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Description of the Trip

The Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse Chitral to Hushe Version 2022. The Great Hindu Kush and Karakoram Traverse is an ambitious project complete traverse of the mountains in Pakistan from west to east. After arriving and recovering in the Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. We either fly or drive to Chitral the Capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. for more such trips in Pakistan click here.

Furthermore, from there we head off on the trail crossing the Hindu Kush Mountains to Gilgit. It is one of the capitals of Gilgit Baltistan. After a rest we head into the big hills of the Karakorams to trek up the Hispar Glacier, crossing the Hispar La (pass) and travel down the Biafo Glacier to the village of Askole. Here is pick up the popular K2 trek on the Baltoro Glacier. We will visit the Base camps of K2 Board Peak, G1 and G2, before crossing the Gondogoro la and head to Hushe village to end our traverse. Driving to Skardu and flying to Islamabad will finish our adventure.

The start of Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse Gazin Yarkhun Valley

Detail of the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse Trip

Jump into the adventure and seize one of the Adventure Trip Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse in Pakistan. Coming to Islamabad one of the most beautiful capital gives you the best gift to visit some of the most luxurious sites. Obviously, all with one of the best places available.  Visit Shah Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, Margala Hills before heading to the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse trip. Apart from these, it offers numerous, incredible activities that will allow you to get to know the history in an unforgettable way.

Visiting to the sister city of the capital Rawalpindi is another mind-blowing highlight of this trip. Rawal Pindi 30 KM from Islamabad takes you the ancient history of the country. Certainly, there are amazing places to visit to enjoy holidays. Furthermore, the bustling bazaar of the Raja Bazaar offer great experience. The hospitality of the shopkeepers offering you cold dinks and tea has no comparison anywhere else. Visiting to the truck painting sites nearby the capital city of Pakistan an unforgettable experience the life.

Drive to Swat Valley for the beginning of the Great Hindukush and Karakoram Traverse

Early morning, you will start towards the west Khyber Pukhtoon Khaw Province of Pakistan. Above all, there are numerous historical sites to visit along the way. ST Thomas Memorial tower at the Margala Pass, the remains of Sher Shah Suri Road from the Mughal era. Moreover, the Grand Truck Road (GT Rd) is full of history. You will enjoy it. Further up, the junction of River Indus and Kabul is the best highlight of the day. Takht-e-Bai the Ghandahara Civilization sites from the 3rd to 6th centuries add to the joy of your holidays.

Driving along the capital city of Khyber Pukhtoon Khaw the city of flowers gives an immense pleasure for the visitors. Visit there some of the most interesting places like Peshawar Museum, Muhabat Khan Mosque, Sethian City, and Qisa Khawni Bazaar. The best is planning a night in Peshawar to see and enjoy more. Above all, the Mughal architecture from the 12th centuries are still live. That makes it more interesting. This is the most interesting part of while on Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse trip.

Swat valley on your way to Chitral is the best place to stay night to make it shorter and as well as to see. Certainly, there is a lot to visit to experience nature and most importantly archeology there. Holiday Hikes Pakistan will help you to explore and enjoy all these. You will stay overnight here with great in a hotel of your choice. This day is doubtlessly, interesting on the way to Grand Hinduksh and Karakoram Traverse.

Drive to Kalash Valley on the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse

It is an interesting 5 hours’ drive with spectacular views of the green hills with tiny wild trees. Moreover, passing through some of the busty towns has great attraction. The road was too busy on this day while we traveled from Islamabad. Apart from all these, the people are amazingly tourist friendly either the police stations we stopped for entries although they take more time but appreciable. There are several places to stop and enjoy the landscape Panjkora River is the main attractions of the valley.

Unexpectedly, it took us 13 hours to reach Rombur valley of Kalash. Passing through the Lawari Tunnel and entering to Chitral Valley is mind-blowing. The landscape, forest and snow covering peaks began to appearing that adds to the joys of holidays. Furthermore, Terich Mir 7,870 m the highest Mountain in Hindukush facing you all along the day. And the Kabul River on right is a life time exprience every minute of moment is WOW! Once we were there luckily, the weather was amazing blue sky offering the great views.

The uniqueness of the Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is most interesting places in Pakistan worth visiting to experience the unique culture and religion. Moreover, this is the only non-Muslims living area in Chitral an Gilgit-Baltistan region. Visiting to the homes and the villages is an awesome experience for the visitors. This one of the best parts of the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse trip to Pakistan. Rumbor is the best place to visit that has still the real and typical culture and homes. On the other hand, Bombreth and Birrir are now changing into modern villages that lost the uniqueness.

We had great time in Rumbor overnight stay there. In the morning visiting to the typical village and one their religious home with amazing carvings. The carvings on the pillars tell about their religion and its practice. There is a lot see click here for more detail.

We left to Chitral driving on the bumpy road the jeep drive was exciting with a well experienced driver. Walked in the bazaar of Chitral and had our lunch at Dewan Restaurant. Furthermore, there was beautiful weather to enjoy the views. Above all, the tiny bazaar area of Chitral is the best tourist attraction on Great Hinduksh and Karakorum Traverse. The Chitral River below the bazaar adds to the beauty of the valley.

Drive to Chitral and continue to Mastuj

Mastuj Chitral the best attraction on Great Hindukush Traverse
Mastuj Chitral

In the after-noon we headed towards Mastuj to the north of Chitral. The charming villages under the shade of the Terichmir are the mind-blowing highlights. In addition, the road journey of four hours an interesting experience as well. Overnight stay in Mastuj there couple hotels with basic facilities but never think of good services. Mastuj Fort hotel is a branch of Hindkush Hights Chitral is quite expensive with normal services. Anyway, there is no any other option have to spend a night.

Mastuj to Gazin Yarkhun Valley towards Thui Pass (4499 m)

Leaving early morning to the end of the Jeep Road in Gazin where you have to camp in beautiful garden. The journey is on a rough bumpy road but the landscape and the view are awesome you never feel it. Be prepared yourself for the dust having a cloth the cover the mouth. Above all, a real adventurous trip on this day along the mesmerizing views. Meeting the local people and welcoming warmly is their long live hospitality. Stop on some view points to capture the beautiful sceneries of Yarkhun Valley on your way to Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse. Gazin at 3000 m a small village among the mountains’ where you will stay you first camping night.

Gazin to Thui Valley over Thui Pass is an amazing 5 days trekking with mind-blowing highlights. Click here to go through the itinerary.

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