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Sher Qila one of the best holiday destinations  in Ghizer

Ghizer (the land of lakes) to the west of Gilgit is an amazing place to go in the world. It is the best holiday destination in Ghizer to enjoy the natural beauty. Furthermore, there is an eye-catching landscape with snow-capped mountains. Above all, driving along the Ghizer River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. furthermore, it has one of the best rivers in Gilgit-Baltistan for water sports. You may enjoy rafting from Shandur Pass and down to Gilgit via charismatic villages, unlike anywhere else. The Ghizer River is famous for the best trout fishing in the entire north.

Apart from all these, there is a lot to enjoy on your holidays, whether adventure or soft tourism. You may choose your favorite destination. The best destinations are the lakes with trout fish and fascinating views of the surrounding area. There are waterfalls, crystal clear spring water, streams, glaciers, lush green meadows, and high mountains. This is the art of nature. It is difficult to explain the wonders of the world that are present throughout the entire valley.

There are four Amazing Valleys to enjoy holidays

Ghizer is the name of a district in Gilgit-Baltistan in the west comprising four divisions. Pune Valley, Ishkoman Valley, Gupis/Phander, and Yasin Valley all have distinctive highlights in the landscape, culture, language, and people. There are awesome destinations in each valley to spend holidays in real natural beauty. for soft traveling, lakes along the road, camping sites, day hikes, archaeological sites, people-watching, and picnic points. Meeting local people in their traditional homes and enjoying their unique hospitality is beyond the imagination in the whole district.

For adventure lovers, there are high mountains, giant glaciers, passes, and trekking routes in the Hindukush Mountains with incredible scenery. For more information, you may choose your adventure destinations by reading our post 9 Best adventure Destinations. Holiday Hikes will not leave a single stone untouched, providing all about the best holiday trips in Ghizer Valley. Stay connected with this website to plan your holiday destination. We bring you the best places to choose to save your time. For those who do not like to go places with crowds, the best choice for them is Ghizer.

Are there some places for short treks with easy access for holidays?

Most people have a busy life and have no time for long holidays and want to go on short treks to relax. In this case, you are at the right place on this website. We have several destinations for those who are on short holidays. We will provide more detailed information in our coming posts with the main highlights. Secondly, we have great potential for explorers to find new places for trekking, camping, and climbing.

Once you plan a trip to see such untouched nature, always look at this website to find it here. You will find the place you want to go to and enjoy your vacation. Yasin, Ishkoman, Phander, and Punial valleys are places in the Hindukush Range of Pakistan. They offer unique places to visit with unique hospitality. You may enjoy meeting local people and experiencing their lives and culture. There is a diverse culture and people from the village to village and one valley to another.

The people of all the valleys have a long-lived culture of hospitality. You will definitely enjoy it. You must try to visit once if you are a real fan of nature on your holidays. The simple way of life outside of town is worth experiencing. It is very interesting. You can check out our post on the shortest trek in Ghizer on this site.

What are the exciting places in Ghizer to choose for holiday trips?

Certainly, it depends on the nature of each individual’s likes and dislikes. As per my experience in the field of tourism, different people like different places and plan to go on holiday. As mentioned above, the landscape has the kind of potential for adventure trips, soft tours, day hikes, and short treks of 2-3 days. Now, it depends on the visitor’s interest in which destinations he/she would like to choose. There are great options in each of you that you may enjoy.

The Best Places to Visit in the Ishkoman Valley

Ishkoman Valley is one of the best places in Ghizer, even in the whole north of Pakistan. There is great potential for holidays. There are 10 passes accessible from different villages in the Ishkoman Valley. All of them start here and end in another valley. My experience in Pakistan is that there is no parallel to it. If you are looking for trekking destinations, check this blog in the trekking section. We have detailed information on each trek. You will enjoy reading about them. They are all incredible in their beauty. There are easy to difficult ones, and the short to longest ones.


The Ishkoman Valley offers a variety of holiday destinations for day hikes and camping. We will write detailed information on each and everyone in the future posts. Either way, you may contact us with your special interest to tell us live. The best places are at Shukargah Lake. Mongay Lake from Birgal village, Gateway to Wakhan Corridor, Emmit, Handis Ghotolti, and Dain waterfall. All of these are easily accessible from the hotel you stay at in the Ishkoman Valley. It is easily accessible from Gilgit on a comfortable road drive of four hours.

