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Ghizer, the Land of Lakes, is 70 kilometers west of Gilgit and is full of walking and hiking trip attractions. Furthermore, you may have great fun walking and hiking on the road. The road along the Ghizer River begins in Gilgit with stunning views. Hanzal Buddhist Stupa from the 3rd and 4th centuries is the first attraction. Furthermore, the charming villages and colorful trees are eye-catching.  Stopping on the road, you may walk into the villas.

Several suspension bridges on the Ghizer River add to the beauty of the Ghizer Valley. Above all, the stunning views of the snow-covered tiny mountains are other joyful attractions. Obviously, you will enjoy the great beauty of the “Land of the Lakes.” This journey normally takes an hour and a half. But for visitors, it takes longer because of stops for pictures.  Apart from these, walking to the villages may take more time.

Gahkuch is the central headquarter of the entire Ghizer district, with fascinating attractions. Obviously, there are several hotels to stay at and restaurants to eat at. Moreover, this is the best place to stay for a couple of days to enjoy walking and hiking near tourist attractions. The best of all is a 20-minute walk along the village road to Gahkuch waterfall.  Apart from this, walking up to Gahkuch Bala offers an exciting view of the surroundings.  The junction of Karakorum and the Hindukush Mountains is the best attraction.

In addition, you may also plan some day hikes from Gahkuch to the site valleys, driving on the road as well. driving to the nearby villages and having day hikes as well. Of course, Ishkoman, Gupis, and Yasin Valley are nearby tourist attractions and potentials. You may choose a day hike to a long days trekking in the Hindukush Mountains.

Walking and Hiking Attractions in Ishkoman Valley


Chatorkhand 30 KM from Gahkuch is central village of Ishkoman Valley. It has great tourist attractions and potentials. There are several day hikes and long trekking destinations in the Ishkoman Valley. Apart from day hikes you may also go for camping for a night to the nearby valleys. That are included, Shokargah Lake, Attar Lake, Mongay Lake and many more.

The best places for day hikes are Dain Waterfall, the Gateway to Wakhan Corridor, Handis and Chiantir Gah etc. Shams Abad village is an interesting hidden Village from Emit. It is an absolutely interesting day hike as well as worth visiting for a stay night.  Above all, there are exciting views while walking and hiking through stunning villages.

Korumbar Glacier in the Emit Valley Hiking and Walking Attractions

Driving to the Emit village and furthermore to Matram Dan has great glacier Korumbar an interesting day hike. You can stop your car on the road and have 3-4 four hour hike to the summer Pastures of the Korumbar.  It is a picturesque valley with high mountains of Karakorum ahead to backwards is the view of Hindukush.  Another mind-blowing highlight is the Matramdan Village that leads to the charismatic trek to Korumbar Lake. This is a fascinating 4 days trek from Matramsdan. You may enjoy a great walk in the village.

This is best place for camping night under the shade of Hindukush Mountains. The mountain community of this village is amazingly hospitable. They speak Wakhi Language who migrated from Wakhan many years ago. This is very hard life staying here in the harsh winter but the summer is pleasant. You will enjoy this unique culture of the Wakhi community.

Walking and Hiking Proper Ishkoman North West of Ishkoman Valley

This is an awe-inspiring day drive to the last village of Ghotolti along the Ishkoman River. From Ghotolti there is couple of options for day hikes and long treks. The most beautiful Attar Lake is accessible from that offers great day hike and camping. The jeep road takes another one hour to Handis and 4-5-hour hike to the lake.  The trek runs under the shade of Juniper, tamarisk and birch trees. Above all, the summer houses with people a great experience on this hike.

It is worth planning a camping night here at Attar Lake at 3,800 meters. Obviously, this will be a comfortable hike. On the other hand, if you are not interested for camping you may walk for some hours and return with heart-touching experience. Another valley goes to the east to a tiny lake Sutgah which is the best option from Ghotolti.  This hiking and walking trip have spectacular views of snow-covering peaks. Moreover, there several other options for trekking, day hike and walking from Ghotolti village.

Furthermore, another charming hikes Chiantir Summer Cattages with beautiful attraction. This valley leads to one of the longest glaciers Chiantir in Hindukush. This is especially for adventure lovers. Most importantly, there is a great spot for skiing activities. For more read on 5 best day hikes in Ishkoman

hiking and walking destination in Yasin Valley

It is 40 Km from Gahkuch and two-hour beautiful drive. That takes you through stunning villages and highlights. There are exciting spots to stop for pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenes from the road. Yasin Valley offers numerous hikes and walking destination from the road. Again, it the best choice for walking and hiking to the view points for capturing the fantastic sceneries. On the other hand, it is also best place for camping and long day hikes and trekking opportunities available.

There are several fascinating day hikes from the road in Yasin Valley. Without a doubt, you can drive an hour to Darkot the last village of Yasin. Drive to Darkot along the charming villages which are the village of Yasin. It offers some beautiful day hikes in the surrounding with mind-blowing highlights.

Walk to The Hot Spring Darkot Yasin Valley

Yasin-Valley-the best walking and hiking destination

An amazing day hike from the end of the Jeep Road takes you to hot spring. In addition, it is a 2 hours easy walk on clear trail passing through Rawat a stunning high pasture with fields of barley. The small pond with boiling hot spring coming out rocks is surprising. It claims a good treatment for some unknown disease.  Many people go there to swim for medical purpose.

