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The best nearby place to visit


There are amazing Nearby best places to visit in Gahkuch Ghizer from the city in the surrounding. All these places we mentioned in this post offer mind-blowing highlights. Most importantly, these best places offer day hikes. However, you may also drive to all these nearby best places as well. Above all, any time of the year you can go to these places either by walk or by car. Obviously, each season of the year has its own beauty and awe-inspiring look. For more information read here.

The nearest Nearby best place Gahkuch Water Fall

Half an hour’s walk from the city offers you the best place to visit this beautiful waterfall with a heart-touching breeze. This walk definitely gives eternal happiness. You will walk through the village, and the people are friendly and hospitable. You will be warmly invited to visit their home to eat and drink something. It is worth visiting this nearby attraction if you stay in Gahkuch city.

The best Nearby places to visit Gahkuch View Point

The best nearby Place in Gahkuch View Point
From Gahkuch View Point

If you have the stamina to walk another half hour ascending the hill, then there is a mind-blowing view point. The spectacular mountains and lower Gahkuch and upper Gahkch villages. Above all, the Ghizer River, Karkoram and Hinndkush Mountains are the great attractions. You must visit these nearby places while staying in Ghizer.

Upper Gahkuch Local Name: Ayashi (meaning the Sky)

From the Gahkuch view point, you may either drive or walk to Ziarat to Ayashi village. It has stunning views of the Ishkoman to the north and the Gupis and Yasin Valley to the west. The meeting point of the Phandar and Anisari Rivers is another nearby attraction from Gahkuch. There is also a great view of Hatoon Village along with Karakuram International University Ghizer Branch. Obviously, it is the best nearby trip from the city as well as a day hike.

The best nearby historical place Gahkuch Fort

Some of the remains of a hundred-year old fort are located at upper Gahkuch. Moreover, you may visit it on a day hike. It gives some glimpse of the history of the Ghizer Valley as well. You will meet some local community members and have an exciting experience visiting their homes. You will enjoy the surprising hospitality of the local communities in the best nearby places.

Hopper Garden The best Nearby places to visit Gahkuch

A twenty-minute drive on the Shandur Road to the west offers the best nearby place, Hopper Garden. It is one of the best picnic spots and outings in the Ghizer District. There is a surprising personality to make you enjoy the trip while telling you all about the places. There are tree houses, hobbit houses, waterfalls, and an amazing lake formed recently that offers the best nearby attractions. Most importantly, a horse-riding facility is also available here. Without a doubt, this visit will add to the joys of your holidays.

The most beautiful nearby place to visit in Gahkuch is Golodass Fish Farm

A 10 minute drive across the Ghizer River from the city to the Golodass Village has one of the best places to visit. There is a fish farm where you may enjoy fishing on your own and having fresh trout fish. Apart from a horse-riding experience along the river. The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon, when the sun is going to set. At that moment, the Ghizer River becomes an eye-catching scenario at this best nearby place to visit.

Gurunjar Sand Dunes Singley Lot (means hill of sand)

It is definitely an amazing place to visit from Gahkuch. Half an hour’s drive on the way to Gilgit across the Ghizer River, Gurunjar Village is one of the beautiful spots to visit. In particular, there is a huge hill of sand in the middle of the village that offers a great view of the surroundings. You must visit these nearby attractions from Gahkuch to experience the natural beauty of the valley. The best time to visit is in the evening to have the cool breeze and you will have the organic apricots.

Archaeological Site Bubor Punial best nearby site to visit

A few kilometers from the Gurunjur village, there is an interesting archaeological site with a collective graveyard. This nearby best-place is worth visiting to experience the historical background of the Ghizer Valley. About the locals: this site claims about 500-year-old graveyards where multiple bodies are buried together in one place. The graves are like houses in shape with a wooden roof. Isn’t it an interesting place to visit? Let us go to visit this historical and ancient place to enjoy the nature as well.

Singul Waterfall to the east of Gahkuch is the best nearby place to visit

Singul is one of the most beautiful villages in the Ghizer District and the best nearby place to visit from Gahkuch. There is a beautiful waterfall in the valley about an hour drive from the singul village to the waterfall. It is an exciting ride off the main road to enjoy the natural beauty of the Ghizer District and its people. The waterfall offers a great attraction for nature lovers and is one of the best nearby locations.

Hamochal Lake while driving on the road to Ghizer Valley

While driving on the Shandur Road to Gahkuch, Hamochal is a small village near the largest village, Sherqila. A fascinating visit to Hamochal Lake across the suspension Sher Qila Bridge, a few minutes’ walk away, offers a fascinating visit to a blue-sky lake. You will really enjoy it, without a doubt. This lake can be visited while going or coming from Gilgit on your way to Ghizer.

Hatoon Rock Carvings the most interesting archaeological site

About 9 kilometers from Gahkuch, across a suspension bridge at Hayoon, is Hattoon village. Furthermore, the second largest village in Ghizer has awesome tourist attractions. It has an ancient Buddhist rock carving on a single rock in a beautiful garden. This carving is said to be of the 3rd and 4th centuries in the Sanskrit language. Hattoon Village itself has an interesting history along the Hanisari River, which is now the Ishkoman River. It says that hundreds of years ago, there was a huge lake that covered the whole village. But now it is a huge village with a variety of fruit trees.

Autumn Color attractions nearby Gahkuch


Finally, you will be inspired by these nearby places to visit from Gahkuch. Of course, they are worth visiting to enjoy the natural beauty. In addition to all these places, the communities are tourist-friendly and their hospitality is beyond description. You will be honored by inviting them to their homes and offering something to eat and drink. Furthermore, this is the reason I am writing this article for those who love nature and want to visit. Moreover, the best part is all the information is available in the hotel you stay in. They help you by providing guides and cars if needed to go the best nearby places in Gahkuch.

Visiting these nearby best places in Gahkuch are also a source of employment for a local guide as well. This will be a great contribution of a visitor to the communities in the surrounding. We hope you will enjoy reading this article and visit the Ghizer Valley, the land of lakes. Read on here for more interesting places to visit in the entire valley. Definitely, Holiday Hikes Pakistan will help you plan your holiday trips anywhere in Pakistan.

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