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Pakistan is an amazing country to visit. There are several historical places in Pakistan to visit. Furthermore, explore the historical background of the country. It has an ancient history as well as an interesting modern history with historical sites, both are exciting. Furthermore, it is worth visiting places to explore and enjoy holidays. Moreover, the hospitality of Pakistani inhabitants is beyond the imagination. Obviously, this makes your trips to the historical sites in Pakistan fascinating. You will learn the exciting history of Pakistan in this blog without a doubt. Let us connect to discover the amazing history of Asia with Holiday Hikes Pakistan.

What is the best time to visit the best places in Pakistan?

The best time to visit the historical sites of Pakistan is the winter time from November to March. It is because most of the historical sites are located in the plains of the south and eastern provinces. During the winter season weather is favorable otherwise too hot in the summer. In order to pay the brief visit Holiday Hikes Pakistan plans trips in the winter season.

Pakistan has five provinces with awesome historical sites and backgrounds. The largest province is Sindh, bordering the Arabian Sea. It has numerous historical sites from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization to modern Pakistan. The ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization are the main attractions for visitors. As well as the modern architecture of New Pakistan, these are great highlights and well worth visiting. Visit the historical sites for a lifetime experience with heart-touching stories. Above all, the beautiful scenery of the historical sites is unforgettable too. For more interesting trips to Pakistan, click here.

Historical place to enjoy history
Historical Site in Karachi

The famous places in Karachi

  1. Mohen Jadaro
  2. Makli Hills
  3. Chaukandi Tombs
  4. Banbhore
  5. Debal

Mohen Jedaro

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. Apart from this, it is the capital of Sindh Province of Pakistan. There are numerous tourist attractions worth visiting. We will tell you here the best historical places to visit in the city. Furthermore, will tell you more about the places of interest in the provinces in the future post. The southern province of Pakistan has its importance because of the coastal area and many more if you are interested to see the historical sites read this entire post and enjoy it.

The most interesting historical place in the southern province of Pakistan is the ruins of Mohenjadaro. These are the remains of the Indus Valley civilizations. Certainly, you will explore the ancient city, culture, and tradition of the era.

Makli Hills

The second most interesting place to visit is Makli Hills in Thatta Sindh. There are millions of ancient graveyards that highlight the ancient history of Pakistan. This historical site is mostly visited by history lovers. It takes a 6-7 hour drive from the city of Karachi. It is necessary to spare a whole day if you plan to visit here. Doubtlessly, you will enjoy the day trip to Makli Hills site visit. It is absolutely, an interesting place to explore.


64 km from Karachi Banbhore is the most interesting historical place. There are ruins from the Scythians, Parthians, Hindu-Buddhists, and Arab periods of influence spread over an extensive area. In addition, excavations here showed the fortified harbor town and many more in this historical place.

Chaukandi Tombs

These are located 27 Km from Karachi. There are ancient graveyards easily accessible from Karachi a day trip to this historical place to explore. For more information click here about this site.


It is the place where was Hindu Raja’s Fort. On the first arrival, Islam signs the attack of Muhammad Bin-e-Qaism leading the force of Baghdad. From this date, Islam spreads all over the sub-continent in 712 AD. This place is a must visiting historical place in Pakistan.

Best tourist attractions to visit in Lahore in the Punjab Province

Lahore is the historical city of Pakistan rich in historical places to visit. There are several sites within the city all are easily accessible without a doubt.

Here are the famous historical places worth visiting in Lahore

Lahore holds historical significance being the second capital of the Mughal Empire. As well as, having been one of the most important cities during the colonial British Rule in India. There are numerous monuments and buildings of historical importance here as well as natural wonders. Moreover, which are great places to visit in Lahore. The following is an account of the various places in Lahore that you can visit. The following places should be on your list if you decide to visit this historical city.

Historical place to visit in Lahore
Lahore Fort
  1. Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort)
  2. Arjan Dev Gurdwara
  3. Minar-e-Pakistan
  4. Jahangir Tomb
  5. Noor Jahan Tomb
  6. Badshahi Mosque
  7. Wazir Khan Mosque
  8. Anarkali Tomb
  9. Shrine Data Ganj-e-Bakhash (Data Darbar)
  10. Lahore Central Museum
  11. Shrine of Pir Makki
  12. Golden Mosque
  13. Bagh-e- Jinnah
  14. Lahore Zoo
  15. Shahlimar Garden

Lahore is rich with historical value, which is why hundreds of people from all over the world come to this city every year to visit historical sites. There are several places in Lahore that you cannot miss if you want to learn about Lahore’s rich history. Or just see some beautiful structures that were built back in the past.

In addition, it has one of the most fascinating cultural and historical backgrounds in the entire world. So it’s no wonder that it attracts millions of visitors every year. The city boasts hundreds of attractions that speak to this rich history, including religious sites and landmarks, historic buildings, and more. If you’re looking to visit some historical places in Lahore. Obviously, this guide will give you a great place to start planning your trip!

The best historical places to visit in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan with fantastic beauty. Before this until 1959 after independence Karachi was the capital city. But later on, it shifted to building the modern architected town of Islamabad. Furthermore, it has incredible highlights with historical places to visit to uncover the history of Pakistan. The parliament building, Prime Minister Secretariat, and Supreme Court Building are the top tourist attractions. Moreover, it is much more to see and enjoy the beauty of Pakistan.