A great walking and hiking to the Khaltar Lake Darkot

An exciting walking and hiking to tiny beautiful Khaltar Lake is mind-blowing. This is bowl like lake blue sky color with picturesque place. You will have great views of the Darkot Valley from there as well the mountains.

Ghamubar Lake is the nearest Hiking and walking trip

One hour’s walk from the end of the Jeep Road in Darkot is awesome. This walk and hike have mind-blowing views. The Ghamubar Glacier, snow-capped peaks, and lush green meadows are the main attractions. The lake formed from the water of glaciers that flowed down from Ghamubar Peak. Moreover, walking in the village and meeting locals is another beautiful experience. You may stay in a guest house or homestay here as well as the best option for camping too.

Drive to Sandhi Village and Walk to Muduri Fort

A hurt-touching story of the Muduri Fort is the top highlight of the Yasin. There is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Gahkuch and 30 minutes from Yasin. You have both options. You will learn about the Kashmiri Dogras’ cruelty. It is a story for the people, Yasin. Muduri Fort has great views of the valley once you walk to the fort. It takes you back to the 1860 Dogras attack and Muduri Fort. The story will be told on the spot; first, you have to visit there.

In the same village there is one of the oldest historical homes. It is worth a visit to this old home and listening to the history in the voice of the owner of this house.

Qurqorlti Village drive and Hiking and Walking

This is one of the most interesting villages in the north of Pakistan, especially in Yasin. Above all, this is untouched by any visitors yet. The village offers the most beautiful day hike to the Makuli Summer Pastures. Mukuli is the most beautiful place to visit to enjoy the real natural beauty. Moreover, a short two-day trek is also possible to Darmendar and Assmbar. If you are fond of trekking and camping, click hiking and camping trips in yasin!

Walking and Hiking in Phandar Valley

To the northwest of Gahkuch Ghizer, across Gupis, and Khalti Lake, and passing through beautiful villages are mind-blowing drives. Above all, the crystal-clear Phandar River is the top tourist attraction. Moreover, the river is full of trout fish and offers rafting opportunities. There are the most beautiful lakes within driving and walking distance. The scenic Phandar valley offers several hiking and walking destinations while driving on the road. The best destination is the Shandur Pass, Shandur Lake, and the highest polo ground in the world.

The drive on Shandur Road itself is one of the most amazing trips in the Ghizer Valley. You may stay in a hotel in Gahkuch or Gupis and drive all the way to Shandur Pass easily. You may either continue to the Chitral Valley or return to where you left off. It is absolutely mind-blowing, with lush green meadows and hikes from the road. Apart from all these, there are many more to explore in this valley. Most of the day’s hiking and walking destinations are easily accessible from the road.

The most beautiful Lakes in the Phander Valley are worth visiting and enjoy your holidays. For more information visit our website here.

What are the best places to visit for hiking and walking from the Road in Phander?

The Road to Phander Valley

There are some beautiful lakes in the Phandar Valley accessible for walking and hiking.

  1. Handarap Lake:

It is located in the Phandar Valley and allows you a four-hour walk there and back. You will walk from the end of the car road to Hanadrap Village, which is located east of Shandur Road. Furthermore, the walk is smooth with spectacular views of the surrounding area. Mostly, the beauty of Phandar is its lush green meadows and its crystal-clear rivers and streams. Above all, these rivers are full of trout fish, which adds to their importance as well.

2. Khukish Lake

On the Shandur Road from Langar, the road leads to Khukish Lake. It is a four-hour, smooth walk on both sides of the lake. and enjoy your holidays. It is a wider valley connected to Chitral from the east. There is amazing snow covering the mountains that add to the beauty of the scene. It is absolutely, a good idea to visit this lake if you are a fan of walking and hiking.

3. Shandur Lake

One of the most beautiful and easily accessible lakes in Pakistan, Shandur Lake, is located at an altitude of 3,700 meters. Moreover, it is an interesting day drive from Gahkuch or Gupis. You will pass through charismatic villages and along the Phandar River with picturesque views. Definitely, the scenery in the surrounding is heart-touching. Walking along the Shandur Road is an unforgettable life moment. Moreover, Shandur Pass and the highest polo ground are other exciting highlights of the day.  I am more than sure that you will enjoy this drive and walk.

Final thoughts

Finally, Ghizer Valley is rich in hiking and walking opportunities while driving along the road. There are also day hikes and camping opportunities off the road and even on the road. Of course, many people love spending a night in a tent as well.  As mentioned earlier, there are several short and long treks from one valley to another, crossing easy and difficult passes. You will have a variety of options if you wish to explore untouched parts of Pakistan. Let us connect to find your favorite holiday destinations.

Holiday Hikes Pakistan will enable you to reach your destinations. Furthermore, it offers you great tourist attractions with clear information on everything from driving to hiking and walking. Moreover, the company has a great team with huge experience to make your holidays enjoyable.  It always makes sense to save your money to go on your own without paying anyone. Apart from these, there are numerous attractions for backpackers as well. Just visit our site, take the track to your destinations and give us feedback.

Last but not least, go through this entire article and enjoy reading about the land of lakes, Ghizer Valley. It is full of fun and joy. Have a great time ahead! Visit our official website for more planning and services here.

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