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Top 5 Best Day Hikes in Ishkoman Valley Ghizer Pakistan
Day Hikes in the Ishkoman Valley


The most beautiful and top 5  best day hikes in Ishkoman are worth visiting. Are you looking for short hikes and day walks in nature? If so, you are in the best place to know. Here are the top five best day hikes in the Ishkoman Valley. Furthermore, Holiday Hikes Pakistan provides you with all the information about your chosen holiday destination. There is a lot to see in Gilgit-Baltistan, but Ghizer is one of the best places for day hikes, camping, short treks, and walking to lakes. The Ghizer offers amazing spots for camping and fishing as well. Read this article if you are looking for a day hike to venture into nature.

The Ghizer District in Gilgit-Baltistan is known for its natural beauty. Unlike somewhere else on the planet, there are several day hikes, treks, and passes to cross from one valley to another. Moreover, it has several hidden gems that have yet to be discovered. There are five amazing valleys in Ghizer. Yasin Valley, Ishkoman Valley, Phundar Valley, and Punial. You can also go for a day hike or a month-long adventure trip as well. In addition, the landscapes, scenery, and civilizations of each valley are unique. So, every moment here is a surprise for visitors.

You will be lost in natural splendor while exploring the natural world. Obviously, I’ll take you on the five best day hikes in the Ishkoman Valley in this post.

Dain waterfall This 2-hour walk is one of the top 5 best day hikes in Ishkoman.

This fun day hike starts in Chatorkhand’s core hamlet and takes you across one of the longest suspension bridges. Following a jeep road or a footpath directly above Dain village, you stroll alongside the lovely village of Dain. The views of the entire Ishkoman Valley are breathtaking. Above all, you will learn about the local culture by seeing traditional homes and individuals on this trip. The vistas of the beautiful Karakorum and Hindukush Mountain Ranges will capture your attention once you get to the waterfall. You are at one of the best viewpoints now. 

The mountains range in height from 5,000 to 6,500 meters and are snow-covered for most of the year. The delightful sound of cascading water between the trees, on the other hand, falls at 70 degrees. Moreover, the fresh breeze from the waterfall is the top highlight of the day hike. You will feel like you are in heaven on Earth.

Top 5 Best Day Hikes in Ishkoman Valley Ghizer Pakistan
Day Hikes in the Ishkoman Valley

The Gateway to Wakhan Corridor Hike to the View of Imit Valley (Top Best Day Hike)

Without a doubt, an interesting hike begins from the Khyber Guest House Imit. This is a top-rated day hike that takes you through the fields and up to a high point along a water channel. The Ishkoman and Immit Rivers, as well as the entire valley and surrounding snow-capped mountains, are the main highlights of the trip. You can hike to Shams Abad, a hidden settlement in the upper Immit Valley, among the Karakoram and Hindukush Mountains. If you are a true nature lover, I am confident that you will enjoy the day. 

Going up to the village is steep on the jeep road, but on the way back it is easier. Certainly, the views while descending are unbelievable. If you are in Ishkoman, never miss these exciting five top-day hikes. It is definitely a heart-touching day.

Yazhbin Immit to Korumbar Summer Houses, one of the exciting five best day hikes.

A six-to eight-hour walk will brighten your day. Immit is the entry point to the Wakhan Corridor via Korumbar Lake. One of the longest lakes in the region, located at an elevation of 4,200 meters between Ishkoman and the Broghil Valley, From Imit to Ishkoman, a 10-day spectacular trek passes through picturesque communities with fascinating views. Furthermore, check out the 9 best treks in Hindukush for more information.

The hike I’m going to describe starts in Yazbin, the Imit’s third-last settlement before Matramdan, which leads to the east. The day hike is rather easy, with amazing views of the Karakoram Mountains above 6000 m. Across these mountains is the Batura Glacier, one of the longest glaciers in the Karakorum. That leads from the Karakorum Highway up to these mountains in upper Hunza. 

On the right side of the Korumbar Glacier, the best view leads to Korumbar, a lovely summer town with barley fields and lush green meadows. You can stay at the Khyber Guest House in Imit or approach Chatorkhand to organize this lovely hike, one of the top 5 best hikes in the world.

Ghotolti Ishkoman to Handis top 5 best day hikes in the proper Ishkoman valley

This is yet another excellent day climb with incredible highlights and panoramic views. You can stay in the Ishkoman valley and approach it in the proper Ishkoman westward direction with your vehicle. For one hour, you travel through picturesque villages all the way to the end of the jeep route. You will be in true natural beauty among the countless snow-covered Hindukush Mountains, and your eyes will also take you to see the vast Karakoram Mountains in the distance to the east.

You will have a wonderful day hiking through the dense forest and beautiful green meadows. Furthermore, there is a lot more to see that will add to the pleasures of your holidays. The gurgling river flows from Attar Lake, a two-day easy walk from Ishkoman. In addition, the Attar Pass, at 4700 m, to Darkot village, a four-day magnificent trek in the region, will be a highlight. See the shortest trek in Hindukush. click here!

Top 5 Best Day Hikes in Ishkoman Valley Ghizer Pakistan
Hikes in the Ishkoman Valley, Ghizer, Pakistan

The hike from Ghotolti Village to Chiantir Gah is one of the top 5 best day hikes in the world.

Taking the Chiantir Valley from Ghotolti leads to one of the world’s largest hidden glaciers. In addition, the Chiantir Glacier, between Broghil and the Ishkoman Valley, is a 35-kilometer-long giant glacier. This glacier offers fantastic skiing for adventurers and is easily accessible from Ishkoman and Broghil Chitral. The best time to go for this trip is July to September.

When you reach the end of the day hike, you can have a 3–4 hour walk in the valley before returning to your hotel in the evening with lifelong memories and stories.

To the north of Ghotolti, the Chiantir Valley is a nice stop with natural beauty. Your journey begins in the village of Ghotolti, Ishkoman’s last stable settlement. It is the village that serves as a starting point for a variety of trekking routes. The hike to Chiantir is an unforgettable experience. Moreover, you’ll walk along the Chiantir River, surrounded by juniper and birch trees. The spectacular views of the mountains are eye-catching.

The hike is quite pleasant. Along the trip, you’ll pass through several little summer settlements that demonstrate the culture of Pakistan’s mountain communities. Sadly, this has vanished in certain areas, but it still exists in this part of the country. You will be welcomed with open arms by the locals, who will serve you tea and delicious traditional cuisine.

Along the road, there are various great spots for picnics and camping. If you have the time and enjoy camping, you should consider spending the night in this gorgeous valley.

Finally, enjoy the fascinating article. Keep in touch with us for more details. Holiday Hikes will help you plan and organize your chosen day hikes or long treks. You can give us a call or write without hesitation.

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