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The Best hotels to stay and dine are a great addition to its beauty and attractions of a region. Without a doubt, visitors need to stay and dine while traveling to enjoy the beauty. In this case, hotels play the main role in facilitating the visitors. Above all, all these hotels are easily accessible in different parts of the district.

Ghizer District has four amazing valleys rich in tourist attractions and potential to enjoy holidays. It is not possible for travelers to go there if there are not any of these top 10 best hotels. The four beautiful regions are Punial Valley, along the Shandur Road, with mind-blowing tourist attractions. To the northeast, there is the scenic Ishkoman Valley, rich in natural beauty. Furthermore, Yasin Valley, with stunning beauty to the north west aand the most western ppart of Phandar Valley, has heart-touching highlights. Certainly, there are some of the best hotels to stay and dine in each of the valleys.

In addition to all these Ghizer is the safest place to visit alone. There are several places you may go on your own as well.

The Best Hotel to Stay and Dine
Green Palace Hotel Gahkuch

Contact: +92-3555258538

The best hotels in the Punial Valley

It is located in the main bazaar of Gahkuch City. Green Palace Hotel This is one of the best hotels in the world with a huge beautiful garden. It has wonderful rooms with stunning views. Above all, sitting in the garden in the evening and early morning is an unforgettable moment of life. The singing birds are flying happily from one tree to another tree. Obviously, this adds to the joys of your holidays. Apart from these, the delicious food of the Green Palace has no comparison. The manager and staff are cooperative and helpful.

Green Palace Hotel Gahkuch is the Top Best Hotels in the Ghizer Valley

It is one of the top best hotels in the Ghizer District. It has comfortable rooms. Above all, the Garden of this beautiful hotel has no comparison anywhere in the entire Valley. In addition, the delicious food has an amazing taste. The fruit trees like grapes, cherries, apricot and apples adds to the joy of your stay. Without a doubt, it has a culture of hospitality with its cooperative staff and Management. There 30 rooms with different categories for all kind visitors facilltate.

The Metropolitan Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ghizer

The Best Hotel to Stay and Dine
Metropolitan Hotel Gahkuch

Contact: +92-3009333303

Like Green Palace, this one is also in the main city of Gahkuch. You will easily find it by the road. It has an amazing multiple-story building that gets your attention without doubt. Moreover, the rooms of the hotel are full of fun with a great view of the surroundings. Some of the rooms that offer a nice view of the Ghizer River as well. Furthermore, the food at the Metropolitan Hotel is also delicious. The owner and staff are fully cooperative and active in their services. It has a large parking as well.

It has 28 Rooms with two family huts with a beautiful Garden with the view of crystal clear Ghizer River. The huts and executive rooms equipped with central air condition to beat the heat. Washroom have the full amenities.  There is a lot to see nearby Gahkuch the hotel manages helps you find your favorite place in the valley

Ghizer Continental Hotel

It is also one of the best hotels in the middle of the city. The rooms are nice, and the Ghizer Continental is pretty delicious. The rates for the rooms and food are affordable. The surprising and ager is a surprising polite man. They are awesome, the hotel is awesome cooperative and helpful.

The best Hotel to Stay and Dine Brushal Hotel Gahkuch

A newly established hotel in the city of Gahkuch with comfortable rooms and other facilities. The fas atd is as delhotelss as the other hotel. Moreover, the staff and the manager of the Brushal hotel are cooperative as the restaurant is a huge restaurant as well.

Bam-e- Dunya the best Hotel to Stay and Dine in Ishkoman Valley

As mentioned about the beauty of the valley, there are scenic hotels and restaurants in which to stay and dine. It has comfortable and airy rooms. There are beautiful surroundings and parking facilities. It offers great services with its cooperative manager and staff. The organic food and fruit from the garden is different from the other best hotels in the valley. Bam-e-Dunya attraction inurist attractions in the Ghizer Valley.

Royal Guest House the best place to Stay and Dine in Ishkoman

As the name suggests, this guest house is absolutely a royal place. The professional organizers and the manager of the guest house make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. It has coma full-time rooms with full time hot shower. The organic service is and the serving is above all the other hotels in the Ghizer Valley. with beautiful garden with variety of fruit trees are heart-touching. Sitting in the garden with nder these trees and a bone fire in the evening is heart-touching. You will have a great experience like “Chatorkhand Ishkoman Valley.