The Best Holiday Destinations in Yasin Valley

Like Ishkoman, Yasin Valley is one of the most interesting places for holiday destinations. There are several day hikes, camping sites, and short and long-term trekking opportunities. There are 7 passes for trekking from one valley to another, the easiest one for non-experienced people. The highest peak, Thui-1, is located in the Yasin Valley. There are lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and mountains for adventure lovers, from easy to difficult. Darkot is the highest permanent village at 3,000 meters, surrounded by snow-covered mountains. It is the starting point of six amazing treks that begin from there to different destinations.

The historical Darkot Pass, Zindhgharam Pass, Punji Pass, Attar Pass, and Ghamubar Pass are accessible from this village. These are the best adventure holiday destinations. Apart from these, some interesting places that are worth visiting still need to be discovered. Holiday Hikes is struggling to uncover all the hidden holiday destinations in these valleys. Furthermore, there are Thui Pass, Nazbar Pass, Assumbar Pass, and Darmander Pass, all offering great holiday spots. Above all, Yasin is rich in day hikes and camping opportunities.

The Best Holiday Destinations Ghizer in Phander Valley

Like Yasin and Ishkoman, Phander has fantastic holiday destinations for nature lovers. Its beauty comprises lush green meadows, crystal clear rivers, blue-sky lakes, and many more. All the lakes and rivers are full of trout fish. For those who love this kind of landscape, there are several places for camping. Above, all these destinations are accessible by vehicle. Apart from these, several day hikes and long trekking routes are also available. Shandur Pass, with its beautiful lake, is the top attraction of this valley. There is a lot to explore as well.

For adventure holiday destinations, passes and trekking are available too in Ghizer. Moreover, the main passes are Chumarkhand Pass to Mastuj, Nazbar and Zagar Passes, and Dadrelli Pass to Kalam and Swat. There is more to see and enjoy. Fishing and rafting in the Ghizer River are famous because of this area. The Sandur Polo Festival is the main attraction of the Phander Valley. This 3-day exciting festival is celebrated in the first and second months of July every year with colorful activities. Check out our festivals section for more information. clicking here…

What is the best season to plan for Ghizer on holidays?

Again, it depends on the nature of the people when you like and have holidays to visit. Every season of the four seasons has its own beauty and importance. Some people like spring blossoms, some want to go on adventures in summer, and some like autumn colors and winter.

Spring blossom begins in March and ends about the first week of May. For adventure trips, the passes and treks open from mid-June to mid-October, which is the best time. Moreover, for those who like autumn colors, from September to mid-November and winter trips from December to the end of February. For more information, click here.

There are several opportunities for day hikes and normal tours in cars. All the holiday destinations in Ghizer are open throughout the year. You may enjoy traveling on the road from Gilgit to Shandur Pass. The scenery along the Ghizer River is mesmerizing for nature lovers to enjoy. There are too many mind-blowing highlights to stop taking pictures of the viewpoints. Some of the historical forts are there in every destination to experience the history of the region. There are storytellers near the forts and other places to learn about the places.

How to Access the Amazing Holiday Destinations in the Ghizer Valley?

Ghizer is easily accessible from Gilgit, like the other regions of North Pakistan. There is a good road drive with any kind of car to every corner of the region. You may hire a private vehicle, travel in your own car, or use public transport to reach your destination. Public transport facilities are available from Gilgit to every corner of Ghizer District from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. If you plan to organize your trip with a tour operating agency, they will arrange it for your comfort. Using Google is the best way to find where you are going.

It is necessary to know about the place before you choose a holiday destination. Holiday Hikes Pakistan has the honor to tell you about Ghizer Valley with facts and figures with live experience. You may also contact us for the latest updates via our contact details on this website.

Where to Stay in Ghizer Valley during the Holidays

There are hotel facilities in each of the valleys. You can choose your place to stay and dine in the Ghizer Valley all around you. In Ishkoman, there are a few hotels and guest houses. In Yasin, there are hotels and guest houses as well. Gupis is the best place to stay while traveling to Phandar Valley. There are some options to find your standard place to stay and dine. It is the best place to reach both Yasin and Phander for your holiday destinations.

Finally, all these holiday destinations in Ghizer are less visited because of a lack of publicity, the same reason as in other regions of Pakistan. If you are a calm living visitor, put Ghizer in your travel bucket. Furthermore, we will come up with more detailed information in the future. Stay tuned for more posts like this. If you have any queries or wish to contact us, the comment box below is open for you. You may contact us to plan your holidays as well. We are available 24/7 for your services.

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