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Description of the Best Hiking Holidays

One of the best hiking holidays destinations Fairy Meadows
Fairy Meadows

Tour Highlights of the best hiking holidays:

  •      Histoy on the road, day hikes, visiting Remote Villages, Spectacular, Mountain Scenery, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, amazing food, All these are part of the best Hiking holidays destinations.

Duration:                             7-10 days

Mode of Travel:                By Car on Road

Pakistan is country offers awesome hiking holiday destinations. Moreover, Holiday Hikes Pakistan is here with several amazing places to go in one way. The most popular destinations for adventure holidays and soft tours both. Obviosly, North of Pakistan is the heart of great mountains with mind-blowing highlights for nature lovers to enjoy with.

There are several places to choose from for hiking holiday trips. Without a doubt, it is very difficult to decide and find best holiday destinations. In this case, the solution to this issue we are there our two decades of experience leading hiking holiday trips.

On this website, you will have facts and figures about all holiday destinations. Although, my English is not that quality the information is always correct. You will find the right place for your interest, potential, and finance. You will be able to decide on the right holiday destinations without a doubt where to go? How to go where to stay, what to do and what to eat? If you are an adventure lover you may check our adventure destinations. On the other hand, if you like soft and easy places then go here to this current post.

How to find the best Hiking Holiday Destinations?

Holiday Hikes Pakistan provides its amazing services in the whole of Pakistan with its expert team guides, cooks, and managers. Furthermore, we plan all the trips looking to your mind, interest, and decision. We provide clear information on the holiday destination and what people like and do? For example, if you are interested to see the high mountains with adventure experience then sort out that. If you like a comfortable journey from a hotel to hotel or are interested in trips with short hikes and camping. There are possibilities for organizing the trip. Definitely, for the satisfaction of the visitors by providing up-to-date information.

Amazing Places to Go in the North of Pakistan on the best hiking Holidays

The best hiking holidays in Hunza
Hiking in Hunza Valley

As mentioned above the most popular destinations and best hiking holiday are in Skardu and Hunza Valley. About my two decades of experience always someone visiting Pakistan takes the name of these holiday destinations. Of course, these are popular in the whole world because of their distinctive appearance. Both are the most visited spots during the year by nature-lovers.

Skardu is the hub of high mountains at an altitude of 2,400 meters. Moreover, it is considered the base of the great Karakorum Mountains and it is of course. On the other hand, Hunza is famous for its beautiful tiny mountains, landscape, and above all the Karakorum Highway. In addition to it, the people of Hunza made it popular offering all the requirements for visitors. There are hotels for all kinds of people whether a luxury or with basic services. Men and women both are involved in the promotion of tourism in the region highlighting the holidays’ destinations.

There are remote villages in the North of Pakistan inhabited by mountain communities worth visiting to explore their hospitality. Your visit will be also a source of income for these people in the holiday destinations.  Of course, there is a lot to see and experience in the unique culture of the people.

Why is Skardu Popular for Hiking Holidays?

The best hiking holidays in Skardu
Hiking Plans

As all know the importance of high mountains in the world. Skardu is one of the world’s places with four of the above 8,000 meters high peaks out of 14 in the world. Secondly, the second-highest mountain in K-2 with its unique beauty makes Skardu Popular. Apart from these, there are more than 100 peaks above 7, 000 meters,, and numerous 6000s are located in the valley. On the other hand,, the largest glaciers like Baltoro Glacier and Biafo Glacier out of Polar Regions are found there.

Aren’t you sure about the popularity of the Skardu Valley one of the best holiday destinations? The most famous trek Biafo Hispar and Snow Lake is the main attractions read our post on Biafo Hispar Pass. You will be amazed by its fascinating beauty. One of the most popular treks Baltoro and Ghondoghoro La along with the four (8,000s base camp) is accessible from Skardu. There are many more trekking opportunities available you will see them on our site. Furthermore, there are opportunities to drive on the roads and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Skardu as the best holiday destination offers incredible historical destinations as well. There are surprising Forts, like Shigar Fort, Khapolo Fort, and Kharpocho Fort in Skardu. Manthal Budha Carved on a rock in Skardu has an amazing attraction. Moreover, the famous lakes like Kachura Lake, Sadpara Lake,, and Upper Kachora Lakes are other tourism potentials in the valley. It also offers day hikes and short trekking, day car trips to the side valleys. You may enjoy the stunning beauty of the snow-covering Mountains and charming villages with unique architecture. We will provide you with the information in the coming post.