Islamabad famous places

  1. Margalla Hills
  2. Faisal Masjid
  3. Daman-e-Koh
  4. Saidpur Village
  5. Nurpur Shahan
  6. Islamabad Museum
  7. Rose and Jasmine Garden
  8. Rawal Lake
  9. Lok Virsa
  10. Centaurus
  11. Giga Mall

Rawalpindi is the sister city of Pakistan with old and new architecture 30 km from Islamabad. In addition, it has some ancient buildings and religious buildings as well. No doubt, all these are worth visiting to discover the importance of this fascinating city.

Top places to visit in Rawalpindi

  1. Rajah Bazaar
  2. Jama Masjid
  3. Truck Art Market
  4. Rai Bahadur Sardar Soojan Singh
  5. Ayub National Park
  6. Liaqat Memorial Hall and Gardens
  7. Army Museum and Library
  8. Catholic Church
  9. St, Paul Church
  10. Jinnah Park
  11. Saddar Bazaar
  12. Pharwala Fort
  13. Rawat Fort

The Best Historical Places in Peshawar

Peshawar the city of flowers is two hours drive from Islamabad and Rawalpindi has awesome historical places to visit. Furthermore, it has great importance being one of the most beautiful landscapes bordering Afghanistan. Certainly, it has a great history of all the conquerors and invaders who came to the sub-continent passing through it. Certainly, all those left their exciting stories in the city in different ways. Above all, the Mughal period has golden memories with some of the interesting constructions with beautiful gardens.

Famous places to visit in Peshawar

  1. Gor khatri
  2. Bala Hisar Fort
  3. Shahi Bagh
  4. Khyber charsi Tikka Bazaar
  5. Jamrud Fort
  6. Qissa Khwani Bazaar
  7. Baba-e-Khyber
  8. Peshawar Museum
  9. Muhabat Khan Majid
  10. Chowk Yadgar
  11. Sethi House
historical place in Pakistan
Peshawar Museum

The places to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan Northern Pakistan

Moving to north Pakistan is the mountainous part of the country and has a great history and sites to visit. The mountain passes were the main source for the invaders, travelers, conquerors, and pilgrims. Moreover, all those used the passes to cross from the central Asian Countries to the sub-continent through Gilgit-Baltistan formerly NAs.  There are some most interesting historical places to visit like forts, mosques, and rock carvings. Especially, still in some parts of Gilgit-Baltistan practice those old cultures and traditions.

It is worth visiting the historical places and during the different seasonal events in the North of Pakistan. You must not miss these places if you are in the north of Pakistan. It is also popular for adventure tourism as well. This is the reason, thousands of visitors come to north Pakistan during the summer season in the great mountains. If you are an adventurer click here to read more about popular adventure destinations.

Gilgit-Baltistan comprises different regions with exciting tourist attractions and places to visit. You might hear about Hunza, Skardu, Astore, Ghizer, and Diamer. Moreover, all the regions have absolutely, diverse landscapes, cultures, traditions, and historical places with gorgeous attractions. In addition, Gilgit-Baltistan offers numerous trekking and climbing opportunities read our adventure trip planning here.

historical place to visit in Pakistan
Altit Fort Hunza

The best places to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Hunza Valley
  2. Hoper valley
  3. Altit Fort
  4. Baltit Fort
  5. Passu
  6. Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  7. Upper Hunza
  8. Khujerab Pass
  9. Chapursan Valley
  10. Shimshall Valley
  11. Naltar Valley
  12. Phander Valley
  13. Ishkomen Valley
  14. Gupis Fort
  15. Yasin Valley
  16. Yasin Fort
  17. Mudori Fort
  18. Baigal Tomb Thui
  19. Darkot Villag
  20. George Hayward Stone (Farang a Bon)

Best historical places to visit in Skardu

  1. Shigar Fort
  2. Ambriq Mosque Shigar
  3. Kharpocho Fort
  4. Shangrila
  5. Soq Valley
  6.  Upper Kachura
  7. Basho Valley
  8. Manthal Budha Rock
  9. Deosai National Park
  10. Katpana Desert
  11. K2 Museum
  12. Khaplu Fort
  13. Chaqchan Mosque
  14. Hushe Valley

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to visit all these parts of Pakistan?

It is absolutely safe to visit Pakistan now the inhabitants became more tourist friendly.

What is the best way to visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is accessible from any country in the world there are international airports in every major city of the country. As well as traveling in the country is much easier than in the past. Easy access as well as to the historical places in Pakistan to visit.

How are traveling facilities within the country?

Without a doubt, there are all those facilities available that a traveler needs, like transportation, hotels to stay and dine, and guides to lead. However, hiring a tour company is the best to organize your trip to Pakistan.

Final words

Finally, it is without a doubt, to say you can easily travel to Pakistan and enjoy all the above-mentioned places by visiting. Holiday Hikes Pakistan organizes trips all over Pakistan. Furthermore, if you wish to plan your next holidays keep in touch we are live 24/7. We are there for your services and to find your favorite holiday destinations.

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