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Festivals and Celebrations

Ghizer River the best highlight of the trip
Ghizer River
The Festivals and celebrations bring a new joy to your trips, whether they’re commemorating life. The festivals we celebrate are religious figures, seasonal, cultural, and Traditionally. Moreover, with music and colorful parades fill the streets; you may observe traditional ceremonies. That aren’t performing at other times, and you’re fully immersing in local life as everyone engages in the festivities.
We are going to provide information about some interesting festivals celebrated in Pakistan.
There are different kinds of festivals celebrated in Pakistan enthusiastically. Obviously, each of them has its own importance. The festivals are religious, national, and cultural, celebrate all over Pakistan with colorful activities. These festival  celebrate on different occasions at different times and seasons of the year.

The Top Religious Festivals Celebrated in Pakistan

Some of the religious festivals are the main attractions in the entire Muslim world. Without a doubt, Pakistan is one of the top countries to celebrate these festivals enthusiastically.


It is also called Ramadan in the local languages. Every year, all the Muslims celebrate after having fast for the whole month. This is the biggest religious festival Muslims celebrate all over the world on the first day of Shawal. It has great importance in the Muslim world.


All over the world Muslims offer sacrifices on this day. The festival has an ideal example of presenting sacrifices. This festival celebrate on the same day throughout the entire Muslim world. This festival celebrate on the 10th day of Zil Haj (Islamic Month) every year.

Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (The Birth Day of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him)

Every year it is celebrated on the 10th of Rabi-ul-Awal, another religious festival. It happens on a single day in the entire Muslim world. Pakistan is part of this celebration.


An optional holiday on the 14th and 15th nights of the Islamic month of Shabaan. The night claims when destiny and fortune are decided. It’s a night of regret and forgiveness. Halwa, a South Asian sweet, is shared among family and neighbors. The poor are also given donations.

Jshan-e-Nowruz (March 21st)

It is the Persian New Year. This holiday is similar to Nowruz, which is celebrated in Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. On March 21, Nowruz observes as a socio-religious festival in Chitral, Gilgit, and Baltistan. It is widely observed in Balochistan as well as practically all of Pakistan’s major cities. The party lasts for several weeks.
To meet each other, children and women used to dress up in new outfits. Special congregations are convened in several towns, where special prayers for the country’s prosperity are offered. The Nawroz holiday in Hunza and other parts of the northern area begins with agricultural activity, with locals plowing their fields.
In Baltistan, Nowruz is marked by the distribution of colored eggs to friends and family, as well as polo competitions. Outdoor feasts, traditional musical evenings, polo games, and the traditional jumping over a fire to wash away sins and bring a fresh start to life are all part of the event in Balochistan. The origins of this celebration may be traced back to a time before Islam when Pakistan was a part of the Achaemenes.
In Ghizer,   we celebrate different festivals with awesome activities like cutting the hair of newborn babies for the first time. They get together with traditional dishes in the places of worship and observe this festival. 

Top Cultural Festivals celebrations in the North of Pakistan

In the north, Pakistan and Chitral celebrate some cultural festivals on the arrival of different seasons. In each district, distinctive activities are happening with the arrival and end of the four seasons. We will discuss them in the following article. Visiting north Pakistan is worthwhile for culture and history lovers as it will be enjoyable.

Spring Blossom celebrations 

These celebrations go on with the arrival of the spring season from February to May when the altitude changes. This festival is celebrated to welcome the spring season and the beginning of farming with colorful activities. Polo games are planned during the day, with musical shows and food distributions in the evening. Visiting the neighbors and relatives with gifts of local dishes is part of these festivals.
In the lower parts of North Pakistan, this festival happens in February in places like Gilgit and in the surrounding. With the changing weather conditions, it moves to the upper parts where once it is favorable for seed sowing, the festival happens. In the side areas like Phander Valley, Ghizer, Shamshal, and Chapursan in upper Hunza, Askole, and Hushe in Skardu, this festival happens in April.

Summer Festival and Celebrations in the North of Pakistan

Like the spring blossom festival, the summer beginning festival happens in mid-June once the crops are ready for cutting. Most regions do not celebrate these festivals as they disappear over time. But in some parts, they still celebrate this festival. Going to high pastures in the summer is one of the parts of cultural festivals. In the Ishkoman Valley, Ghizer celebrates this festival with colorful activities. Leaving to Summer Pastures) is its local name.

Kalash Valley Festivals and Celerations in Chitral  Festival

Colors of Kalash during the festivals and celebrations
Kalash Culture


The most interesting festivals that are celebrated in the beautiful Kalash Valley in Chitral are worth visiting. The Kalasha community holds numerous celebrations throughout the year. Spring festival (Chilam Joshi), summer festival, and Uchal Choimus (winter festival) are the three primary Kalash Festivals Each of the festivals has its own beauty. During these festivals, thousands of people visit here from all over the world.
In our next posts, we will give you detailed information on these festivals. Stay connected to read about and plan your holidays for these festivals. You may also visit our tour website (www.hkttreks.com) for booking and more information. Visiting Kalash is worth it, apart from the festivals as well, to experience this unique culture.

