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A complete Guide of the Pakistan best Road Trip

Pakistan is a country with amazing holiday destinations to enjoy for nature lovers. Pakistan best road trip is above all an unforgettable. Furthermore, it has diverse beauty in its in different parts of the country. Everywhere you go will see a different landscape, culture, people and their customs, dress, languages, food, etc. As a result, in this post, we are taking you to the best places of Pakistan.

The Khyber Pukhtun Khan Province Peshawar, Chitral, and Gilgit-Baltistan in North Pakistan over Shandur Pass. Moreover, you will come across mind-blowing highlights along on this tour and enjoy your holidays without a doubt.

It is an incredible city with exciting historical background, ancient buildings, Mughal Architecture, and the old Bazaar, there are many to see and enjoy. Above all, the unique food and green of Peshawar is an amazing experience of life. Once you visit you should not miss the taste of its traditional food. The people of Peshawar are named by the shopkeepers in their shops offering tea drinks. Some of the places are worth visiting such as the Muhabat Mosque, Old Bazaar, Yadgar Chowk, Qisa Khawani(Storytellers) Bazaar, and Mahallah Sethian (it is an interesting building with the amazing architecture of the 18th century).

Peshawar the City of Flowers on the Pakistan best Road Trip

The best place to visit on Pakistan best road trip
Muhbat Mosque Peshawar

The city of flowers Peshawar is your first-holiday destination with Holiday Hikes Pakistan. The city is full of amazing stories and places to visit and see. In addition, you will enjoy the unbelievable hospitality of Pushtun in the market which is unlike anywhere else in the world. Visiting Peshawar Museum will uncover the history of Pakistan with dynamic displays. Wazir Khan Mosque, Qisa Khani Bazaar, Siathian City, and many more incredible holiday destinations are there. Never miss the city tour you will have a great experience of life there.

Day trips from the city to the Pak Afghan Border Khyber Pass, Bara Bazar, and many other destinations offer incredible experience. There are plenty of options to visit in the surrounding enjoying the holidays.


The Best Drive Peshawar to Chitral offers wonders of the world

This Drive takes eight to ten hours with eye-catching sceneries of crowded towns and villages. The first few hours on the Swat motorway, passing famous Malakand Pass, Churchill Picket, and Chikdara Bridge. Lunch stop at Dir and after going through Lawari tunnel and along Chitral River enjoying the beautiful lower Chitral villages like Nagar village, Drosh village and beautiful Ayun village to Ayun Fort inn. A stunning place to stay. You will forget all your whole day-long driving tiredness once you are relaxing in the beautiful Ayun Fort Garden. Dinner with local traditional touching has interesting taste in Royal Garden.


Visit to Kalash Valleys Bombreth and Rumbor Pakistan best trip

Having Breakfast at Ayun Farmhouse Drive to Bumburat valley which is about an hour drive. Here you can visit Kalasha Dur Museum, Kalasha Cemetery, and some Kalasha houses at Karakal village.  The second typical village is Rumbure about a one and a half-hour drive from Bombreth is a great destination. The village is full of highlights you may visit the cluster village to explore the life standard of Kalasha. Some women prepare the colorful Kalasha women to dress in the village. You will be warmly welcomed by the villagers.

The best time to visit Kalash in their festivals.

Best Pakistan drive trip from Kalash Valley to Chitral

Pakistan best road trip attractions of Chitral
Shahi Mosque Chitral

In the afternoon driving to Chitral and visiting Chitral Fort and Shahi Masjid and the bazaar of Chitral is another experience. Overnight stay here in the hotel. Chitral city has a great view of the highest Mountain in Hindukush Tirich Mir 7,890 m. It is the most famous mountain in the world of climbing very few climbers climbed it yet. It is considered one of the most challenging peaks to climb only technical climbers can do it. A trek to Tirich Mir Base Camp is another interesting holiday destination in Chitral.

Chitral is the home of numerous holiday destinations for both soft and adventure trips. The most popular Korumbar Lake, Shah Janali, Pass, Thui Pass, Zagar Pass, Chumarkhan pass, and many more are accessible from there. In addition there are some short day trips and hikes you may enjoy on your holiday destinations. For adventure, trips visit our post-9 best treks in Hindukush where you can choose your best holiday destinations. Above all, driving over Shandur Pass to Gilgit and Lawari tunnel to Dir are the best holiday tours to Chitral.

Day-3 and 4

Pakistan best Road Trip over Shandur Pass to Gilgit-Baltistan

Drive towards Shandur passing through beautiful villages, Koghuzi, Kuragh, Buni village, and Buni Zom, Sonoghor village. There are charming villages and superb views on the way to Shandur Pass. Mastuj is another holiday destination in the north of Chitral. Here in Mastuj, you stop for one night to be more relaxed rather than having a long drive. Furthermore, beautiful villages with spectacular views on the road to Shandur Pass. That are Harchin and Laspur villages with stunning landscapes. Here you will enjoy the camping at Shandur Pass. The best time to visit here is during the Shandur Polo tournament.