The Deosia Plateau is the most beautiful holiday Destination for hiking

Wow! This is the world for this incredible destination the highest plateau in the world Deosia? Rolling pastureland among rounded hills of lush green and flowers with whistling marmots is heart-touching. It offers gentler walking than the Karakorum trekking destinations. It stretches 65 Kilometers in the South of Skardu a jeep road takes over 4,000 meters and leads between Astor and Skardu. The best holiday destination with car and camping for those who like greenery, lakes, flowers, and rivers. The summer is pleasant here and the harsh winter covers with snow.

Beautiful Shoesar Lake, Kala Pani (black water), and Bara Pani (big water) at this destination are lifetime experiences. During the summer it gets full of domestic and international visitors. Many visitors camp here for the best hiking holidays and enjoy the nature.

The Best driving and hiking holiday Destination Deosia Plateaue

This is a stunning jeep safaris destination on holidays passing through Astor Valley along with charming highlights in the south of North Pakistan. For those who choose Skardu, their holiday plan should not miss it. A wonderful day drive from Skardu with Sadpara Lake, and Sadpara Village the village of Mountaineers. Many the Pakistani mountaineers belong to this village-like Ali Sadpara and Hasson Sadpara. Both the renowned climbers are no anymore with us in this mortal world.

Shigar Valley to the North of Skardu leads K-2. Khapolu to the South and Ronda Valley to the East are the different regions of Skardu. All of the regions have eye-catching sceneries and highlights you may choose your holiday destinations with your choice of interest. You can see all the required information on our website in their concern sections. Go through Holiday Hikes Pakistan for your best holiday destinations. We are there 24/7 to reply to your questions.

How to reach Skardu to Enjoy the best hiking holiday Destinations?

There are two major ways to reach Skardu Valley by air and by road both of the ways have their taste significantly. The shortest flight of an hour from Islamabad is unbelievable over the great mountains. During the summer Pakistan International Airlines operates flights from Karachi and Lahore as well to facilitate visitors.

The second option is two days drive from Islamabad and Rawalpindi on the Karakoram Highway a fantastic journey. You come across plenty of highlights passing through crowded towns, tiny villages, and the fellowship of the mighty Indus River. Doubtlessly, the journey is full of fun and beauty.

It is a great experience to drive from Islamabad to Skardu once in life. You must go on the side if you got a chance to go to these holiday destinations. The spectacular views of the landscape, the history of the road, and the people you meet all are heart-touching.

Where to Stay in Skardu and site Areas on this Amazing Trip the best hiking holidays?

You must imagine because of the flow of tourism made Skardu home to plenty of hotels to stay in. There are several options to choose from with your interest and finance. You don’t need to worry once you choose this as your holiday destination. As well as there are plenty of places to eat amazing food again it is your choice of interest.

Hunza Valley is another Popular Holiday Destination in Pakistan

You never trust that some people in the world say that Pakistan is Hunza. It has been so popular in the tourism industry because of its incredible holiday destinations. What made it so popular? It is the Karakorum Highway that passes through Hunza Valley to Khunjerab Pass 4,700 meters to China. This is the border between Pakistan and China. It is the business hub as well as the home to holiday destinations. There is a variety of potentials to enjoy your holidays. Driving on the KKH with superb views of Rakaposhi gives it more beauty.

Aside from Rakaposhi, there are several high mountains with a height of 7,000 and more. Easily accessing this mountain is also the reason for being Hunza the best hiking holiday destination. The historical forts, the beauty of the landscape, trekking, and hiking opportunities are also an attraction of Hunza. There is great history from Gilgit to Hunza on the road, the remains of the old Silk Route, and rock carvings. The Collision of two tectonic plates points and many more to see on this journey of two hours.

