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Bazhing Nanga Parbat the best trek to Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat South Face Base Camp

Trip Highlights:

  • History on the road, the high mountain base camp, remote villages, rivers, alpine forest, glaciers, sleeping in tents, beautiful campsites, easy walking, freshwater, springs, meeting locals, celebrations, singing songs, lush green meadows, campfire, and many more on this Hiking Trip


Trek duration                                              04 days


Mountain Range                                               Himalaya


Max altitude                                                        3,800 meters


Trek Standard                                                    Slightly Easy


Zone                                                                      Open


The best time to visit is                              March to October 


Description of the tour

The 9th highest mountain in the world Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain is located in the Himalayan Range of Pakistan. It is one of the unique mountains above 8,000 meters with several access points. It has three different base camps, the North Face, Fairy Meadows Face, and the South Face. Tour to the base camp of Nanga Parbat South faces one of the easiest ways to reach it. The most used for the climbing one is North Face. The North-East Face is from Fairy Meadows Click here for more information. The South and Rupal Face are accessible from Astore Valley.

Nanga Parbat south Face Hiking tour is one of the easiest walks reaching the base camp of above 8,000s meters. This trek has great highlights with heartbreaking sceneries. The uniqueness of this hiking tour is it has easy glaciers crossing, lush green meadows, and thick forests. Apart from all these the rivers and hanging glaciers from the mountains are unlike anywhere else. Hike to an 8,000 peak is not an easy job, but this one is too easy. This is the only unbelievable tour to South Face of Nanga Parbat 8, 125 meters.


Nanga Parbat is the second-highest mountain in Pakistan after K2 Click here.  It is number 9 in the world out of 14 above 8,000 meters. There are 9 in Nepal and five in Pakistan four of them located in the Karakorum Range. Read the post four 8,000 Base Camps Trek in Pakistan it is one of the hardest treks to reach their base camps. Holiday Hikes Pakistan is going to lead a group in the coming summer to these mountains. The best trek to the Nanga Parbat Base Camp has this fortune for all kinds of hikers and trekkers can make it very easily.


Which is the easiest above 8,000 mountain Base Camp

As I mentioned above Nanga Parbat is the only mountain above 8,000 that offers three faces to hike. The best is that it has the easiest access to its reach its base camps The second interesting is about this is you don’t need any permit to go there like the other 8,000s. You may easily go on your own as well if don’t want to organize it with a tour agency. This is the best for backpackers to tour the 8,000’s base camp.


 How to Reach Nanga Parbat Base Camp South Face?

One of the easiest ways like the hike to the base camp is accessible very easily on a comfortable road. As most of the journey begins from Islamabad and Rawalpindi the twin cities of Pakistan. From there you can travel to any part of the country in your favorite traveling way. The Pakistan International Air Lines (PIA) runs flights to all the major cities all over Pakistan from here. As well as by road transports are available from there without a doubt. On the other hand, you can hire a special one or your own car as well.


The journey to the South Face of the best trek to the Nanga Parbat base camp goes on the Karakorum Highway throughout the year. The Naran and Kaghan Road over Babusar Pass 4,100 from June to October is another fascinating journey. For by air traveling Gilgit is the nearest you may make flying to Skardu as well. There is a charismatic drive leading to Astore Valley via Deosia Plateau the highest plateau in the world. We will tell more about it in coming posts.


Arrival Islamabad Sightseeing of the twin cities of Pakistan

Tour the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad the federal capital with modern architecture and the oldest city Rawalpindi. There is a 25 KM distance between these important cities of Pakistan to explore the old and modern history of the country. This is an amazing day of your holiday in Pakistan having a great experience before moving to the mountains.


 Fly to Gilgit or drive to Chilas

The flight to Gilgit is a 1-hour flight but it always depends on the weather condition it does not operate in bad weather. The drive to Chilas is 12 hours on the 8thwonder of the world Karakoram Highway an interesting journey. The other best option is10 hours via beautiful Kaghan and Naran Valleys over Babusar Pass 4170 m. This is possible ( Mid-June to Mid-October). The journey both ways is exciting but takes a long time.


