking opportunities. It has over 35 miles of trekking trails to explore and numerous short hiking trails. You may plan a day hike or a month-long trek (click here to read more).
This 7-day tour is a special trek and you’ll have the chance to see amazing waterfalls (Dain Water Falls, which falls with an amazing breeze). There is lovely wildlife, unspoiled forests, majestic meadows, and winding rivers. On this wonderful week-long trip, you can also walk for two days to visit alpine lakes, camp at the edge of breath-taking meadows, and summit peaks as high as 4,500 meters.
The best of the best of this 7-day tour has a long season from early spring to late autumn, unlike anywhere else. Staying in guest houses, having delicious local food and meeting local communities are the distinguishing parts of this tour. If you are nature lover and want to see the real nature leap into it. Holiday Hikes will help you plan your trip to be enjoyable and comfortable. You will enjoy your holidays during these seven days.

 Description of  the 7-days North Pakistan Tour


From Islamabad to Chilas

As usual, most of the trips begin from Islamabad and Rawalpindi to different parts of the country. This 7-day tour begins in the Federal Capital of Pakistan. The journey starts early in the morning towards Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. There is another fantastic option via Kaghan and Naran Valley (this is only possible from June to October). However, the Karakorum Highway stays open throughout the year. There are exciting places to see and stop for pictures on this adventurous road. Apart from these, the spectacular views into the side valleys are eye-catching.
The mighty Indus River is the top highlight of this journey on the road. It stays with you until you reach Gilgit. The rock carvings along the Indus River near Chilas take you back to the history of the 3rd and 4th centuries. This 7-day tour to North Pakistan is full of fun. You will stay in a hotel in Chilas after 10 hours’ journey.


 Drive to Birgal Ishkoman Ghizer Valley.

Five to six-hour fascinating journey takes you to Gilgit, the capital of Gilgit Baltistan, under the shade of lofty mountains. The highlights on the road are the stops for rock carving and the Nanga Parbat View Point. The road to Fairy Meadows, a scenic tourist destination in the North of Pakistan click here. Furthermore, the junction of the three great mountain ranges with the meeting of Gilgit and the River Indus is a mind-blowing highlight of the day. You will visit the Gilgit Bazaar and have your lunch there. After lunch, your journey begins to Ishkoman Valley. An exciting part of a 7-day tour.
The next three hours are heart-touching. At 6 km from Gilgit, the Budh Carving Kargeh is an interesting figure to visit and enjoy an amazing story about it. Moreover, the Buddhist Stupa Hanzal is another historically significant feature on Ghizer Road. The Ghizer River’s right side flows down and joins The Gilgit River is famous for ralting and, above all, the trout fish are famous in this river. The charming villages of the Ghizer Valleys in the surroundings are part of your 7-day exciting trip to North Pakistan.
One and a half hours drive from Gilgit, you will reach the District Head Quarters of Gahkuch. An amazing view of the city from the entrance, the Ghizer Rivere and the stunning mountains will steal your heart. Many newcomers cry at the driver to stop! Stop! The best place to make a picture of your 7-day tour in the Land of Lakes. Here you continue to the northeast towards Ishkoman (which means going for love in the local language).
Day 3

Trek Chocho Chat (dry lake)

It is a five hour trek along the Birgal stream with fantastic views of snow-covered peaks of 5000 to 6000m, and summer houses along the way. The shepherds from Ishkolman Punial stay during the summer with herds of cattle and warmly welcome visitors. There is a clear donkey path which leads to Shukargah Lake camp at 2900, sometimes ascending steeply along a thick forest of juniper, birch, and pine trees. Camp in Chocho Chat with a couple of summer houses around your campsite. We will stay the night in the tents on your 7-day tour to North Pakistan.

Trek to Shokargah Lake, the beautiful holiday destination of the 7-days North Pakistan Tour

An awesome walk of 5 hours along the Shokargah River with stunning views. You will walk along the stream at some moments, crossing the streams on tiny bridges. Somewhere you also need to cross the stream without a bridge as well. This will be amazing fun for the hike and your 7-day exciting tour in nature. Reaching the lake is another exciting experience of this trip. You will find yourself in a paradise on earth. The juniper trees (ever-green) and blue-sky lake are heart-touching.
Wow! Wow! The slogans rise here once we reach people who are there for the first time. Camping here is an awe-inspiring experience of life. The campfire and watching the moving stars while sitting by the fire is something unbelievable. You must spare 7 days to enjoy this tour if you are a fan of nature. Stay the night in the tents at an altitude of 3,600 meters. It’s the highest point you can sleep at.

The Trek to Birgal and back to the Guest House is the second last day of the 7-day tour

On the same route back to the village of Birgal is a long walking day. In the afternoon, we will visit the village to experience the living standards of the people. You will be warmly welcomed by the people offering tea and food to eat. Visiting the Gate Way to Wakhan Corridor Emit is another mind-blowing experience. The fascinating trek to Korumbar Lake and Broghil goes from here. This trek takes you to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. We will discuss it in future posts in detail. 

Amazing trip of 7-days North Pakistan Tour the best holiday destination with exciting highlights.
Birgal Gol-Ishkoman

Drive to Chila or Naran

The journey is again interesting and will take less time as you went up because of non-stop driving back. As you have already been stopped while traveling up to Ishkoman as you stopped on different points. However, you will not stop any more on the way back.


Drive to Islamabad and back to your home destination for the 7-days North Pakistan Tour

Drive back to the capital city of Pakistan for your next destination: home. Stay connected with us to plan your holidays in Pakistan. We are always there 24/7 to facilitate our readers’ and visitors’ making their dream plans. We are providing you with the comment box below for your suggestions and queries. Use it to reach us and tell us your ideas and ask any questions you want.
Finally, there are inn-based or hiking tours available. You may explore on foot and view waterfalls, original creeks, pioneer historical sites, grassy balds, animals, and more if you stay in a motel and go day hiking. Go backpacking if you want to be completely away from the highways and crowds. We shall show you the tranquil side of the planet in this scenario. The forests, waterways, and peaks may be mostly to yourself.
We are confident that you will appreciate this 7-day tour of northern Pakistan as a way to spend a relaxing holiday week.
Stay connected Holiday Hikes will make your holidays enjoyable! 

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