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K-2 the Second Highest Mountain in the World, Pakistan

K-2, the Second Highest Mountain in the World, Pakistan

K-2, Pakistan’s second-highest mountain

The King of Mountains, K-2, the second-highest mountain in the world, is located between China and Pakistan at a height of 8,611 m. It is located in the northeastern part of Skardu, bordering China in the north and India in the east. It is famous for being the second-highest in the world after Mount Everest and the first highest in Pakistan. Most importantly, it is famous for mountaineering because of its beauty as well as its challenging climbing experience. 
The beauty K-2 has no parallel anywhere in the world with its siblings, the other three 8000s, at a closer distance, and they have the same destination. The other three are Gashbrum-I, 8,068 m, Broad Peak, 8,047 m, and Gashabrum-II, 8,035.

The popularity of K-2 is also because of the most interesting trekking destination in Pakistan, the Baltoro Ghondghoro Trek. There are numerous mind-blowing highlights we come across while accessing K-2 for climbing. Numerous giant glaciers are falling from the beautiful Karakorum Mountains. On this exciting trip, you will see thousands of snow-covered mountains with spectacular views every second of the day. I have seen many nature lovers cry seeing this beautiful art of nature, which is unbelievable.

The Uniqueness of the K-2 Second Highest Mountain 

The very interesting thing is that you come across diverse beauty every day in different scenes. The beginning is lush green, growing up to plateaus, then white, covering mountains. You will travel along the roaring rivers flowing from the snouts of the giant glaciers of Karakorum. All of these are carried by K-2.

There are about 100 mountains above 7,000 m and numerous 6,000 m crystal towering pyramids in the Rocky Mountains, another attraction. Walking on the moraines of the glacier with fascinating views gives an awesome experience in life. Camping in the campsites with natural sounds of the air and nearby rivers gives a lorry of mother to make you sleep. 
There are many heart-touching as well as heart-breaking stories. Some people reached the summit and returned safely, but many of them lost their lives on the way back. And many of the adventurers left the mountain forever with their extraordinary love of the mountain.

The Story of the Second Highest Mountain in the World (K-2)

TG Montgomerie first sighted K-2 in 1956. He saw it from a distance of more than 200 KM along with the other high mountains in the surrounding area. It was first measured by the same traveler and the height was noted at 8,619 m, and later in 1988, the measurement showed 8,616, but the official measurement and current climber records say 8,611 m. Anyway, it is one of the most famous mountains in the world, without a doubt. 

Later on, another traveler, Col. Godwin Austen, sighted it from a very close distance in Urdukas in 1961. Somewhere it is also called Godwin Austen Peak. There is a climbing route with this name and a glacier as well.
K-2 the Second Highest Mountain in the World, Pakistan

The First Successful Story of K-2 for Italian Climbers

We will talk about the happy story of the second-highest mountain in the world. Many people dream of reaching the summit and living their lives without success. The first successful story goes to Italian climbers who were able to make the record and be at the top. 

It was June 30th, 1954. An Italian expedition led by Professor Ardeteo Deseo was leading. His teammates, Lino Lachdile and Walter Bonati made the record for being the first on the top of the world. This is the reason it is also called the Italian mountain in Italy. 
Many people organize adventurous expeditions to climb this adventurous peak every year. From then till now, many climbers have climbed the mountain and made their names in the 8000s of memories.

The first sad story happened in 1953 when Art Gilkey, a US climber, lost his life on K-2.

The Sad Stories on the K-2 Second: Once, an American climber lost his life while climbing K-2 and laid his name in the memorial. Every year, people die during this adventure, but some years have the worst records. 

The worst year was 1986, when five separate expeditions were there and 16 climbers reached the summit. But 13 of them died on the way back. The second was in 1990, when 55 climbers climbed K-2 and 25 died on the mountain. Every year some people climb and some die. In 2021, 377 people climbed K-2, and 91 died. It is not considered a killer mountain yet.

Climbing Experience

The only people who know how adventurous this is are those who do it. Going to K-2 base camp is considered one of the hardest treks. You imagine how hard it will be to climb on it and then think about going there in winter. Normally, in my experience, I have been to K-2 Base Camp more than 50 times and know the harsh nights I mean in summer.

Many climbers tried to make the first winter record on K-2 but could not do it. Finally, Nepali climbers set a world record for climbing in the winter of 2020. The same year, Pakistan lost one of the climbing pioneers, Ali Sadpara, to polio.
K-2, Pakistan: The Great Mountain and the Source of Income for the Local Community
Definitely, it does not only have beauty but is also a source of income for the tourism industry in Pakistan. Thousands of local mountain communities benefit from this and its surrounding mountains. They work as tour operators, guides, cooks, and porters and get employment.

Apart from this mountain hub, Skardu became one of the major tourist hubs because of the great mountains of Karakorum.

Reaching K-2 Base Camp for trekking or climbing is not a difficult job.


Finally, if you are inspired by reading this article and willing to visit Pakistan and see K-2, there are hundreds of international and national tour operating companies that organize trips. It is not difficult to reach them in this technological era. You may search on your mobile phone and contact one of the organizations. You will enjoy and learn more about this once you visit. 

K-2 Pakistan is a great tourist attraction, especially for adventure tourism enthusiasts. Once you go to Pakistan for K-2, you will see a lot in the way you travel, whether it is by air or road. The one-hour short flight from Islamabad to Skardu is a heart-touching experience. You fly over the great mountains of the Karakorum and the Himalayas without a doubt. 
You may see mind-blowing parts of Pakistan. The Nanga Parbat, the 2nd highest in Pakistan and the 9th in the world, is the main highlight of both flight and road journeys. You can see it easily from the window of the plane.
K-2 the Second Highest Mountain in the World, Pakistan
Trango-Towers (6600m)

The Beauty of By-Road Travel from Islamabad to Skardu

If you travel by road, there are more exciting highlights. From Islamabad to Skardu is a two-day journey. Moreover, the journey on the 8th wonder of the world, the Karakorum Highway, and the Indus River all along the road add to the beauty of this fantastic journey. Moreover, you drive through charming towns and villages with amazing landscapes. You will witness the real beauty of Pakistan on your way to K-2 trekking or climbing. 

Once you drive on the Karakoram Highway, you may study the history of Pakistan from the rock carvings on the way and other historical sites. There is a lot to see and do, so enjoy your holidays. Last but not least, you must visit this place once in your life if you are a mountain fan. For a complete guide to the base camp trek, click here…

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