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Ghizer, the land of lakes, is a fantastic holiday destination and one of the best places for family vacations. There are several best places to visit to enjoy holidays with family. Furthermore, it is comprised of four different valleys: Punial, Ishkoman, Gupis, Phandar, and Yasin Valley. Without a doubt, all the valleys have great places to visit on holidays to enjoy with your family. Without a doubt, each of the regions mentioned above has the best places to stay and dine. Above all, all the valleys are easily accessible during all four seasons of the year.

Holiday Hikes Pakistan provides you the information about the valleys and the places to visit. You need to have a plan to enjoy your holidays in the best places for family vacations. Read this entire article to plan your next family vacation trip.

Punial Valley in the Ghizer


Punial is the name of the valley along the Shandur Road and Ghizer River. It is easily accessible from Gilgit the center of Gilgit-Baltistan. Once you travel on the Shandur Road to this beautiful valley for family vacations. This is the best place for families to enjoy the natural beauty. The villages on the road on both sides of the river are called Punial. The very first village after entering the Ghizer Valley is Sher Qila. It is one of the most beautiful and largest villages in the Ghizer District.

Sher Qila has great attractions for family vacations. You may visit the village and explore the culture of the Ghizer Valley. The people of the village are welcoming and tourist-friendly. There are some beautiful places to visit with family. Hanuchal Lake is one of the most interesting highlights and worth visiting. Furthermore, the fish farms in the entire village. Meeting the local community and enjoying their hospitality is above all a great experience.

Dome Ra is the Archaeological site that combines ancient Graveyards in Bubur

Bubur is one of the most interesting villages across the Ghizer River. It is the best place to visit on family vacations. You will have an unforgettable welcoming and hospitable people here. There are the ancient combined graveyards that are called Domra of hundred years old. These are the main highlights of the Punial Valley.

Gahkuch the District Headquarter of the Ghizer Valley is the best for family vacations

Gahkuch is 70 km from Gilgit city and a two hours journey on the scenic Shandur Road. There are the best places to stay and dine on family vacations. Moreover, there are amazing places to visit and enjoy the holidays. The best is, that Gahkuch has all the facilities with large markets. There are some of the best highlights to visit with family

  • Gahkuch Waterfall: is the best place to visit during the summer with family. It is an easy 30 minutes walk from the main bazaar along the villages. Apart from the waterfall, you may also see the local community and their living standard.
  • Upper Gahkuch: An hour walk or 15 minutes drive from your hotel. There are many highlights the top one is the great viewpoint from the hills. Certainly, you will have an excellent walk to the hills and will see both upper and lower Gahkuch. It is the best family trip.
  • Gahkuch Fort: is also the best highlight of the village to know the history of the village. It has some remains of the fort and a great story. You definitely, enjoy this trip with your family.
  • Day hike to Ayashi Ziarat:  above the city with fascinating views of the surrounding. You will enjoy the hospitality of the people of the village as well. You will have a fantastic view of Karakoram and Hindukush Ranges on this family vacation.
  • Visiting the Fish Farms in Golodass: A twenty minutes drive from the main city takes you to the river side of Goodness. This is one of the best places to visit with the family to enjoy and see the trout fish farm. You may also make fun of fishing here with your family.
  •  Hoper Garden: Half an hour drive on Shandur Road takes you to Hoper Garden. It is a tiny touristic spot the best place for family vacations. The garden has some tree rooms, hobbit houses, and above all the waterfalls.It is worth visiting with family enjoy your holidays.

For more detailed information click here.

Ishkoman Valley is the best place to visit on family vacations

Ishkoman Valley is located to the northeast, 40 km from Gahkuch. There is 30 minutes of driving on Ishkoman Road, passing through charismatic villages. It has the best places to visit on family vacations. As well, there are also some of the best places to stay and dine with the family.

  • It is two hours of walking or 20 minutes of driving across the river. Dain is a beautiful village below the waterfall. An amazing day hike is there for the family to enjoy with the local community and landscape. Furthermore, there is a great view once you are at the waterfall, and the eye-catching scenery adds to the joy.
  • Visiting Chatorkhand Village: It is an interesting village to visit and meet the locals. The local community is friendly and invites you to their home with your family. You will doubtlessly have a great experience of their lifestyle.
  • To the west of Immit is the Ishkoman Valley, which has a beautiful landscape. There are exciting views of the tiny snow-covered peaks of Hindukush. This is the starting point of the couple’s beautiful trek to Attar Lake. The best spot to visit on family vacations. tosnow-covered, which has
  • These are some of the best places to stay and dine on family vacations without a doubt. Bam-e-Dunya is the best hotel in the Valley for families. The Royal Guest House has a beautiful garden and a place for family privacy. Further up, Emit Khyber Guest House and Zohaib Guest House are the best places for family vacations.

Apart from these, there are several tourist attractions and adventure trip opportunities available here.

Gupis 30 km from Gahkuch City to the west on Shandur Road

Khalti Lake is the best on the road place to visit for family vacations
Khalti Lake

It is one of the places to stay and enjoy family vacations during your favorite season of the year. Furthermore, autumn and spring are the most recommended times for families. You may have some of the best highlights in the world.

