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The Swat Valley is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible in Pakistan. Without a doubt, there are some best places to visit in Swat for nature lovers. It is located in the Khyber Pukhtun Khaw of Malakand District. Swat is easily reachable from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. Furthermore, there are daily flights from Peshawar and Islamabad to Saidu Sharif. The valley is especially famous for its diverse beauty. The lush green landscape, thick forests, snow-covering mountains, and historical sites are the top tourist attractions.

In addition, the area is rich in historical sites like the Gandhara Buddhist period and earlier. Swat is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Pakistani tourists. In the summer season, many Pakistanis move to the best places to enjoy their holidays in the chilly Swat Valley.

Most importantly, some of the hill resorts have been heavily developed, with new hotels springing up rapidly. To facilitate the tourist, the locals are active in the industry as well as for earning purposes. The main resorts get crowded during peak seasons. However, there are still plenty of spots, quiet and unspoiled just that little bit off from the visitors.

In the 90s the Swat Valley was out of tourists because of religious disturbance. This is the reason most foreign tourists are afraid to visit the best places to visit in Swat Valley. But now all such issues have been controlled by the government as well as the local community. The people of Swat are now tourist friendly and invite visitors to their beautiful valley.

To stay and dine hotels and restaurants are rendering great services and food for the visitors. You can easily visit and enjoy your holiday. There are several best places to visit.

Swat Valley

Here are the top 15 places to visit in Swat Valley

  1. Mangora and Saidu Sharif
  2. Nimogram
  3. Udegram
  4. Malam Jabba
  5. Miandam
  6. Madyan
  7. Bahrain
  8. Kalam
  9. Jambil Valley
  10. Ushu Valley and Mahodand Lake
  11. Utror and Gabral
  12. Desan Valley
  13. Marghuzar
  14. Kumrat Valley
  15. Kundol Lake

Mangora and Saidu Sharif

The Twins cities of Mingora and Saidu Sharif of the main towns of Swat Valley with fascinating highlights. Mangora is the old bazaar town with most of the cheapest hotels and all the entire requirements. While Saidu Sharif is the administrative center together they form the largest urban town in Swat.

Nimogram is the best place in Swat to visit

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Swat Vally. It is famous for several reasons there are monasteries and stupas. There are spectacular views back to the valley while reaching Nimogram. It is an excursion from Mingora where you can hire a car that will take you to the most amazing places. An Italian Archaeological team discovered an ancient town Bazira conquered by Alexander the Great in 327 BC. Furthermore, there are the ruins of the huge Shingerdar Stupa are visible.

 To the local stories, the building of Uttarasena was a King who is said to have housed relics of the Budha inside. Moreover, at Ghaldgai there is a large Budha carved into the cliff face beside the road. All these places are worth visiting on this day trip. Apart from this, Gogdara Rock is covered in ancient Petroglyphs dating back 3000 years. The carvings are of depicting stick men, riding in Chariots, and numerous animals. There are also Buddhist carvings from around the 6th Century AD.

The best place to visit in Swat
Amazing Swat


This is one of the ancient historical sites in the best places to visit in Swat. Excavations claimed this is the part Alexander the Great’s battles occurred in the valley without a doubt. Furthermore, there are fortresses of Raja Giras, an old mosque, and numerous ruins. Most of the remains are from the Hindu Shahi period of 1000 BC.

According to the locals Muhamoud Ghaznivi managed to capture the fort by depriving some of his horses of water for several days. Apart from these, several exciting stories in the valley that must visit the area to explore and enjoy.

Malam Jabba

One of the most interesting hill sites of Swat Malam Jabba is located at 3,000 m snow covers until May. Especially, famous because of the winter Ski resorts and many more highlights. There are chairlifts and children’s resorts for family visitors. Above all the excellent views down back to main Swat Valley. Furthermore, pleasant walking opportunities are available. It is the most important picnic venue for the summer season. Without a doubt, their tea and snack stalls as well to enjoy your day.

