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Concordia, the best adventure destination in the Karakorum

Four 8,000-meter base camps in the Karakorum the adventure Destinations

The best adventure destinations Trip Highlights:

  • The Karakoram Highway, Rivers, Remote Villages, Glaciers, High Mountains, Climbing Stories, History of the Mountains, Camping on Glaciers, Walking on Glaciers, Sleeping in Tents, etc. These are the top attractions of the best adventure destinations in the Karakorum.

Duration: 20 days

Karakorum Mountain Range: Karakorum

Max altitude: 5,551 m

Trekking Standard: Strenuous

Zone: Restricted

Best time to visit: June to October


The Karakorum Mountains are the best adventure destinations in Pakistan for adventure lovers to enjoy holidays. Everyone knows about the three great mountain ranges (Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalaya) in Pakistan all over the world. Without a doubt, these mountain ranges add to the popularity of Pakistan in adventure tourism. To the north, the Karakorum Range is located, with the second-highest peak, K-2, in the world. At the same destination, there are three other peaks above 8,000: Broad Peak, Gasherbrum-I & II, and Gasherbrum-III. 
The Himalayas are located to the south in north Pakistan, with Killer Mountain Nanga Parbat being the 9th highest in the world. It is second only to K-2 in Pakistan. Reaching the base camp is not challenging either. read on here!
Because of their routes, reaching the base camps of all these mountains is considered an adventure destination. Without a doubt, it is not without incredible beauty. Moreover, you will pass through mind-blowing highlights all the way with a lifetime experience. Obviously, we will walk you through all the breathtaking spots on the best adventure destination in the Karakorum in this post. Of course, you have to go through it thoroughly.

Exciting trekking to the best destinations in the Karakorum Mountains.

Trekking to the base camps of four 8,000s in the Karakorum Range is definitely a hard trip. Furthermore, the incredible landscape and spectacular views of the high mountains make it exciting. I have great experiences with the trekkers who fell hard for them but still got happy by the end of the day.
If you are fit for this trip, have experience of walking on glaciers, sleeping in tents for long periods, and reaching 5,000 m. This is the best trek for adventure lovers to enjoy the highest mountains in the world. However, going to Nanga Parbat Base Camp in the South Himalayas is not a challenging one. It is the easiest base camp at 8,000 meters. The best part is that it has several options to reach base camps easily.

Amazing Highlights of the Journey to the Best Adventure Destinations in the Great Karakorum Mountains

The charming villages of the mountain community all begin in Skardu. The last village, Askole, is awe-inspiring. The jeep travels on the adventurous Askole Road, with eye-catching views welcoming adventure lovers. The oldest villages still have ancient architecture, which is a great attraction for visitors.
There are 100 peaks above 7,000 meters and numerous 5,000 to 6,900-meter peaks on your way to the best adventure destinations. The most beautiful peaks, Gasherbrum IV (7,929 m), and Snow Dome, are facing you all the way on the Baltoro Glacier. Masherbrum Peak, Mustagh Tower, and Trango Towers are some of the most beautiful peaks that steal your heart on this trip. 

An Adventurous Trek to the Four-8,000 Peaks Base Camp in Pakistan, the best adventure destination

The second highest mountain in the world, K-2, at 8,611 m, is located in the north of Pakistan, and there are three more along with it. Doubtlessly, all mountain lovers know about these popular mountains and how to reach them. The most famous Baltoro and K-2 Base Camp, Trek, has the biggest name in the entire adventure community. 
Thousands of trekkers and climbers move there during the summer season on their holidays to enjoy nature. Doubtlessly, there is natural beauty. Above all, the giant glaciers, roaring rivers, snow-covering peaks, tiny deserts, and lush green meadows are all available at this adventure destination.
Apart from K-2 Broad Peak, Gaheshbrum-I & II base camps are accessible in the same way. Concordia is the junction of all these base camps. Here, five giant glaciers meet. Furthermore, it is usually the usual rest day of the trek. The views from here are stunning of the great Karakorum Mountains.
While going to this amazing destination, you will be accompanied by an interesting local community. They make your trip fascinating with their long-lived hospitality and giving hand wherever you need it. Above all, celebrations in the evening with local songs and dances add to the joys of your adventure. If you’re looking for an easy trek, visit our previous post.Click here.
Gasherbrum IV (7,929m)

What is the best time to plan a trek to K-2 and the other four of the best adventure destinations?

From June to September is the best time to go trekking in the great Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan. In addition, this time of the season reaches its peak beauty. The wild roses and other bushes along the Braldo River offer heart-touching scenes and fragrances on the way. The temperature for walking and camping is favorable by this time of the year.
The camping sites are fully clear of snow, even the base camps on the glaciers. Sometimes, people do the Baltoro Trek in the month of October as well, but the nights get very cold by that time. If you are well equipped, it is not bad to go on this adventure trip.