Shandur Polo Festival 2022 at the highest polo ground Roof in the world at 3,700 m

The king of games and games of kings, a freestyle polo game festival hosted at the world’s highest polo ground. It takes place every year in the first week of July 1 to 3. Due to the COVID-19, the festival canceled for the past two years. Many polo fans are looking forward to visiting this magnificent event. Moreover, it includes a wide range of colorful and exciting activities. To kill the thirst of polo enthusiasts, festival preparations are now underway.
In this case, we recommend that polo lovers plan their holiday ahead of time to ensure a nice experience. We give all guests the necessary help to ensure that their journey is enjoyable. The backstory Shandur polo was first played at the Roof of the world in 1936, during British rule. The holiday  first organized during the British administration, and it is still honored today.
Hundreds of thousands of people go to Shandur to witness the game, turning the pass into a tent city for a few days. Without a doubt, a considerable throng accumulates at the roof’s peak, consisting of various types of businesses.
The Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Department and Khyber Pukhtun Khaw, in partnership with the local authorities, host the event. And suitably celebrate the occasion. This festival attracts tourists from all around Pakistan, as well as international visitors. The schedule for this festival in the first week of July 2022 (1-3 July).

The best colorful Activities at Shandur Polo Festival

Most importantly, the sprising the game has no any rules. I’m talking about Shandur, Pakistan, where there are wild boundaries between Masuj and Ghizer at an elevation of 3,800 meters.
As the crowds begin to assemble for the year’s most interesting event. The Shandur Polo Festival, the weather is crisp and the mood is electrifying. This high-altitude tournament brings together two teams from opposing parts of northern Pakistan, the Gilgit East and the truth rallies, who have long battled against one other.
Regardless of their views, they both agree that polo originated over two millennia ago in Central Asia. Not in Britain as many people assume and that the game has original rule-free form, known as freestyle polo, in this region. The game’s purpose is to get the ball across the goal, which is what makes it beautiful, but also what makes it the harshest sport you’ll ever see.
Traditional Dance and Festivals and Celebrations


Other activities in the festival you may enjoy with a lifetime experience

Obviously, not only the polo matches during three days event but also some other fantastic activities. During the occasion, there will be several cultural shows from Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, such as traditional dances with fork music. This adds to the Festivals and Celebrations.
Some paragliders perform their skills from the hills surrounding Shandur Pass, adding to the festival’s color. Another fascinating aspect of this event is that some of the artists exhibit their work throughout the event. The natural splendor of the landscape, particularly the Shandur Lake and the snow-capped peaks of Hindukush and Hindu Raj, is the event’s main attractions. As well as the Festivals and Celebrations.
The biggest reason to attend this festival is that it is a fantastic holiday because of the route to the roof of the city. Shandur Pass boasts a lot of amazing sights. It is accessible from both Chitral and Gilgit. You will pass through picturesque villages, breathtaking vistas of crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, a lush green environment, and meadows.

How can I go to Shandur to watch a polo match during the Festival?

Obviously, you’ll need a convenient plan to get there on time. Many Pakistani travel providers organize the trip using their extensive knowledge. Because there are no hotels available, you will need to camp in tents. In this situation, reserving with an experienced agency for the three-day festival is worthwhile. They will facilitate with adequate food and other required equipment to enjoy your vacation. In any case, some people can do it on their own, but need to know what to take with you in order to enjoy it.

What makes it more interesting on the last day of the festivals and celebrations?

The last day of the events become more interesting because of the game between the two best teams. Both of the top players reach the final match. The audience from both sides Gilgit and Chitral become more interesting in emotionally supporting their teams. Secondly, the elite officials of the Pakistan Prime Minister or President visit on this day as chief guests of the event. This makes it more exciting for the people to see them in such a far-flung part of the world. You will be surprised on thsese Festivals and Celebrations.

What are the challenges and issues during the Shandur Festival and celebrations?

Certainly, there are some challenges, such as the area becoming overcrowded, which causes it to become extremely dusty and noisy. Second, if you are not well prepared, you may not be able to eat well because some temporary tent hotel management does not provide adequate service. Finding transportation to Shandur Pass and returning after the festival could be a challenge. As a result, it is preferable to carry your camping gear and manage it in advance.
I am confident that after reading this post, you will want to book your flight. In this situation, we are providing services; for more information and organization, please visit our primary trip website, www.hkttreks.com. There several companies provide you services. Holiday Hikes Pakistan is the best for you.

More opportunities on this trip

Finally, I recommend attending this event to anyone planning a vacation to North Pakistan in July. Without a doubt, you will appreciate it greatly. You may enjoy it along with Festivals and Celebrations.
 If you’re planning a trip during these days, you’ll have a lot of options because some of Hindukush’s most fascinating treks start here. Chumarkhand Pass, Thui Pass, Zagar Pass, Nazbar Pass, and Shah Jinali are the main attractions. You can plan on “killing two birds with one stone” this month, in conjunction with the polo festival. If you are a fan of trekking click here to reach the best information.

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