  • Khalti Lake: on the Road is the top visiting spot in Gupis valley. There is a small guest house with basic facilities nearby the lake. But Ghizer Blossom Inn is the best place to stay on family vacations.
  • Charitoy: An interesting story of this place may a myth as well. In addition, a place where in the past the first visitors from the upper villages of Gupis and Yasin had to slaughter a hen here. And also if a wedding party passing through this part of the road. It is still practiced during the wedding. The story is about fairies living above in the mountains and the palace there up the hills. This is like a sacrifice to be safe during the travel and have a successful family life.

Phandar Valley is the most beautiful place to enjoy the best family vacations.


This is one of the most fascinating places to visit with family. It is 80 Km from Gahkuch and has 4 hours of interesting journey on Shandur Road. There are many highlights on a journey, the crystal clear Phandar River is the most interesting. The beautiful village with lush green meadows and trees is the best tourist attraction. Certainly, there are some best places to stay and dine on family vacations as well. Above all, the people are extraordinarily hospitable and tourist-friendly.

  • Phandar Lake: Below the PTDC Hotel building there is a beautiful blue sky lake that is the main touristic spot. You may enjoy boating with family members during the summer. Apart from these, there are more tiny lakes, and the Calm River flowing shows more attractions. In addition, fishing is the top tourist attraction especially trout fish on family vacations.
  • Hundarap Lake: Few Km from Phandar there is the beautiful Hundarap village. As well as, off the road, Hundarap Lake is the most interesting spot for family vacations a walk of two hours from the village.
  • There are many more lakes off the road you may have a day hike or a camping plan. There are opportunities for camping on the best family vacations.
  • Drive to Shandur Lake and Pass: It is an amazing day drive to Shandur Pass from Phandar and Back. Either you may continue to Mastuj and Chitral as well. It is the best family vacation in the land of lakes of Ghizer Valley.
  • There are several day hiking opportunities as well. You may enjoy walking and hiking with exciting views of the Phandar Valley. If you are interested in the best family vacations visit here.

Yasin Valley: the best place to enjoy family vacations

Yasin Valley is best place for family vacations

Like the other valleys in the Land of Lakes Ghizer Yasin has the most interesting tourist attractions. Moreover, there are amazing places to visit and enjoy the best family vacations. Here we are going to mention the attractions in detail.

  • Baris Yate Yasin: One of the best places to view the beautiful Yasin Valley. Once you’re there the owner Mr. Muhbat Ali of the Yasin Paradise Hotel Bojayote will entertain you amazingly. The best chips you will have here. Then you will go to Hikers Point where have a fantastic view of the whole Yasin Valley. In addition, it is the best place to capture Yasin Valley.
  • Sandi Village: The most interesting touristic spot and starting point of the Assumbar Pass Trek. Muduri Fort has a hurting story as well as the best view from the remains. This is an exciting walk of the best family vacations in Yasin Valley.
  • Yasin Fort: Some of the remains of the fort are still there it is worth visiting to explore the history of Yasin.
  • Drive to Darkot Village: A village among snow-covering Mountains has great attractions for family tours. One and half hour drive from your hotel proper Yasin takes you through heat-touching highlights on the way. Stopping at the Tomb of Lalik Jan Nishan-e-Haider is an amazing experience in the valley. Furthermore, charming villages are eye-catching all along the journey.
More Highlights of Yasin Valley
  • Darkot is a beautiful village with many highlights, Ghamubar Glacier and the lake in the snout are mind-blowing attractions. Hot spring on the way to Darkot Pass is another highlight. The place where a British explorer George Hayward was murdered is there. In addition, Darkot is the hub of amazing trekking destinations. The journey on the way is full of stories and highlights. Moreover, the magnificent views are awe-inspiring all the way. If you are interested in adventure trips click here.
  • One of the most beautiful pastures in Gilgit-Baltistan is located here in the Yasin Valley. A two-hour drive from the proper Yasin Valley takes you to the end of a jeep road. Furthermore, another hour’s walk brings you to Makuli. There is complete nature. You will lose yourself in it and enjoy the best family vacation without a doubt.
  • Drive to Thui Valley: An hour’s drive from Thui is an amazing valley with many touristic highlights. The views of the great Hindukush Mountains are the top attractions of the Thui Valley. Apart from all that, there is a history in the valley. Visiting the Baigal graveyard shows an awesome experience of the ancient people who lived here. Surprisingly, the architecture of the grave is unique and inspiring.
  • For long treks, Thui is the last village of Yasin, and several adventure holiday opportunities are available. as well as passes from one valley to another.
  • Apart from all these, Yasin Valley has many tourist attractions that need to be explored.

The best places to stay and dine for family vacations

There are some of the best hotels to stay at and dine at in Yasin Valley. Yasin Fort Hotel is the top spot to stay for the best family vacations. Moreover, Yasin Mountain View hotel is another best place to stay and dine with the family. Apart from these, Vershighoom Guest House is also a place to stay in Tawoos Yasin.

Final Words

Finally, Ghizer is the best place for family vacations. You may enjoy the scenery, landscape, people, and places to stay. These are the best places to visit and enjoy your holidays with your family. In addition, there are exciting adventure holiday destinations for those who want to go on long trekking and hiking. Holiday Hikes Pakistan manages all packages and trips for your holidays. Furthermore, stay tuned with us and enjoy reading and planning the trips to Pakistan.

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