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Autumn Colours Tour to the North of Pakistan,
Autumn colors along the Hanisari River

An Autumn color tour of the North of Pakistan

The Autumn Color Tour is the best attraction in northern Pakistan. Holiday Hikes Pakistan welcomes all adventure and nature enthusiasts to spend their holidays at the ultimate destination with joy. Greetings from breath-taking nature, enchanting tradition, and an Autumn Colors Tour with extraordinary art and architecture. This autumn color tour has amazing things to enjoy for nature lovers. North Pakistan is blessed with four-season beauty.

The magical scenery of naturally blessed Pakistan is something that everyone should visit, whether by trekking or tour and travel in the country. From snow to land, in amazing places of different geographical landscapes, one will get to live his/her dreams. Furthermore, it provides one of the most exciting tours to North Pakistan with amazing colors during the autumn. You will enjoy the varied cultures, traditions, and landscapes from valley to valley.

It differs from other agencies in that it primarily offers unspoiled areas of Pakistan. Moreover, the north of Pakistan has several mind-blowing destinations yet to be discovered and explored. We are here to serve you by taking you to new places to discover more. The Hindukush Range in North Pakistan is rich in amazing places to visit, but very few people visit here. As a result, Holiday Hikes focuses on this region to unveil the hidden potential. You may see a lot on the autumn color tour. Read more here! 

This Autumn color tour is for those who love the yellow colors in the natural environment. We are going to take you to the best places to visit to enjoy the autumn colors on the road as well as on short hikes. Above all, this awesome tour covers the Hunza Valley in the north and Ghizer in the west of North Pakistan.

Day-1 Arrival Islamabad and Fly to Gilgit on the 9-day Autumn Colors Tour

Most of the international flights arrive early in the morning in Islamabad, the Federal Capital. This is the reason Holiday Hikes plans a direct one-hour flight to Gilgit to begin the autumn color tour. In addition, this flight takes you over the great mountains of the Himalayas and Karakorum with surprising moments. The crew of the flight tells you about the amazing places you can see from the air. This is the first surprise for visitors to the north of Pakistan. Certainly, the snow-covered lofty mountains of Karakorum welcome you upon landing at Gilgit Airport.

After relaxing, the autumn color tour begins by visiting Gilgit city with its yellow-hued surroundings. The most popular short outing from Gilgit is to visit Kargah Buddha. It is a rock carving beside the Kargah Nullah (stream), 6km west of Gilgit along the old road to Punial. The Buddha statue stands about 3 meters tall and guards Gilgit. It was carved in the seventh century, and its craftsmanship reveals a skilled craftsman. On this visit, you have great views of the different colors of trees.

There is a great walk of about one hour along a water channel above Gilgit city that offers great views. On one hand, the autumn colors are one thing; on the other hand, the snow-capped mountains and the city are mesmerizing. After a great hike with stunning views, a car will pick you up at the end of the channel.

Day-2: Drive to Hunza Valley, the most beautiful holiday destination in Pakistan.

After breakfast under the shade of Rakaposhi, with stunning views from the windows of your hotel restaurant, the day will begin. An unforgettable journey takes you to the 8th wonder of the world with majestic views along the Hunza River in autumn colors. Furthermore, through charming villages with falling leaves of the autumn color is the rain of blessing. Surprisingly, you will witness the art of nature on this 9-day autumn color tour. Above all, learning the history of the Karakorum Highway takes you through many heart-touching stories and eye-catching scenery. The autumn colors of Hunza and Nagar are beyond the imagination.

On the journey, views of the great Karakorum Mountains, Rakaposhi, and Diran Peaks are the highlights of this day. The old silk route on the opposite side of the modern Karakoram Highway is the main highlight of this two-hour journey. You will stop for pictures of the amazing colors of this autumn beauty. Without a doubt, the day was mind-blowing. Reaching Karimabad Hunza is another surprise for first-time visitors. You will fall in love. Many people know about it. An unbelievable scene is a memory of this autumn’s color tour to North Pakistan.

I am now going to make you free to enjoy the natural beauty of Hunza on your own. You may enjoy walking around with stunning views of the autumn colors. By the evening, you will enjoy the sun-setting scene from Eagle Nest, a place above Hunza and Nagar with fantastic views. It offers an exciting view of the mountains with their golden color and the trees with their yellow color. Your day ends here with a sun-setting view from Eagle Nest. If you are lucky enough, you will get room to sleep in at the Eagle Nest Hotel there.

Day-3: Drive to Gulmit, Upper Hunza Valley, on the third day of the autumn color tour.

Another beautiful morning of the autumn color tour begins on the Karakorum Highway. The heart-touching Attaabad Lake with the reflection of the colorful trees and the mountains. If you are fond of water sports, then you can enjoy boating there. There you will have some time to spend and enjoy this natural lake and its beauty and the story of how it formed. Can I keep the answer to your guide for this colorful tour of North Pakistan to enjoy the autumn colors?