Moreover, some remains of the Buddhist Stupa and other buildings are also interesting highlights of the Malam Jabba. Above all, during the summer buses run from Mingora. That makes you easily access Malam Jabba. You may hire your vehicle from anywhere in Swat if you stay there.

It is 314 Km from Islamabad you may travel along the scenic valleys of Khyber Pukhtun Khaw Province. Most importantly, the Swat Motorway made it easily accessible from Islamabad and Peshawar. Moreover, the road to Malam Jabba from Islamabad is most exciting for adventure lovers. It has a great name as a winter sports resort and for adventure tourism. The magnificent outlook of the mighty mountains of Hindukush attracts many tourists towards it. Above all, it is a paradise for national and international Skiers.

Miandam, the best place to visit in Swat

Miandam is 9 km away from Swat, which is another best place to visit in the beautiful Swat Valley. It is a popular tourist resort with amazing highlights. The best time to visit Miandam is either early or late in the season. Otherwise, it gets too busy with local tourism and noisy with crowds. It is located at an altitude of 1,820 m. To do this, there is pleasant summer and harsh winter. Above all, they’re are awesome walking opportunities as well within the valley.


It is one of the most popular hill stations in Swat for holiday trips. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. There is always a pleasant atmosphere in the valley worth visiting Madyan is absolutely the best place to visit in Swat. It has a bustling bazaar and above all being at the bank of the Swat River is popular. The river adds to the beauty of this captivating resort in the entire Swat Valley.

There are hotels to stay and dine in Madyan. As compared to other parts of Swat Valley it is mostly quiet and less tourist visiting here. The most interesting about it is has beautiful shops with collections. You may find antique jewelry, coins, furniture, etc, as well as local embroidery woolen shawls, rugs, and carpets. There is an interesting wooden mosque with attractive architecture worth visiting. As in the other places, there are plenty of pleasant walks in the area. Don’t miss it once visiting the best places of Swat Valley.


This town is busy with hotels. Mostly, local tourist stop here for eating and shopping in the bazaar area. Its main highlight is the riverside hill station as well. The name of the place means confluence of the rivers. Here two rivers join. The cool breeze of the Darel and Swat Rivers makes the evenings enjoyable. It is worth visiting to stay the night. Furthermore, it is the base for visiting Darel and Sadgai Lakes which are located in the region and are must-visiting areas.

Kalam is the most interesting area in the best places in Swat

Kalam is the most important and popular tourist resort to visit in Swat. There are several hotels and restaurants to stay dine. Furthermore, the main tourist attraction of Kalam is its altitude because it has a pleasant summer. As well as the beauty of the surrounding valleys and mountains are the best highlights.

Moreover, there is a number of handicraft shops and various food and tea stalls along the main bazaar. Across the wooden bridge, there is an old mosque with distinguishing carvings on it that steal hearts. Above all, during the summer charpoys on the shallow edges of the river with cool mountain water underneath is fascinating. Sitting on these charpoys, sipping cold drinks or tea, and chatting is a lifetime experience. In addition to it, to the North of Kalam offers several trekking and day hiking opportunities as well.

The mountains and valleys around Kalam are extremely beautiful, many of them thickly wooded. There are fast-flowing streams full of trout fish as well. In addition, waterfalls and glaciers cascade down from the Hindukush Mountain Ranges. Above all, there are many lakes and meadows worth visiting and seeing. A real nature lover never misses visiting Kalam to enjoy the natural beauty. It is absolutely one of the best places in Swat for visiting.

Jambil Valley

This valley running South East from Mingora is rich in archaeological sites. As well as the sites of Butkhara-1 and 3. There are excavated sites Butkhara -2, Leobanr, and Matelai, further up the valley. Those who want to learn about archaeology must visit Jambil Valley to explore the hidden treasures. The best is, that this valley is easily accessible from Swat and any other place in the surrounding.