How long does it take to reach the adventure destination of 8,000 base camps in the Karakorum?

Normally, one needs at least 20 days’ holiday to go to this adventurous destination in order to have a comfortable holiday. However, if you are fit, it is also possible in 15 days. I have some experience with people with limited time. They did it in two weeks. It depends on your stamina and experience on adventure trips. These days, it covers Islamabad to Islamabad. 
The best and most relaxing holiday for this trek is a 3-week plan. I will suggest you choose the best and most experienced tour agency in Pakistan in order to avoid Facebook operators.

What is the highest elevation I can sleep at in the 8,000-meter Base Camp on this best adventure destinations trip?

This trek begins from a 3,000 m campsite and gradually reaches 5,150 m, the K-2 Base Camp. Broad Peak Base Camp and Gasherbrum I & II at 5,000 meters as well. All these base camps are on the moraine of the glacier. In addition, the sounds of the falling ice from the mountains and avalanches are a lovely experience in the base camps.

How to Book This Trip to the Karakorum Mountains, the best adventure destination?

In Pakistan, trekking has been divided into three zones: restricted, open, and closed. As a result, to visit the restricted zone, you need a special permit from the Gilgit-Baltistan Council for North Pakistan. Obviously, for Chitral and Hindukush, you have to apply through the KPK Tourism Department in Peshawar. 
Secondly, you must book the trip with a registered company in Pakistan in order to get the permit for restricted zone trekking. For the open zone, you don’t need any permits, guides, or porters, or to book with any agency. However, a “closed zone” means you are not allowed to go. So, Holiday Hikes Pakistan will help you plan your adventure as well.

How long before I need to book the trek to the best adventure destinations?

Normally, you have to apply for a permit for the restricted zones. In this case, you must book your trip with a Pakistani tour agency at least one month in advance in order to have enough time to obtain it. Your sponsored tour operator will guide you through all the documents to apply for the permit. Anyhow, you must have a valid passport and visa for it. In our next posts, we will keep you updated with the latest policies for adventure trips in Pakistan. In this case, stay tuned for the latest information.

What is the best way and how to reach the best adventure destinations?

From all the major cities of Pakistan, you have easy access to the starting point of Skardu. However, Islamabad, the Federal Capital of Pakistan, is the best place to start. Apart from that, PIA flights operate from Karachi and Lahore as well, but you need to check the latest schedule. 
From Islamabad and Lahore, it’s an amazing one-hour flight, and from Karachi, it takes two hours. That enables you to reach the best adventure destinations.
Definitely, it is also accessible by road on the 8th wonder of the world, the Karakorum Highway, a fascinating journey. However, it takes two days to experience the fantastic highlights of the day, touching different landscapes.  Moreover, you will enjoy it and must try it from one side of the trip to have a fantastic experience. In addition, the mighty Indus River is the top highlight of the road journey. It is also considered an adventurous journey.
The_best_adventure_destinations_in_the_ Great_Karakorum_Range_of_Pakistan_four_8,000s_Base_Camps
Ghondoghoro Pass (5,600m) is the best adventure destinations

The Best and Most Famous Trek in the Karakorum: Ghondoghoro La is the best adventure destinations

The best highlight of the great Karakorum is Ghondoghora La, which comes across on this trek. Most importantly, this trek is for experienced trekkers only, not for all. Obviously, thousands of people from around the globe come to Pakistan, especially to go on this great adventure. This charismatic trek leads from the north of Skardu’s Shigar Valley to the Khapolo Valley to the east.
After visiting the four 8000s’ base camp, you may plan to cross the Ghondoghoro to Hushe, an interesting village in Gilgit-Baltistan. Surprisingly, many of the Pakistani climbers you meet belong to this small village. Furthermore, one of the famous mountains, Masherbrum, at 7,821 m, is located here. Certainly, it is easily accessible from the nearby Hushe Village. Of course, we will post the detailed itinerary in our future posts.


I must suggest you visit this part of the earth. If you are a fan of high mountains and have trekking experience, but on the other hand, if you are a fan of low altitude and love easy treks, stick with us for more information. Without a doubt, We will provide all the information that fits with your experience and the best adventure destinations in Pakistan.
If you have any questions, the comment box below is open for you. Holiday Hikes Pakistan is always there to give you a hand in planning this adventurous holiday to the Karakorum and many more.
Finally, this blog, which is in its initial stages, will come up with more clear and accurate information for your ease. For more information, you can visit hereHindukush Karakorum Tours and Treks. Complete itineraries are available there to find your favorite destinations anywhere in Pakistan.

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