Moreover, after visiting Attaabad Lake, you will drive another half an hour to check into your hotel at Gulmit. Much has changed here since the rise of the new Attabad Lake. This is the central village of Upper Hunza (Gojal). There are many highlights worth visiting in the village. There are also many superb days walks near the Karakoram Highway from Gulmit. The Gulmit Museum, full of traditional ethnic artifacts, is in a room of Raja Hussain Ali Khan’s house, beside the Marco Polo Inn, and is well worth a visit.

Old Gulmit is at the north end of the polo grounds. Here you will find the Mir of Hunza’s summer residence, which is no longer used, the old Shia mosque with carved woodwork, the Tomb of Silum Khan III, water mills, and old houses. The colors in the surroundings are awesome. You will visit Hussaini Suspension Bridge and drive to Batura Glacier Viewpoint. The area around Borith Lake above the Karakorum Highway is also mind-blowing with autumn colors and offers a great hike to Passu Glacier View. This is an amazing day of your 9-day trip to North Pakistan.

9-Days Best Autumn Colors Tour the North of Pakistan, Hunza and Ghizer
The Autumn Colors of Ghizer

Day-4 Drive to the Ishkoman Valley to the west of Gilgit.

A great journey four to five hours from Gulmit back on Karakorum Highway to Gilgit. Then another three hours’ drive to the west of Gilgit on Shandur Road to Ghizer (The Land of Lakes). An interesting drive of your 9 days autumn color tour to northern Pakistan. While driving on Shandur Road (which connects Gilgit and Chitral) you have a great experience of the autumn colors. There are numerous colorful trees and the most beautiful Ghizer River steals your, heart. This river is famous for trout fish you see many spots with fish ponds.

In two hours, you will reach Gahkuch, the district headquarters of Ghizer. A wide city with a cluster of bazaars, the best view is while entering the city. You will stop for a picture with a combination of the river, autumn-colored trees, and the snow-headed Hindukush Mountains. However, the mountains are not as high as in Hunza but still beautiful. The landscape and the autumn colors are more beautiful than in other parts of North Pakistan. Furthermore, the road to Ishkoman to the northeast is exciting with stunning views of the valley. There are enchanting scenes to enjoy.

You will stay in a hotel. There are a couple of hotels with different categories. They are mostly with basic services. Plans are on their way for a more luxurious one. Although the food here is enjoyable. Ishkoman is the hub of numerous short and long treks. Read on here!

Day-5: Explore Ishkoman Valley, visiting the best places here.

There are numerous day hikes within the valley; you need a couple of days here to go to all these amazing places. We will show you some of the best places that are more interesting for autumn colors.

The Gateway to the Wakhan Corridor

It is no doubt that Ishkoman is connected with Wakhan in the north. One of the most charismatic treks leads to Korumbar Lake and Broghil to Chitral on this route. On the other hand, it connects with the Chapursan Valley (See Chilinji Pass) of upper Hunza and goes down to Sust. You will have a look into the mountains while driving through the quaint villages of the Imit Valley. The villages are fascinating, especially during the autumn colors. You will enjoy it.

Dain waterfall

An exciting walk across the longest suspension bridge in Pakistan. The Dain Village has a great story of love (we will keep it for the pot). You will climb on a jeep road ascending and another way from the middle as well. The path is full of fun. The autumn color is in abundance because of several kinds of trees. Above all the mountains on the side of the Karakorum and the other side of the Hindukush, makes this valley is unique to all of north Pakistan; there is no parallel to it.

In addition, meeting local communities and their hospitality is an unbelievable part of this 9-day autumn tour. You will reach the waterfall in one and a half hours and will have an amazing experience. The views from this spot are heart-touching. A drown camera is recommended here to capture the majestic mountains and autumn colors. Above all, descending back more exciting with the eye-catching landscape above all the colors of autumn? If you are interested, we can manage a musical night with folk songs and dances.

Day-6 An autumn color  tour drive along the beautiful Ghizer River to Yasin

It is a fantastic day driving to Hatoon from your morning visit. These rocs are claimed by the 3rd and 4th century Buddhist carvings. Little remains are found on an isolated rock in a garden. The colors of the trees are mind-blowing here. Furthermore, crossing a suspension bridge to Shandur Road on the Ghizer River and driving two hours to Yasin Valley is an unforgettable moment in my life. There are great places to stop and take a picture. You are free to ask your driver.

Taking the road along this beautiful river with heart-touching views cannot be described in words. The Gupis Fort is in the shade of colorful trees, at the junction of the Yasin and Phandar Rivers, and the surrounding landscape is awesome. Moreover, you will drive a few minutes to the central Yasin, which was once the center of Little Bilore during the Tibetan Dynasty. Later on, it was a strong kingdom in the north of Pakistan. You will learn a lot about the history while traveling in the Yasin Valley.

