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4_days_trek Naltar_to_Ishkoman_Over_Pakora_Pass_(4,700)_Across_Karakorum_&_Hindukush
On the way to Upper Shani

This 4 days trek begins from either side of Pakora Ishkoman or Naltar lake Gilgit. The scenery of this adventure trip is breathtaking and enjoyable. In addition, it is the most beautiful hike in Pakistan.

Trip Highlights:

•             Natural beauty, meeting people, rivers, mountains, glaciers, alpine forests, lakes, lush green Meadows, Snow, walking on a white glacier, crossing passes, celebrations

Trek duration                                                     11 days

Mountain Range                                                 Karakoram

Max altitude                                                      4,700 m

Trek Standard                                                      Easy to Moderate

Zone                                                                      Open

Best time to visit                                             June to October

Description of the trek

This dynamic trek begins in the beautiful city of Islamabad the Federal capital of Pakistan. On your arrival, you are taken on a brief sightseeing tour of the twin cities of Pakistan.  Islamabad and Rawalpindi are two siblings different from each other in different ways. Rawalpindi is an old city with a cluster bazaar of Raja Bazaar and the other hand modern architect Sadar Bazaar. There are numerous places to visit to enjoy the history. 

on the other hand, Islamabad has been architected in a modern way. You will enjoy the differences between the two cities’ old and new experiences. It is a fascinating day of the trip you will enjoy it. By the evening you will have a great dinner in a typical Afghani restaurant. 

 Fly to Gilgit or Drive to Naran an hour flight in case no flight on the way to 4 days trek 

This day if are enough lucky with one hour flight to Gilgit a great day. On the other hand 8-hour drive to Naran via the scenic Khaghan Naran Valleys. The scenery is mind-blowing on the way with great views of greenish and this forest along Kaghan and Naran. From the very begriming of the beginning of the spring, domestic tourists flow there. Naran is a small town noisy with touristic hotels and visitors hardly get a room here need to book in advance. The best is, the people here are tourist-friendly. There are nice walks along the Kunhar River. Boating is common on the river.

   Drive to Gilgit and continue to Naltar

The journey begins with an early morning breakfast on the Babusar Road with mesmerizing views. Moreover, Waterfalls, avalanches on the road, and spectacular views are awe-inspiring. The overwhelming beauty of the Lulusar Lake and driving along it is splendid. In addition, climbing to Babusar Pass 4,200 with a car is an unbelievable moment in life. Descending from the pass to Chilas is eye-catching zigzags through Babusar Valley. The crystal springs join from both sides a beautiful stream down to Karakorum Highway. Getting the Karakorum Highway is another thrilling of the day.

Five to six hours to the central city of Gilgit the center of North Pakistan is full of highlights. Stopping for the view and shooting Nanga Parbat 8,125 meters is the main highlight of the day. The only peak above 8,000 meters in Mountain View with a car. Isn’t it an amazing experience in life? Furthermore, the junction point of the three great mountains Ranges Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalaya is also part of this journey. Moreover, from the same point, there is also the confluence of the Mighty Indus and Gilgit River. 

Two more hours take you to a narrow green and lush Naltar adds to the joy of your holidays. Overnight stay in hotel at 2880 m with spectacular views in the surrounding you will dive into the nature by the evening. It is one of the most beautiful parts of North Pakistan for holidays.

 Trek to Lower Shani on 4 days trek

Drive 12 km in a jeep it takes about one hour more or less to 7 colors Kutu Lake surrounded by birch trees. Then start the trek from here to the Lower Shani will take 4-5 hours along the Naltar River passing through thick forest and Gujar settlements. There are awesome views all the way the walk is quite smooth. Ahead of the views, numerous snow-capped peaks are eye-catching. Shani Peak 5,887m, the dramatic triple-headed Twins 5,798 and 5,700m visible further north many more to see. The camp Lower Shani at 3,800m is quite lush, fed by a small stream edge with flowers. They are pink bistort, purple geraniums, blue gentians, white edelweiss, and many more. Herds of animals roam the hillsides. 

4 days   Trek to Upper Shani 

Six hours continue on a good path along the edge of the Shani Glacier. Furthermore, for two hours and then another 3 hours Upper Shani is completely ascending climbing straight ahead with a zigzags path. Through knee-deep flowers (from mid-July to August) and up a wide grassy shoulder. You come out on a big plateau featuring herds grazing yaks, cows, and horses. Of course, there are several beautiful campsites with clear streams and spring water and great views of overhanging seracs. Camp at 4,100 meters on the plateau with exciting views the night will be cold about 10C.

 Trek to Kriue Borth Crossing Naltar Pass:

Seven hours the first two hours of the climb up with stones and snow takes you to the flat top of the pass. From there we have mind-blowing views of snow-covering mountains in a distance to the northeast over Passu in Hunza. From the pass, you will continue to drop down towards Pakhora Ishkoman all the way descending on the glacier for two hours and then on the crest of the moraine down to Kuriu Borth.

Normally, the usual campsite is at about 3,900m nearby a big red stone that gives the name kurui Borth (red stone in Khowar Language is spoken in Ishkoman). Here better to move down another one hour to UCh a beautiful place with a Lush green meadow in the thick forest of pine, birch, and willow trees.


Camping Uoch-Pakhora

Trek to Pakhora Ishkoman

Six hours descending the two hours along with the trees and then on a clear donkey path down in the narrow valley. The river stays down to your right there are several small waterfalls along the way. Pakhora is the largest village in Ishkman we will drive down to Chatorkhan for an overnight stay in a hotel to be relaxed after this tiring trek. Hot shower and washing in the beautiful Garden of Royal Guest House. The delicious traditional food of the guest house great experience.

A relaxing day on the 4 days trek in Karakoram and Hindkush

You will have two hours walk to Dain Water Fall above the village or you can hire a cat if you wish it is worth visiting here to interact with local people to explore the life of the mountain communities of Hindukush. The views from the waterfall are interesting because you can see Hindukush and Karakoram mountains both. Overnight stay in the Guest House

There are several options to combine other treks if you have more time from Ishkoman click here to read the 9 best treks in Hindukush.

   Drive to Ghotolti Ishkoman 

In the last village from there, you may have options of four treks. Attar or Punji Pass to Darkot Yasin. Sutgah Pass in between Attar and Chiantir Gah is a beautiful trek walking on the glacier a pass 4600 meters with good experience. It is a bit challenging while approaching the pass. This all depends on your time and interest. The best is it goes from easy to difficult.

The second option is for an adventure trip to 35 KM Chiantir Glacier over Amin Pass 5,600 m to Broghil Chitral. You may combine it with Zindhgharam Pass 4, 600 m, or Darkot Pass 4, 550 meters. As well as to Korumbar Lake to Chilinji Pass 5,200 to Chapursan Upper Hunza. For all these, you need a permit from Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Council Islamabad. A registered tour operating agency manages it and you have to book your trip. Holiday Hikes Pakistan has well-experienced guides and staff to make your holidays enjoyable on this trip.

 You will have more information on these treks in future posts. It is a mesmerizing trek for experienced trekkers on glaciers and like high peaks. Trekking in Ghizer is quite unique as compared to other trekking in the North. Most of the best treks are circular ones that begin in one village and end in another village. The treks are completely exciting beginning from easy to difficult. Above all, you can combine several treks if you have more time and in different scenarios. Holiday Hikes will provide you all the required information.

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