This is an interesting event celebrated in the first and second week of July every year. The event covers numerous activities but the freestyle Polo between Chitral and Gilgit is the main of the event. Moreover, cultural shows, musical programs, and traditional dances all are colorfully presented. Thousands of people from around the world gather here at this beautiful holiday destination.

Full day at Shandur Pass 3734m .Today you will enjoy 3 different free-style polo matches between Gilgit and Chitral teams. Shandur Polo is also known as “POLO ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD”

Shandur Polo Tournament is Pakistan best road trip to attend

The first time a polo tournament took place at the Shandur Pass, was in 1936. A Gilgit Based British Political Agent, Major Cobb, who was fond of playing polo under a full moon, had the polo ground near Shandur, named. ‘Moony Polo Ground’ (Mas June). The most exciting polo tournament of entire Northern Pakistan is played on top of Shandur Pass, around 3,734meters above sea level. It is a place unique and exotic in itself, surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world.

The event marks the annual rivalry between the polo teams of Gilgit and Chitral. Shandur Polo tournament become very famous and it attracts lots of visitors in Pakistan and across the globe. Trout fishing at the nearby streams of Ghizar River and folk dances and musicians from KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan make it more charming for visitors.

 The highlight of the festival is the final match between the Gilgit and Chitral teams. The final provides a most colorful spectacle. Supporters of both sides travel long distances from the remote parts of Chitral and Gilgit, to watch the thrilling game. Certainly, the event, as such, offers a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of the people of this region. Their culture and indigenous customs are part of the event.


Pakistan Best drive Trip to Ghizer District via Shandur Pass

Pakistan best Road Trip Highlight
Phander River on Road Trip

At the end of the final Polo, the match departs for Yasin valley which will take 4-5 hours with eye-catching highlights. Moreover, the drive from Shandur pass towards Ghizer valley is very scenic along the beautiful Ghizer River passing Langer, Teru, and Phander Valley. Ghizer valley is known as “THE LAND OF LAKES” especially Phander is called “LITTLE KASHMIR”. You will reach Yasin Valley one of the beautiful villages of the Ghizer rich in holiday destinations for adventure and nature lovers.


Day trips in Yasin Valley

As stated above Yasin is rich in holiday destinations there is a lot to visit and see. Darkot is the last village of Yasin bordering Broghil and Wakhan Corridor via Darkot Pass 5,450 meters. It has magnificent scenery with snow-capped mountains and glaciers in the surrounding. It has plenty of potential for adventure tourism four passes in different directions are accessible from this village. Without a doubt, we can say one of the best holiday destinations to explore the natural beauty. Apart from this, Mudori Fort (a heart-breaking story) Yasin Fort, and the Tomb of Bengal in Thui are worth visiting. In addition to see more click here in Yasin Valley.


Road Trip to Ishkoman Valley to the North East of Ghizer

A four hrs drive, on the way visit Gupis fort built by the British in 1894.  Hoper tourist Garden on the way is the best place to stop for a while to enjoy nature.  Then down to cross Hatoon Bridge towards Ishkoman on the University Road. Visit Hatoon Rock Carvings and then Ishkoman Valley. Apart from all these, Ishkoman is rich in holiday destinations read this post here.


Day Hikes in Ishkoman Valley while Pakistan drive trip

Full day to explore around. You can cross the longest suspension bridge in Asia over the Ishkomen River between Chatorkhand and Dain village. After you can walk uphill to the Ghochar waterfall. Furthermore, it can be a full day excursion walking through upper. Above all, Dain village meeting with the local community and can enjoy the local hospitality. Surprisingly, in upper Dain village, you can visit a local lady who is being possessed by a Fairy. In trance, she talks to visitors through the Fairy and tells about the past and future on this Pakistan best road trip.


Tour the Hunza Valley Pakistan best drive trip in the North

A stunning road trip to Hunza passing through the amazing village of Punial which is famous for its fruits. On the way visit Hanzal Stupa and 4th centuries standing Kargha Buddha near Gilgit town. Furthermore, Gilgit city tour and many more is there on this best road trip.


Day Excursions in Hunza Valley Day during Pakistan best road trip

Morning visit 700 years old Baltit and 900 years old Altit Fort. Afternoon Karimabad bazaar including the visit of Carpet vowing and James stone polishing center. You would be to our previous post for more information or click here.

Day 12

Drive to Khunjerab Pass the Border between Pakistan and China

A full day trip to Khunjerab Pass 4,700 m passing through the Attabad Lake, Gulmit village, and Hussaini suspension bridge. Furthermore, Passu, Batura glaciers, and Sost village to the Pass and return to Gulmit.

Day 13

After early breakfast depart for Naran valley. A short stop at three great ranges of the world Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalaya.Lunch stop on the way to Babusar Pass 4173m. The main highlight of the day is view of Nanga Parbat the 9the highest peak in the world on this Pakistan best road trip

Nanga Parbat the best highlight on road trip to Pakistan
Nanga Parbat 8126m

 Day 14

Visit Saif ul maluk lake and after driving through the beautiful Kaghan valley, Balakot, Mansehra, Abbottabad to Islamabad a


City Tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi see here.

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