The Best Place to Visit in Yasin Valley to Enjoy the Autumn Colors Tour.

Darkot, the Last Village of Yasin

The remotest village in the heart of glaciers and mountains is the best place to visit. There are high, snow-covered mountains, glaciers, lakes, and lush green meadows that are easily accessible. Some wonderful day hikes like Khaltar Lake, Ghamubar Lake, and Sulphur Spring are the top ones. Apart from these, the village and the nearby place where Hayward was murdered are places to visit. It has a heart story to learn about this British explorer killed by the Raja of Yasin in 1870 for no solid reason.

As in the posts mentioned, this village is also a hub of adventure holiday destinations. It offers 6 passes for trekkers and easy-to-difficult mountains for climbers. You can choose from them for your amusement. If you are interested, click here. Another highlight is the Tomb of Lalik Jan (Nishan-e-Haider), which is also worth visiting.

The Graveyard of Baigal in Thui

Thui is another village to the north of the Yasin Valley. It also offers a couple of the best places to visit. Thui Pass to Yarkhun Valley, Thui-I, the highest peak in the region with a height of 6,666 meters, and Ghamubar Trek. In addition, the grave of Baigal in the central Thui Valley has a surprising architecture worth visiting. Furthermore, there are many destinations to visit that still need to be explored.

Muduri Fort, Sandhi Village in Yasin

One of the historical places to learn about this heart-breaking story is Yasin, 1863. The Dogras attacked the fort and killed about 1200 people. The story is heartbreaking because of this cruelty. They threw the children into the air and cut them as they fell. The pregnant women, after being killed, ripped them and their unborn babies into pieces. You learn more on the spot. The remains of the Muduri are still there. In addition to the story, there is a great view of Yasin Valley while at the Fort. An amazing historical place on the autumn color tour.

Qurqolti Village in Yasin Valley is the best place to visit.

One of the best holiday destinations we add to this 9-day tour is because of its unique beauty. This is one of the unique remote villages with a fascinating history. It offers a beautiful day hike to the high pastures of Makoli, a beautiful spot to visit. It has a crystal clear stream, lush green meadows, and tiny peaks with snowy heads, all of which have an awesome attraction. The best part is that you will be the first to explore apart from the locals.

It also offers a couple of 2-3-day treks to Darmander Village and down to Sandhu Road near Gupis. The trek goes to Assumbar Pass and down to Ishkoman Valley. See this trek here.

9-Days Best Autumn Colors Tour the North of Pakistan, Hunza and Ghizer

Day-7 Drive to Phandar Valley, the Land of Lakes in Ghizer

You leave early in the morning on the way to Gupis and turn westward from the Chines Bridge. The Shandur Road with one of the beautiful lakes at Khalti was formed in 1978 because of a flood. About a three-kilometer long lake covers the whole village with houses and cultivated land. Furthermore, the rivers and enchanting villages on either side of this beautiful river have nice attractions to enjoy the beauty. There are some rock carvings left by the Buddhists, and fishing on this river is a mind-blowing highlight. You may enjoy fishing on your own as well.

As you go ahead on this exciting day of the autumn color tour, show more beauty the more you move up. The view of Phandar Lake from the PTDC Hotel and the surrounding lush green landscape is fascinating. You will stop many times to capture beauty on camera. Choosing to stay one night here is recommended to enjoy the autumn colors. The reflections of the colorful trees make an unbelievable scene. There are several great spots for camping along the river to enjoy more if you are found camping. Holiday Hikes organizes such trips.

The Shandur Pass, Lake, and the highest polo ground are the highlights of this autumn color tour. An interesting three-day Shandur Polo Festival is celebrated here in July every year. If you are interested, you may plan a tour by that time as well. For more information about it, read here.

Day-8 Drive to Gilgit on the way back on the last day of the autumn colors tour.

On the Shandur Road back to Gilgit with the same highlights you have been up. If you wish to add a couple more days, you can drive over Shandur Pass and go back via Chitral. This is another interesting tour combining the 9-day tour with Chitral.

Day-9 Fly back to Islamabad for your home destination.

Finally, this 9-day tour ends here with wonderful memories in life. You will see a diverse landscape, people, culture, languages, and many more in 9 days.

What is the best time for this 9-day Autumn Color Tour?

The best time for this tour is from mid-October to mid-November. In these days, the autumn colors reach their peak in the North of Pakistan. For more information, you may contact us. The Holiday Hike is live 24/7 for your service. We are always committed to making your holiday enjoyable with our expert staff members. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Please tell us something about your reading experience on this tour to North Pakistan. In addition, your feedback and suggestions will play a role in our development.

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