Zohaib Guest’s hand Ishkoman Valley

This guest house is the best option in the Ishkoman valley apart from the best hotel in Chatorkhand, which is located in the central Ishkoman Valley. There are comfortable rooms at a reasonable price. It is kind of expensive for all kinds of people. The guest house is really cooperative and you will have the benefits of your interest. They cook awesome food on your order.

The best places to stay in Yasin Valley

The Best Hotel in Yasin Valley
Fort Hotel Yasin

Contact: +92-31110466911

Yasin is one of the most beautiful valleys in north Pakistan. It has several tourist attractions and places to visit. as well as a few of the best hotels to stay and dine in the valley to enjoy your holidays. Yasin Valley has great tourist attractions that offers several opportunities to enjoy. You may visit here for more information.

The Best place and Best Hotel Stay and Dine Fort Hotel Yasin

This is one of the best hotels in the Ghizer Valley. It has an attractive building with comfortable rooms with all the required facilities. The management of the hotel is highly professional. The food is delicious and amazing as well. Moreover, Fort Hotel Yasin has spectacular views of the tiny mountains. You will enjoy the fascinating landscape while sitting in the garden. There is a huge parking area with full security as well.

Yasin Mountain View the best Hotel to Stay and Dine

The Best Hotel to Stay and Dine Yasin Mountain View
Yasin Mountain View Hotel

The Yasin Mountain View Hotel is very close to the Fort Hotel, a new addition to Yasin, and is also the best hotel. It has a beautiful entrance, and the rooms are highly comfortable with full facilities. Above all, the manager and the staff are fully professionals. The view from the roof of Yasin Mountain View Hotel has no parallel. This hotel is a great addition to Yasin Valley for visitors to enjoy their stay comfortably.

As well as the food of the hotel is beyond imagination.

Contact Person: Shamsher Ali +92-3554650686

Ghizer Blossom in Gupis is one of the best hotels to stay and dine

The best Hotel to stay and dine in Gupis
Ghizer Blossom Inn Gupis

Contact: +92-345-2626256

The best opportunity to stay at this hotel is that it is the center for several tourist attractions. The best of the best rooms with comfortable and quality services are available. Above all, the food of the Ghizer Blossom has a unique taste. The manager and the whole staff are highly professional and absolutely fit for it. Apart from all these, you have easy access from Gupis to the side areas of the whole Ghizer Valley. The manager of this hotel will help you find your favorite holiday destination as well.

In addition, staying in the Blossom also offers the best places for fishing activities in the Ghizer River. Moreover, the hotel has easy access to Yasin Valley and Phandar Valley, which are rich in tourism potential. In addition, if you are a fan of trekking, hiking and camping, Ghizer is the best place to find such destinations. Without a doubt, there are wonderful places to visit while staying in this best hotel. Certainly, local guides are available to help you take around.

The Best HoTel to stay and Dine Hill Top Lodge Phandar Valley

Hill Top Lodge Phander Valley
Hilltop Lodge Phander

Contact: +92-03555432066

Hill Top is the new addition of 2022 to the Pandhar Valley. It has comfortable rooms with all the required facilities. You will find tasty food to eat on demand. The manager is a friendly man who is always standing by for your services. Apart from this, the other staff at this best hotel are helpful and more than professional as well. Apart from these there are amazing places for hiking and walking.

The Lake Inn hotel Phandar is also one of the best hotels in Ghizer

Phandar Lake Inn is located at the entrance of the scenic Phandar Valley with an amazing view of Phandar Lake. There are comfortable rooms with all the required facilities, hot water, and delicious food. Trout fish are in abundance in the Phandar Valley. This is the best opportunity to have trout fish as well. You may also enjoy fishing in the lake while staying at Phandar.

Sada Bahar Hotel and Restaurant in Phandar

Sada Bahar is also the best place to stay and dine in the Phandar Valley. It is located on the Gologh River with comfortable rooms. The food of the Sada Bahar is the best in the entire valley. The staff of the hotel are friendly and cooperative as well. Furthermore, the best place to stay and walk around. Finally, there are more places to stay with basic facilities everywhere in the valley. Above all, this is best place to sit outside any time of the day.

We are pretty sure you will enjoy in the best hotels to stay and dine in Ghizer Valley. Visit here to plan your hotel bookings and trips in Pakistan. Holiday Hikes Pakistan will plan your trips in whole Pakistan as well booking the best hotels for your stay and dine..

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