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Karimabad Hunza
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Holiday Hikes Pakistan is optimistic about providing clear information to nature lovers to choose the best holiday destination. We know very well that most people have short holidays, but they want to see more. This is the best holiday destination in north Pakistan to see more in a short time. Without a doubt, we provide you with all that information on where to go. What to see and do? Where to stay and dine With our vast experience in the field of tourism, we are proud to bring you this holiday trip plan. For those with a short time.

Find the best holiday destination.

If you are a real nature lover and want to enjoy your holidays in a short time, then you must read this post. It will definitely help you choose the best places to go and enjoy your holidays. Furthermore, the north of Pakistan is obviously the best for holidays. It offers a variety of amazing places to go and see. In these best holiday destinations in the north of Pakistan, you will fill your thirst for nature. You will have a great time on your short holidays in Hunza and Ghizer.
Moreover, the best holiday destination offers you a great landscape: mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and many more. There are several amazing places to go and see nature without a doubt. I know that there are many people with the issue of having short holidays and are confused about where to go and what to see. Pakistan is rich with such beautiful destinations to visit in a short time of holidays. You are definitely in the right place to find the best holiday destination. Stay tuned to this site and find your choice of interest here for free.

description of the best holiday destination

Of course, now is the time for you to decide where you will go on a short holiday. What to see and do in these best destinations: There are amazing places to go in the Hunza and Ghizer valleys in the north of Pakistan. Obviously, this post will allow you to go through all the stunning places to visit and enjoy your holidays. Make sure that there are numerous places to see, stay, eat, and enjoy. The thing is to decide now how to go. Whom do I ask for help? Google made it very easy. With one click, you get answers to your questions.
Holiday Hikes is one of the best sites to facilitate you in answering and finding your best holiday destinations in Pakistan. In addition, it covers information on beautiful places in a short time. Of course, there are a variety of plans on this website that suit your holiday. Click here This is one of the best posts to find your holiday destinations, whether for a few short days or a long holiday. Here we are going to tell you about the best holiday destinations.

Day 1: Fly to Gilgit and drive to Hunza on your way to the best holiday destination.

On the very first day of this best holiday plan, you will take a one-hour amazing flight from Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi to Gilgit. Book your flight with Pakistan International Air Lines. (PIA).
The first surprise is the flight. Surprisingly, you have an offer for a window seat to see and enjoy. The passengers will be friendly to the visitors. Furthermore, the second mind-blowing experience is the flight over the great Himalayan and Karakoram Mountains. Nanga Parbat is the second-highest mountain in Pakistan and the 9th in the world (read more about it here).
Landing at the Gilgit airport is another surprise to find yourself among the great mountains. Gilgit is located in the heart of the Karakoram Range, surrounded by lofty peaks, the most majestic being Rakaposhi. The best part is that it is accessible both ways by road and by air. The best of the best is the journey along the path of the ancient silk route, which is an unforgettable experience. As a result, you get there easily. You are passing through winding valleys and tumbling waterfalls, the mighty Indus River, and charming villages. Furthermore, driving to Hunza Valley, a princely state, is popular throughout the world. 

The wonders of the Karakorum Highway on your best holiday destination trip

You will take the Karakoram Highway, the 8th wonder of the world, after having a short break in Gilgit. This day is full of fun. You will drive along the Hunza River with stunning views of the surroundings. The beautiful villages and bridges Above all, the Rakaposhi, with hanging glaciers close to the road at 7788 meters, is a realistic day of the 5-day tour of North Pakistan. You will drive all the way to Passu View Point and return with views of Passu Cones.
5-day best holiday destinations in Hunza and Ghizer in the North of Pakistan
Best holiday destinations (Passu Glacier).

The best highlights of the day at the best holiday destination

You will visit the Hussaini Suspension Bridge, the North Lakes, the Gulmit Village, and the best is the Attaabad Lake. Definitely, you will stop for some time to enjoy the beautiful lake, crowded with visitors and noisy with boats. You may enjoy boating if you are interested in this beautiful area. By the evening you will be at Duiker, the highest point at 2900 meters for the day. Here you will witness the mesmerizing sun setting seen from Eagle Nest with stunning views of Hunza and Nagar.

