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Top Best Trending Events in Kalash Valley

Happy Kalash Girls in the Top best events and celebrations
Happy-Kalash Girls

Top Best Events in Kalash are are the prime tourist attractions in Pakistan. Holiday Hikes Pakistan provides you with information and services to help you enjoy your holidays. In this article, we will discuss the most important upcoming events in 2022. As we all know, the calendar year events and celebrations canceled for the past two years due to the pandemic.

With the number of cases reducing, life is returning to normal, and activities are resuming. People tired of remaining at home and prefer to venture out into nature. Top best events in Kalash will properly celebrate in the coming months.

Religious, cultural, and regional festivities will take place across Pakistan as the country back to normal. Furthermore, in Kalash Every summer, some fascinating events  hold like the top best events. Chilim Josh and Chomas Festivals, as well as Shandur Polo Festival of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Moreover, some of the top best events and festivals are currently in the planning stages. In this scenario, Holiday Hikes Pakistan keeps you inform of the events so you may plan your holiday to enjoy them. All these events have colorful activities. As well as, with tourist friendly managements. So, worth visiting and spending holidays in the nature. If you are planning your holiday put these top best events in your bucket list for 2022.

These Upcoming up festivals take place in the real natural Kalash Valley and the highest Polo ground in the world. Obviously, there is fun to attend these exciting events to enjoy your holidays. You come across mind-blowing highlights of Pakistan approaching these events and festivals. The locals warmly welcome the visitors to attend the events with their extraordinary hospitality. You will enjoy attending the events and the journey to Kalash and Shandur Pass (The Roof of the World).

Top best events Chilim Josh and Uchal Festivals in Kalash Valley

Chilim Josh, the Kalash Valley’s welcoming spring celebration, takes place every year between May 10 and 20. As is customary, it will take place shortly this year, from the 13th to the 18th of May. This four-day celebration features spectacular highlights in the villages of Kalash Bombreth, Rumbor, and Birir. On separate days in these valleys, all of the Kalasha people gather to celebrate. This is a religious event to lead in the spring season. It is full of interesting activities dancing and singing to welcome spring.

The spring festival honors the fairies while also protecting the goats and shepherds as they prepare to leave for the pastures. Women and girls from all around the valley congregate to adorn their homes before the celebration. Local wine and milk products are shared inside the homes. The women then sprinkle milk on Goddess “Jestak,” their children’s and home’s guardian. The event begins in Rumbur, with a procession Shaman leads. And tribe chiefs to the “Malosh altar” high above Grum, where goats sacrifice to the Gods. The festival then moves on to Bumboret before ending a few days later in Birir.

If you’re interested, plan a trip to Chitral on your vacation the following week. You will have a great time traveling through KPK’s dramatic cities and villages from Peshawer to Kalash Valleys. You can fly from Islamabad for an hour on an intriguing flight, or take the road trip via the Lawari Tunnel. The bus from Islamabad and Rawal Pindi takes 10-12 hours an incredible journey. PIA is the best option.

The top Best Event Uchal Festival in Kalash

In August, the Uchal celebration celebrates the harvest of wheat and barley. As well as the bringing down of cheese from the high summer pastures. Rumbur and Bumboret both commemorate it. It begins in early July as the “Ranat,” with young girls dances and boys on alternate days to protect the maize crop.

Phoo Festival of Kalash top best event and celebration

The Phoo celebration is conducting exclusively in Birir near the end of September to commemorate the harvest of grapes and walnuts. Grapes, use to make wine in Kalash society, that grow on trees in protected areas. For such climbers, the holy tree is the finest option. They pick them on a specific day throughout the valley and cause for celebration. Shepherds are also returning from the upper pastures on this day.

Choimus Festival Celebrations and Highlights the top best events of Kalash

Around the middle of December, the Chomos festival kicks off. The event holds to honor the divine, living and deceased relatives, crops, and goats, as well as to purify the community. As well as, village, and valley in preparation for the New Year. A fox sighting considers a positive omen, and enormous efforts are made to ensure it. Torch-lit processions lead from the front at dusk.

Choimus is a Kalash event that begins on the winter solstice and is very important to the Kalasha people. This is a winter Kalash holiday that is also known as Chitirmas. The annual celebration represents and predicts the village’s and its people’s prosperity in the coming year. During the ceremony at the start of the New Year, the residents perform purifying rites.

People flock to watch foxes, which considers a good omen at this time. At the major traditional dancing location known as a “Charsue,” torch-lit processions assemble from neighboring communities. Indoor dancing and festivities continue late into the night, with local wine passed around the bonfire.

The tribe elders congregate on hilltops to observe the New Year’s rising sun, which is followed by goat sacrifices to the Goddess “Jastak” and the blood being sprinkled at the Jastar khan temple.

Shandur Polo Festival is another Trending event in July 2022

Shandur Polo Festival is the calendar year Festival of the Tourism Department of Gilgit-Baltistan celebrate in the month of July. It is scheduled this year for 1st to 3rd of July three days of the festival after the two-year break because of the global Pandemic COVID-2019. This is a fascinating festival with amazing activities on the highest Polo ground in the world at 3,700 meters. The main highlight of the event is the polo match between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. The top teams from both sides play the match which is the best attraction of the event.

Apart from polo games, other activities like cultural shows of the entire province. Folk dances and singing songs are the part of the event that is exciting. Moreover, adventure activities like paragliding demonstrations are performing from the hills around Shandur Pass. Most importantly, traveling to Shandur Pass is incredible itself as well. There is a great attraction for nature lovers to enjoy with landscape, rivers, snow-capped mountains, and charismatic villages. Furthermore, you can approach easily from both sides Chitral and Gilgit. The journey is full of fun and entertainment on your holiday trip to atten the top best events.


Furthermore, there is detailed information in our previous post Festivals section you may visit it as well. If you are planning a trip must go through what you need, how to manage it, and where to stay and eat. All the information available in the entire post. You may also contact us for organizing a beautiful trip with more activities like trekking, fishing, rafting, etc. We will make your holidays enjoyable finding your favorite holiday destination during this trip. There are numerous options for short trekking after and before the polo festival. Visit the 9 best adventure destinations in Hindukush.

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