Ushu Valley and Mahodand Lake

An interesting road goes through the thick pine forest and climbs up the Ushu Valley. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to visit in Swat Valley. This valley has exciting natural beauty. Above all, the spectacular views of the highest peak in this region Falak Sar 6,259 m. An amazing journey takes you through with charming landscape. The site streams and river are full of trout fish. There are some tea spots to stop and enjoy having the taste of trout fish. Certainly, this visit adds to the joys of your holidays.

Mahodand Lake

The most interesting thing to do and see is visiting Mahodand Lake. As the name says Lake of the Fishes, in Pushto Language. It is fact and stretch of the Ushu River where it runs across level terrain and forms the lake. This lake has a great tourist attraction surrounded by pine trees and beautiful open grassy meadows. This is the reason Mahodand Lake is the most visited place in Swat Valley. Furthermore, it offers a great camping area on the lake. The natural beauty here is beyond the imagination.

The best time to visit Mahodund Lake is mid-summer. During the winter it freezes and the road to reach is mostly blocked because of the snow. Without a doubt, you will enjoy a couple of days to stay camping here.

Utror and Gabral

This valley is another best place to visit to enjoy the natural beauty. It is 16 km from Swat easily accessible passing through a charismatic landscape. Above all, the lush green meadows and calm Utror river are the great attractions of the valleys. There are numerous picnic spots among the pine trees and riversides. Furthermore, there are endless opportunities for walking and trekking within the valley. The walk to Kundula Lake is the best thing to do in the Utror and Gabral.

Moreover, the jeep drive between Utror and Gabral is also an exciting adventure trip. It also offers trout fishing activities in the valley.

Desan Valley

Desan Valley is accessible from Kalam which is also one of the best highlights to visit in Swat Valley. The walk through wood and pastures is an amazing trip. There is no jeep track. However, there are ponies available for long day trips up the valley. There are several lakes from Kalam and it is worth exploring the area to enjoy the natural beauty. A knowledgeable guide is recommended to find the nicest and most secluded spots. Doubtlessly, you would enjoy the magnificent landscape of Desan Valley.

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Budhist Stupa in Swat to visit
Budhist stupa in Swat ,Pakistan

Marghuzar is the most beautiful in Swat for visiting

The most fascinating place to visit from Saidu Sharif Swat is Marghuzar within a 14 Km distance. It was the summer palace of the Wali of Swat. It locates at 1,280 above sea level with a pleasant climate in the summer. But now the Palace is a luxury hotel with amazing services. In addition, it is located on the hillsides with a pleasant garden, pond, and running water. The seating area under beautiful shady trees is heart-touching. Above all, the restaurant serves Pakistani, Chines, and continental food.

From Marghuzar, there is a trail that climbs up to Mt Ilm, considered sacred by Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists alike. This is the reason, still, several Hindu Pilgrims visit here every year. It is a rewarding full-day walk to the top and back. The best of all is the night view of the palace. There are such places to visit in Swat for nature lovers.

Kumrat Valley

On the list of best places to visit in Swat Valley, is the Kumrat. It is an hour’s amazing driving from Swat. Kumrat Valley is part of the Upper Dir District. It offers some amazing destinations to enjoy holidays and tourist attractions. Above all, there are several waterfalls and streams that add to the beauty of the valley as well as the attraction. Furthermore, there are some exciting locations and trekking opportunities in Kumrat Valley. Kalkot Banda, Do Kala Chasma Lake, Jahaz Banda, Jandral, Katora Lake Trek and Badagol Pass are the most interesting.

Kundol Lake is the best to visit in Swat

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Hindukush Mountains. It’s a beautiful landscape, surrounded by pine trees attracting tourists to visit this best place in Swat. In addition, it offers great camping opportunities, fishing, and boating during the visit. Moreover, reaching the lake has amazing highlights all the way through thick forests and lush green meadows. If you are lucky enough to visit here in good weather conditions in order to enjoy the night scene.

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I am very much sure you will enjoy reading this article. If you wish to see more about Swat Valley’s short visiting plan click here. Holiday Hikes Pakistan organizes trips all over Pakistan. The comment box below is open for your precious feedback and suggestions.

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