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Pakistan is a dynamic country with different tourist attractions. Lakes in Pakistan are the top tourist attractions for enjoyable holidays. There are hundreds of lakes in the entire country. Certainly, a few of them are popular, and thousands of visitors visit every year. Furthermore, most Pakistani tourists are fond of visiting lakes. Moreover, all the popular lakes are easily accessible either by car or by walking and hiking. Some of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan are not easily accessible because there are long days involved.

Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan has great tourist attractions with high mountains and many other beautiful highlights. There are also famous lakes nearby to visit without hassles. if you are interested in visiting lakes to enjoy the holidays. Without a doubt, Pakistan is the best option with its amazing lakes and its locations. Holiday Hikes Pakistan organizes exciting holiday trips to your favorite holiday destinations and the lakes. In addition, in this post, we will describe the best lakes to visit in Pakistan.

How to find the lakes in Pakistan to visit?

In this technological era, there are no difficulties in finding places to visit anywhere in the world. The Internet is the most reliable source to find your favorite lakes in Pakistan. There are many blogs on tourist destinations. Doubtlessly, Google will help you here to look for destinations and places to visit.

How to access the best lakes in Pakistan to enjoy holidays?

There are different ways to reach the lakes in Pakistan. Some of the famous lakes are easily accessible by cars. They are located in destinations where cars can drive on roads. On the other hand, some of the lakes are off the streets and need a short day or a day hike to reach them. However, some of the best lakes involve, long days of trekking to reach them. Now, it is your choice which lakes you want to see or visit.

11 best lakes in Pakistan and their locations

These famous lakes and locations are easily accessible with a car and good roads. Moreover, there are many more lakes for day hikes and treks. Click here for some of the beautiful lakes in Pakistan if you are a trekker.

  1. Lulusar Lake
  2. Saiful Maluk Lake
  3. Sheosar Lake Deasia
  4. Satpara Lake
  5. Lower Kachura
  6. Upper Kachura Lake
  7. Attabad Lake
  8. Khalti Lake
  9. Phander  Lakes
  10. Shandur Lake
  11. Naltar Lake

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake Naran

It is located in the scenic Kaghan and Naran Valleys on the way to Babusar Pass on your way from Islamabad to Gilgit-Baltistan. The best is this beautiful lake on the road you can see from your car while driving. In addition, you can take pictures just by stopping your car without wasting time while traveling. Furthermore, you don’t need to hire a separate car or spare a day to visit the lake.

Saif-ul-Maluk Lake

This lake in Pakistan is also located in Naran Valley. There is an hourly Jeep drive from Naran Valley to Saif-ul-Maluk Lake. It covers an area of 2.5 square kilometers at an altitude of 2,600 meters in Naran and Kaghan Valley. This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan and is famous. This is the reason thousands of people visit this lake during the summer season. Above all, this lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that add to its beauty. The source of water is the glacier melting from the surrounding mountains.

Furthermore, a boating facility is also available in the chilly water of the lake. It is another exciting thing to do during your visit to this lake.

Beautiful Lake in Pakistan
Saif-ul-Maluk Photo credit to Pexel
How long does it take to reach Saif-ul-Maluk Lake from Naran?

It is only 30 minutes jeep drive from the main Naran bazaar one way.

Are the jeeps available there easily?

Of course, there are dozens of jeeps waiting in Naran for visitors to Saif-ul-Maluk Lake. Shoesar Lake

Located on the way to the second highest Plateau in the world Deosai National Park. Moreover, the lake offers a great view of the lush green meadows and snow-capped tiny peaks all around. There is a great drive on your way to the base of the great mountains Skardu Valley from Astore. This road leads from Karakorum Highway, from the viewpoint of Nanga Parbat the second highest mountain in Pakistan. The best time to visit Shoesar Lake in Pakistan is Mid-June to Mid-July because the lake is surrounded by colorful flowers at this time of the year.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is located about four kilometers from Skardu on the road to Deosia Plateau. It is an easy hike from Skardu as well as a 20-minute drive. The best is to drive, since the walk is quite hot during the day if you have a sunny day. Furthermore, this is the largest natural lake in Skardu. If you plan to drive via Deosai Plateau to Astore or Gilgit in this case, you don’t need to spare a day for it. Moreover, there are a couple of restaurants that offer basic food.

Natural Lake in Pakistan
Satparal Lake

Lower Kachura Lake

The most famous lake also known as Shangrila Resort on the best place to stay in Skardu. Lower Kachura Lake is an easy half-hour drive from Skardu. Either you can visit on your way from Gilgit to Skardu in order to save your time. Apart from this, it offers to stay in Shangrila Resort if you can afford it. This is one of the most expensive hotels in Skardu on the famous lake in Pakistan.

