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Pakistan is a country with a dynamic history. It has an amazing ancient history as well as modern history. Both of them are exciting. There are exciting places to visit in Karachi. Furthermore, it is worth visiting the sites to explore and enjoy the holidays. Moreover, the hospitality of Pakistani inhabitants is beyond the imagination. Obviously, this makes your trips to the places to visit in Karachi fascinating.

You will learn the exciting history of Pakistan in this blog without a doubt. Let us connect to discover the amazing Asian history with Holiday Hikes Pakistan.

Karachi is located in the southern province of Pakistan, full of tourist attractions. Without a doubt, it has the best places to visit. Most importantly, there are exciting places to visit for history lovers. Once you are in Pakistan must visit this province to enjoy the historical beauty of Pakistan.

The Sindh Province covers an area of 140, 914 sq Km. It borders Balochistan to the West, Punjab to the North, India to the East, and the Arabian Sea to the South.

What is the best time to visit the city of Karachi?

The best time to visit Karachi Pakistan is the winter time from November to March. It is because most of the historical sites are located in the plains of the south and eastern provinces. Obviously, during the winter season weather is favorable otherwise too hot in the summer. In order to pay a brief visit to Holiday Hikes Pakistan plans for the winter season to visit Karachi.

Famous places to visit in Karachi in the southern province of Pakistan

Mohen Jadaro

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan. Apart from this, it is the capital of Sindh Province in the south of the country. There are numerous tourist attractions worth visiting. We will tell you here about the five best historical places to visit in the city. Furthermore, will tell you more about the places of interest in the provinces in the future post. Moreover, the southern province of Pakistan has importance because of the coastal area and many more. If you are interested to see the historical sites read this entire post and enjoy it.

The most interesting historical sites in the southern province of Pakistan are the ruins of Mohen Jadaro. These are the remains of the Indus Valley civilizations. Certainly, you will explore the 2600-year-old ancient city, culture, and tradition of the era.

Makli Hills

Makli Hills Karachi is the best place to visit
Makli Hills Thatta

The second most exciting place to visit is Makli Hills in Thatta Sindh. There are millions of ancient graveyards that highlight the ancient history of Pakistan. This historical site is mostly visited by history lovers. It takes half a day from the city of Karachi to visit this amazing place. It is necessary to spare a whole day if you plan to visit here. I am very sure you will enjoy the day trip to Makli Hills. It is absolutely, an exciting place to explore.

The Chaukandi Tombs

The best place to visit in Karachi
Chaukandi Tombs

These are the ancient graveyards from the 15th and 8th centuries. The UNESCO Heritage Site has the tombs of the ancestors of a local tribe. The highlights of these graves have amazing carvings and designs that steal the attention of the visitors.  The tombs have decorative slabs with figurative and human designs, as well as women’s graves carved with ornaments, like anklets, rings, necklaces, etc.

Apart from the historical sites, there are many more things to see and do in the city. Certainly, it is one of the largest business markets in the country.

Bazaar and Markets

In addition to providing excellent shopping opportunities, Karachi’s bazaars are fascinating places to wander through and absorb the atmosphere. Sadar Bazaar is the largest market in the city of Karachi. If you are fond of carpets and handicrafts, you will find the best quality in the market, without a doubt. Furthermore, Bhori Bazaar is the colorful cloth market in Karachi, and it is the most visited area as well. Empress Market is the best place to visit to see the 50-m Gothic Clock Tower built in 1889.

Most local people visit Empress Market where they find groceries, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, and fish. Equally fascinating are the tightly packed bazaars to the North MA Jinnah Road. There are Jodia Bazaar, Juna Market, Saraf Bazaar, etc are interesting. For traditional Silver Jewelry, and bras articles visitors go to these bazaars.

Other famous places for tourists to visit in Karachi

Mosques and Churches

For those visitors who are interested in exploring the religious centers and experiencing different religions, obviously, there are some amazing places to visit. Masjid-e-Tooba is one of the top Islamic modern architectures, like the Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad in Karachi. Apart from this Memon Mosque, Karachi has exciting minarets with great attractions. As well, there are a number of interesting Anglo-Indian churches in Karachi.

These are St. Andrew’s Church on Sharah-e-Liaqat, St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral on Shahrah-e-Iraq, and Holy Trinity Cathedral to the south of Sadar. All of these are the best places to visit in the city of Karachi.

Beaches and harbors to visit in Karachi

One of the city’s prime attractions is its beaches and harbors, which visitors can visit to enjoy their holidays. The warm water of the Arabian Sea has been a factor in the port’s development as well. There are several reputed beaches west of Karachi stretching for several hundreds of kilometers. along Balochistan’s Makran coast to Iran. Without a doubt, these are the best places to entertain visitors and explore.

Here some of the amazing beaches tend to become busy on weekends and the attention of camel owners. In addition to it, cold drink vendors and souvenir salesmen can make the experience far from relaxing.

  • French Beach
  • Baleji Beach
  • Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
  • Clifton Beach
  • Sandspit
  • Hawks Bay
  • Paradise point

Apart from all these during September and October Green Turtles and Pacific Olive Ridley Turtles come ashore at Hawks Bay. And Sandpit to lay the eggs having traveled more than 1500 miles. Various travel agents organize trips at night time in order to turtle watching.

Karachi Malls

The best place to visit and shopping in Karachi Clifton Mall
Clifton Mall

Doleman Mall Clifton

This is the largest shopping Mall in Karachi. There is delicious food as well as entertainment opportunities under one roof. You can visit the international standard Mall to enjoy food and purchase your choice of interest.

Lucky One Mall

Younus Brothers Group owns Lucky One Mall in the city of Karachi. It is another largest shopping mall covering an area of 3.4 million sq. feet. Must visit to explore the largest shopping Mall in the city of Karachi.

Zainab Market Karachi

This is one of the best places to visit in Karachi, especially for exported rejections. Above all, these are at a reasonable price with good quality products. That includes shirts for summer wear as well as warm clothing for winter. It is the cheapest market in Karachi to buy good quality leather and rugs.

Karachi GDP

It is the financial capital of Pakistan. It has an estimated GDP of USD 164 Billion as of 2019.

Finally, all the above-mentioned places to visit in Karachi are easily accessible on your own. For the historical site is best to plan an organized trip to explore and learn more. Certainly, Holiday Hikes Pakistan will enable you to discover the country at a reasonable cost. If you wish to visit Pakistan anywhere else as well. We are one of the best company make your holidays enjoyable. Our team would be very pleased to help you find out your favorite holiday destinations. Furthermore, we are available 24/7 to facilitate the clients.

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