Once you will get to Hunza Valley you will think of mini Europe here during the summer season noisy with tourists. The 100% education both males and females reached Hunza earlier than any other Place in Pakistan. This is another reason for its popularity of it 90 % of tour operators are from Hunza in Pakistan it is no doubt to say the introduced tourism in the country. All the facilities a visitor needs are available in Hunza while the best hiking holiday trips.

What is the Best Destination in Hunza Valley?

The natural Mountain scenery along the dynamic culture of Hunza Valley makes Holiday Hikes one of the popular tours in Pakistan. There’re several opportunities, day hikes, short and long treks, climbing opportunities, historical places, etc. Additionally, the road journey to the neighboring country China makes it one of the best tours in the world.

Adventure Holiday Destinations in Hunza and best hiking

Now, it depends on your interest in what you want to see and do? If you are a fan of walking and long trekking there are some interesting trekking potentials for Adventure holidays? That is included a 5 days trek to Batura Glacier with awesome highlights. It is one of the longest glaciers in the Karakorum out of Polar Regions measuring 68kms long. Above all, some of the above 7,000 meters peaks are located with hanging glaciers. The best is the walk is very easy with a comfortable camping site. Patton Dass trek is another adventure trip of 7 days here.

Chapursan Valley and Chilinji Pass Trek is the best hiking holidays

Chapursan in the upper Hunza is the best place for Hiking Holidays

Furthermore, it offers one of the exciting treks to Chalinji Pass 5,200m (9 best adventures holiday Destinations in Hindukush). Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful adventure holiday destinations in Pakistan. Further up going to Shimshal Valley and trekking into the Pamir Mountain Range are the top places to visit in Hunza. Misgar Valley and many more in the upper Hunza offer adventure holiday destinations. You may combine this adventure trek with many other destinations. Once you are in Broghil Chitral there are plenty of options for adventure lovers.

Biafo Hispar and Snow Lake Trek West to East

This is a two weeks charismatic trek in the Karakorum from the west-east. There are amazing highlights only for those with trekking experience with long days in tents. Walk and hiking are not easy for inexperienced ones. Go to (the most adventurous trips on our website) for more information you will see the detailed itinerary and description.

The Most beautiful Trek Rash Lake in the Karakorum for Hiking

Like Hispar Glacier this trek is also located in Nagar Valley which is part of Hunza. Most of the plans are done from there. The views of all the amazing highlights of Nagar Valley are from Hunza surprisingly. All the great mountains of north Karakorum are located in Nagar but consider them in Hunza. However, the most beautiful trekking destination Rash Lake is accessible from Hoper Nagar Valley via Hoper and Barpu Glaciers. There are more options to go on different treks here.

Rash lake trek is a challenging trek for regular trekkers but you need to be acclimatized before going to this adventure destination. The trek has exciting moments with beautiful mountains of the Karakorum like Golden Peak one of the most beautiful 7,000s list. This mountain is called Spantik from the Skardu side many climbers approach from there to climb. We will provide you the detailed information on this trek in our future posts trekking section.

 Short and easy Day Hiking holiday Destinations

Apart from this short walks like the Rakaposhi Base Camp trek see Himalaya and Karakorum Tour. Borith Lake, Ultra Meadows, Gholkin Glacier, and Passu Glacier, are the fascinating day hikes. Stay connected with us for more detailed information in future posts.

Tour the Khujerab National Park is the part of the best hiking holidays

An amazing day drive from Hunza on the 8th wonder of the world to the Pass 4,700 meters is mind-blowing. On the way you may see the precious mountain animals Ibex on the road it is unlike anywhere else. It is not easy to see these rare animals because they are considered precious animals in Pakistan. The magnificent scenery, beautiful snow-capped peaks, and meadows are the main highlights the best hiking holidays.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy reading this post on two popular holiday destinations Pakistan Skardu and Hunza. If you have short holidays you may combine the trip to both of the destinations. If you have more days to see and are interested in one of them you may enjoy it. You can call us to help plan your holiday trips to Pakistan. We will certainly make sure to make your holidays comfortable and enjoyable. The comment section below is open for your precious ideas and feedback for the development of the best Holiday Hikes.

Let us connect to see the incredible Holiday Destinations Explore the Hidden Treasure in Pakistan with Holiday Hikes.

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