Upper Kachura Lake

Another Lake near Shangrila Resort and Lower Kachura is also a famous lake in Pakistan. Especially, during the spring season, this lake reaches its top beauty with blossom colors on the trees around it. There is a short walking distance from Kachura on the rough track. It is 250 feet deep lake in Pakistan.

Attabad the largest Lake in Gilgit-Baltistan

One of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan is the beautiful Hunza Valley. It was once a river now a huge lake of 25 Km that change the landscape and life of the people. It became a natural lake in 2010 because the landslide from the Attabad Village claimed 20 lives during the incident. Ataabd Lake is located on Karakorum Highway Upper Hunza Valley. Thousands of tourists visit during the summer and enjoy boating on it. There are luxurious hotels in the surrounding you may stay and dine as well.

The blue sky lake is 285 feet deep it freezes during the winter. It is one of the largest lakes in Pakistan without a doubt. Above all, the spectacular views of the mountains attract thousands of national and international tourists during the whole year.

Khalti Lake

Ghizer District to the west of Gilgit-Baltistan is known as the Land of Lakes. As there are hundreds of lakes in the Valley. However, only some of the lakes are known but most of them are still not discovered. Khalti Lake is located on the famous Shandur Road that leads to Chitral over Shandur Pass 3,743 m a charismatic drive. Like Attabad Lake this one is a natural lake formed in 1977 flood from a side spring blocked the river. It covers a large amount of cultivated land with crops and hundreds of houses during the flood.

Many of the villagers became homeless still their homes are in the lake. This lake is full of trout fish. Thousands of fishers come for it from the surrounding areas. The lake is easily accessible from anywhere in Gilgit-Baltistan. It covers an area of 6 km having tiny beautiful villages on both sides of the lake. Furthermore, a winter frozen lake festival happens on the lake in the month of January with colorful activities. Ice Hockey, football, skating, and local games are played during the festival.

Moreover, there are hotels and guest houses to stay in and eat at during your holiday trips. It is worth visiting Khalti Lake to enjoy the beautiful landscape and Ghizer River.

Phander Lake in Pakistan

Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan
Phanader Lake

Another amazing landscape about 40 Km from Khalti Lake is the scenic phandar Valley. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. This lake has blue sky color throughout the year. It is also full of trout fish. Furthermore, there are more tiny lakes in the surrounding you may enjoy boating during the summer. Thousands of tourists visit during year to these beautiful lakes to enjoy their holidays. There are some hotels in Phansdar Valley with basic facilities to stay in and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the land of the lakes here.

Shandur the highest Lake on a road in Pakistan

One of the highest and largest lakes is Shandur Lake at 3,800m near Shandur Pass. It is one of the most beautiful drives over 3,800m pass and passing through spectacular viewpoints drive. The sceneries are mesmerizing during the whole journey. A 6-hour drive from Gilgit or 7 hours from Chitral takes you to this beautiful lake. Moreover, Shandur is also famous for being the highest polo ground in the world where the Shandur polo festival happens every year.

Furthermore, there are several heart-touching highlights during this journey. must visit the area once you visit Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. There are several adventure holiday opportunities along with visiting the lakes as well. Above all, the snow-capped Hindukush mountains are the mind-blowing highlight of this region.

Naltar Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in the beautiful Naltar Valley must be visited. Moreover, this lake is famous for its different colors, which have seven colors when seen from different angles. This is the reason it is called Saat Rangi (7-Color Lake).

The lake has beautiful trees in the surrounding. Above all, it has spectacular views of mountains and alpine forests all around. This lake locates about 4 hour’s drive from Gilgit along the beautiful sceneries of the Naltar Valley. There is a charismatic four days trek that leads to Ishkoman Valley along this amazing valley to know more click here.

Final Words

Finally, all these lakes are easily reachable while traveling by car. You can hire a Jeep or car; it varies from valley to valley. Some lakes have especially rough roads to access, and some are on the main highways. Some need an extra day to spare, and some on your journey to different destinations. Go through this entire post for detailed information. Furthermore, holiday hikes in Pakistan will come with more holiday destinations. Stay connected for such exciting posts and plan your holiday trips into the splendor of Pakistan.

The comment box below is open for your feedback and queries. We are live 24/7 for our customer services to make your trip plans and information about the tourist attractions. We will be very glad to provide our services to make your holidays enjoyable.

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