Drive to Tarashing the village where the Hike starts 

 Six to seven hours from Chilas or Gilgit from both destinations, the first two hours on the Karakoram Highway.  Then you will cross a bridge Indus River turning towards the South Thalichi. Thalachi is the place we always stop for the view of the Giant and Killer Mountain Nanga Parbat 8,125 m on the North face. The road leads along the Astore Gorge side by the Astore River a narrow valley passing through small villages. . It was before Babusar was opened in 1892 during the British rule. And then the 8th wonder of the world Karakoram Highway from 1966 to 1978.


We pass the main Astore which is the district head Quarter of the Astore District with official buildings below the hilly valley of Rama. Reaching Tarashing the Last village in the snout of Bazhin Glacier has about 180 houses at 2,850 m. There are some hotels with basic accommodation facilities and we organize our porters from here for the next day’s trekking.

Riding in Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Trek to Bazhin on the first day of the walk to the best trek to the Nanga Parbat base Camp

 Three to four-hour easy walk with superb views of Shispar, Raikot, and Nanga Parbat all the way. From the village, there is little ascending to get to the moraine of Tarashing Glacier? On a Tractor Road to lush green Rupal Village with fields of Potatoes, Pease, and barley and wheat crops.

 It is exciting along with the juniper and cedar trees and small shops an easy walk to reach Bazhin. A flat green camping site with a beautiful stream flowing down from Nanga Parbat. Glacier with stunning views around especially Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat worth camping here at 3,500 m to enjoy the greatest views in the surrounding.


Trek to Latobo (Hiling Kofer Base Camp) the Best Trek to Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Like the previous day, it is again half an hour easy walk ascending to get to the Nanga Parbat Glacier. And crossing on donkey paths with heart-touching sceneries. The surrounding is eye-catching with snow covering the peaks of the Himalayan Range in Pakistan. A welcoming campsite 3800 m green and running water. There are some summer houses where the people of Tarashing live with their cattle (goats, sheep, and cows during the summer).

Hiking to Mazino BC on the Best Trek to Nanga Parbat

Rest day and day hike to Mazino Lowe Base Camp


It is worth staying one day here and a day hike up to Mazino Base Camp and returning by the evening back. There is a four-hour walk going up a three-hour back it is interesting with beautiful landscape and views. Mazino Pass is at the altitude of 4575m between Astore Valley and Chilas of Diamer District it is for experienced trekkers. Some people do it during the summer Mid-July to Mid-September


Trek to Tarashing leaving the Soth Face The best Trek the to  Nanga Parbat Base Camp

 Normal trekkers can go down in six to seven-hour if you do have not enough time from the bes trek to Naga Parbat. Otherwise, you can do it in two days on the same route and with the same views. By end of this easy tour and hike, there are options to see more if you have more time.  Apart from this, you may also combine it (Rakaposhi Base Camp trek as well click here. In addition, you may drive over Deosia Plateau to Skardu and take your flight to Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore. Either you can combine it with the other four 8,000 Base camps trip.


 The other best option is to continue to Gilgit, Hunza, and other parts of North Pakistan. If you have planned the month of July to tour the Nanga Parbat south base camp combine it with Shandur polo. Another heart-touching event and journey on a mesmerizing road along the Ghizer River to the land of lakes. This road has a connection with Chitral Khyber Pukhtun Khaw Province of Pakistan. All these options depend on your holidays and interest in what you want to see and do.


What and where to eat?

The North of Pakistan is the hub of holiday destinations and there is great potential for tourism in the entire area. This made many people business-minded especially in hospitality and tourism. Thousands of national and International adventure lovers move here for their holidays. As a result, in all the towns and remote villages, you will have places for eating your favorite food. During the Tour to the Base camp of Nanga Parbat, you will find some restaurants to eat in the village. For the hike, you need to manage on your own. If your trip is organized one then issues.


Finally, if you are short of time then you can go straight back on Karakorum Highway to Islamabad and your home destination. My suggestion is to take the road on the back if you have flown on the way up. Above all, There is history on the road you will learn about Pakistan and its past. On the other hand, there are mind-blowing highlights along the Indus River. The ancient rock carving was left by the pilgrim, conquerors, travelers, and many more. They are on the nearby river you may enjoy holidays.


I am pretty sure that you will enjoy reading this amazing post about the nature of the tour to the South Face of Nanga Parbat. Please leave your comment in the box below. Your suggestions and feedback will definitely boost and encourage us. Please do share the post as well with others too. This is obviously your support for us.

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