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Trip Highlights of the Short hiking and camping:

Ghamubar Hiking and camping trip

Trip Highlights of the Short hiking and camping:

  • Remote Villages, Mountain, Glaciers, Meadows Waterfalls, Rivers, Unique Culture, Hospitality of the Mountain Communities, Amazing Camping Sites, Stars Watching Nights, etc.

Duration:           10 days

Mountain:           Range Hindukush

Max altitude:          4,200 M

Trek Standard:         Easy

Zone:                     Open

Best time to visit:      June to October

Short Hiking and camping Attractions in Yasin Valley

This post is for those nature lovers who have a short time of holiday. There is the best place for Short Hiking and camping. As well as for those who do not have enough experience to go to high altitudes but like to see mountains and glaciers. You are in the best place here to choose your favorite holiday destinations. Holiday Hikes has a great experience to plan your holidays by looking at your capacity and favorites. Of course, all the information you find here is fact and accurate whatever you read will see and do.

Where I am going to take you today? Definitely, to the Ghizar Valley “The Land of Lakes’’ which is famous all over the world because of its unique beauty. There are plenty of best places for short days hiking and camping. You will enjoy the diverse natural beauty on this trip going through amazing places. There are spectacular views, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, flowers, and many other incredible highlights. There are several best places to visit, hiking, trekking, and camping but Darkot to Thui over Ghamubar Pass is awesome.

Let us explore all the best places for walking, hiking, and camping with memorable holidays in the untapped regions.

Darkot is the Best Place for short Hiking and Camping to Venture the Nature


This is an amazing place on the earth at an altitude of 3,100 meters among snow-covering peaks and glaciers. It is the base of several long trekking over high passes as well as the best places for short hiking and camping. Ghamubar Pass to Thui Valley to the west is a four days amazing trekking across 4200 meters Ghamubar Pass. It offers mind-blowing highlights of the glaciers on both sides while ascending to the pass and descending the other side. However, you don’t walk on the glaciers if you like you can but not necessarily the trail goes off the glaciers.

Darkot is a village with 350 houses pleasant in summer and harsh winter. Most of the inhabitants migrated to parts of the lower region in Ghizer. There are the basic camping facilities you may also stay in a homestay as well. The people are very friendly and hospitable and have their unique culture, unlike the other villages. You may enjoy a musical night here if you are interested in folk songs, music, and dances. All these highlights make it the best place for hiking and camping.

It has a heart-breaking story of the murder of British Explorer George Hayward who was there in 1870. He was on his way to explore Oxus and Indus. The place of his murder is there you can visit and enjoy the story on the spot. Moreover, it has also a great story of the Chines force with Korean General Huasen Chi in the 8th century there was Tebitan rule by that time. There are several options to go on longer treks as well as see the 9 best treks in Hindukush.

Short Hiking and Camping to Ghamubar Base  a 4 hours Easy Walk


The first day to the base camp of the Ghamubar Pass is an easy four hours walk with superb views. Above all, the views ahead of Ghamubar Peaks 5,800 to 6,300 meters are eye-catching. On the other hand, looking back at the village is another exciting moment. The trail goes smoothly along the lateral moraine of the glacier. You will camp in a grassy place with magnificent views and the best is you see the pass up above. You will camp at about 3,700 meters. It is one of the best places to camp and stays the night.

Hiking and Camping at Gohicho Kuto across Ghamubar Pass 4200


This trek starts hard ascending towards the pass for about three hours on a scree slope up to the top of the pass. The views from the pass back to Darkot and towards Thui Valley are fascinating. In addition, straight ahead you will see Thui-I, 6666 meters the highest peak in this region. Then from here, it is descending to Gohicho Kutu a summer pastures of Thui. The views are mind-blowing to the mountains, and three the beautiful waterfalls. Moreover, there are lush green meadows and flowers as well that to the beauty.

There is a beautiful white glacier falling from above the high peaks. Obviosly, the scenery in the surroundings is exciting. An unforgettable moment of life is there. With every click of your eyes see different beauty in the mountains, tiny willow trees, grass, colorful flowers, and many more. Specially, you will have great camping here near the river beside a crystal clear spring. You may have a great walk in the surrounding there are awesome places to walk. A night of watching moving stars adds to the joys as well.

Gohicho Kutu has some remains of summer cottages where we used to live in the summer a few years ago. I used to go here for thirteen years of my childhood during the summer with goats and sheep. This was our summer pasture now it is not in any more use. Apart from these, there are plenty of peaks nearby best for easy climbing without having a climbing experience. However, you must have some rope and waterproof shoes.


An easy walk Down to the summer village Hakal on this Short Hiking and camping trip


Surprisingly, 3-4 hour smooth walk down towards Thui. You will have great views of the surrounding mostly rocky mountains. There are summer settlements along the way the people from Thui Village stay during the summer with herds of animals. Some parts have fields of Barley along the valley. The best and easiest day of these hiking and camping trips.

Trek to Harp Thui Village: 3-4 hours hiking and camping


It is again an easy walk down to the village. Thui is a huge valley with 1500 houses and 4000 people in the village is famous for its hospitality and tourist-friendly. Furthermore, from here you have two options if you are interested visit Chitral then Choose Thui Pass and click the link. The second option over Asumbar Pass to Ishkoman is another 4 days trek for more information there is a link below. This is another best and short hiking place.

An amazing best journey is to drive over Shandur Pass and to Chitral. It is an interesting jeep trip passing through the scenic Phandar Valley the land of lakes and hub of trout fish. The best place to stop is Shandur Pass at 3,700 meters beside the blue sky Shandur Lake. The right time to visit here is in July to attend the Shandur polo festival on the “ROOF OF THE WORLD”. Read this post-Shandur Polo Festival.

Phandar Valley is also the best place for short hiking and camping nearby the lakes and crystal clear rivers. Above all, the rivers and lakes are full of trout fish you may enjoy fishing by getting the permit on the spot. Holiday Hikes Pakistan organizes fishing trips in the lakes on request. Going on this best trip obviously, having fun. Another option is to combine it with Asumbar Pass Trek as well. For more detail information and choosing your favorite destination click here.

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  1. So many wonderful treks! This one looks fabulous. I'm happy that we'll be visiting this area on my trip with you this summer.

  2. I enjoyed the very best trek of my like walking in this area. I am not a very experienced trekker and was slightly anxious about my ability to complete the walk. However the walking and terrain were straightforward even though we climbed to a decent altitude which provided a great sense of achievement when we finished out trek. We were able to enjoy the changing terrain, landscape and scenery as we walked, with fabulous views. I also enjoyed the variety of wildflowers, wildlife, herbs and the knowledge of our guides and local people. The hospitality of the mountain families we met was so warm, generous and friendly. This area is indeed a very special place to spend some time in.

  3. Yasin valley is probably my favorite place in Pakistan. It is so peaceful, so beautiful and the people are so honest and hospitable. I explore all the places with guys from “Holiday hikes Pakistan” and I really love that experience! If you want to see something really different, come here.

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