Day 2: Drive to Naltar Valley for a day excursion and to Gilgit for the night.

En-route visit to Naltar the valley is the most highly recommended day outing from Gilgit. Further up, two hours north of Gilgit, is the beautiful Naltar Valley. It is on a paved road, which was the old Hunza Road before KKH, passing through the cultivated area of Normal. It is a large village from where a road turns to the northwest to the lovely valley of lower Naltar. Driving 10 km takes you to Upper Naltar, a lush green alpine pasture and pine forest surrounded by spectacular snowy peaks. In addition, the winter ski resort is worth visiting here in Naltar. An exciting day at the best holiday destination.
The seven-colored lake of Nalltar is worth driving for another one hour. You will be amazed on this trip by the lush green landscape and thick pine forest. A charismatic four-day trek leads to Ishkoman over Naltar Pass Go here if you are interested in trekking. Holiday Hikes organizes such nice trekking as well.

Day 3: Drive to Gilgit and continue to the Ishkoman Valley, the best holiday destination in the world.

You will visit Kargah Buddha, a rock carving beside the Kargah Nullah (stream), 6km west of Gilgit. On the way to Ghizer, along the old road to Punial, is the most popular short outing from Gilgit. The Buddha figure is about 3 m tall and looks down protectively over Gilgit. It was carved in the 7th century, and its workmanship reveals a talented master. You may also have an amazing view of Gilgit city as well. Moreover, in a few kilometers, you will see the Hanzal Buddhist Stupa from the 3rd and 4th century Buddhist periods.
Furthermore, it is a three-hour drive to Ishkoman Valley on Shandur Road. The west of Gilgit is the Ishkoman valley, running north to south to join the Gilgit Valley. It divides the Karakorum Range from the Hindu Kush. Of course, the journey on the road is full of fun along the most beautiful River Ghizer, famous for trout fishing. You will pass through the charming village of Punial, with stunning views unlike anywhere else. Entering the Gahkuch, the District Head Quarters is another surprise of the best holiday destination.

Top tourist attractions in your best holiday destination in Ghizer

A one-hour drive to the northeast takes you to Chatorkhand Ishkoman, a beautiful village where you can stay the night in a hotel. It was once the principality of Chitral when there was the Kingdom system before 1972. This was incorporated into Pakistan in the same year. Above all, this is the best place to stay and enjoy a musical night in the evening. You will enjoy the best night of your holidays. In the afternoon, you pay a brief visit to the village to explore the lives of the people here. Certainly, it is a unique experience in life to learn about the culture and traditions of the mountain communities.
The valley is a junction of numerous trekking routes with beautiful landscapes and amazing natural scenery. Apart from these, for more information on several days and hikes to enjoy more in nature, read this post.
5-day best holiday destinations in Hunza and Ghizer in the North of Pakistan
best holiday destinations (Dain-Water-Fall)

Day-4 Visit to Dain Water Fall and the Villages of Ishkoman and Gilgit

Drive to the Gateway to the Wakhan Corridor in the morning. It is an interesting place, speaking of the Imit valley. It connects with Wakhan to the west and, to the east, with the Chapursan Valley and Upper Hunza. There are heart-touching views of the Karakorum and Hindukush mountains. Obviously, a picturesque place with a view of the Wakhan Corridor and Imit Valley. Later on, you will visit Dain Water Fall, an exciting excursion of the day. Above all, there are fantastic walks, and meeting the locals is an addition to your holiday destinations.
In the afternoon, drive to Gilgit for an overnight stay to catch the next morning’s flight to Islamabad. This is the end of the 5-day holiday destination of Hunza and Ghizer Valley. I am pretty sure that you would have enjoyed the post. Please do share it with others for our support. Give us your precious feedback in the comment box below for our further development. Holiday Hikes is live 24/7 for more information. Keep us informed about your holiday plans and trips. We would be more than happy to offer our services.

Day 5: Fly to Islamabad at the end of the five-day tour.

Enjoy your one-hour flight towards your sweet home. Have a nice trip ahead!

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