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Trip Highlights of the Pakistan Tour:

  • Historical Places, Mosques, Forts, Long Road Journeys, Mountain, Rivers, Bridges, Hotel Nights Hike in the Nature, Camping, Stars Watching, Meeting Local in the Remote Villages, on this Pakistan Tour along the Road
Trip Duration                    30 days

Description of Pakistan Tour

Ghizer Valle
The best tour destinations in Pakistan

Pakistan Tour Takes you along the mind-blowing highlights during this exciting trip. Of course, this is the most beautiful country in South Asia. Certainly, it covers a large area of 796,096 sq Kilometers. It borders to the Arabian Sea in the south, China to the North, and East India, and Afghanistan in the West. Above all, the Pakistan tour is one of the most interesting plan for a tourism perspective. Because it has an amazing history and fascinating landscape with unique beauty. Above all, the great mountainous north has exciting attractions for adventure tourism. Most importantly it has diverse beauty from city to city, village to village, and valley to valley. As a result, there’re plenty of options to choose your favorite destination.

Tour the best destination in Karachi and Peshawar Pakistan

Holiday Hikes aims to facilitate visitors to find the places of their choice of interest. Of course, it is not an easy job to find a place of interest to tour with joy and comfort. 30 Days tour in Pakistan covers most of the information to see places of your choice. The tour begins in the largest city Karachi in the South and ends in the East Punjab Province. In this 30 days tour, you may touch, on the history of the plain, the mountains in the north and west, and remote villages.

Certainly, this tour will take you along the largest cities of the country as well as tiny villages in remote regions. There are driving on the road, visiting historical places, and walking in nature all included. Hiking and camping in the mountains are also part of this 30 days tour in Pakistan. You will go through the South of Pakistan, the Federal Capital Islamabad, and Khyber Pukhtun Khaw province in the west. Across to Gilgit-Baltistan with an adventurous drive over Shandur Pass 3740 meters. Having a great experience tour to go the Khujerab Pass the border between China and Pakistan.

Karachi the Capital of the Sindh Province on Pakistan Tour

Arrive in Karachi early morning relax until mid-day and sightseeing in the afternoon in some interesting places like Quid-e-Azam Mausoleum, Frere Hall, National Museum of Pakis tan, and Quid-e-Azam House are the mind-blowing highlights of the largest of Pakistan.

Visit Karachi Ship Breaking Yard Gadani Karachi: Empress Market Clifton Beach is worth visiting. You will enjoy the trip of your interest today.

Day trip to That, on the way explore, Chokandi Tombs, and Bombore ancient Sites are the surprising historical sites in the south of Pakistan is very interesting rich in history. The afternoon flies to Islamabad. Two-hour flight to Islamabad.

Fly from Karachi to Islamabad

Two hours flight and sightseeing of the Federal Capital of Pakistan to explore Pakistan. Islamabad is the modern city of Pakistan with its unique architecture and mind-blowing landscape and newly built buildings. Visiting Daman-e-Koh in the hub of Margala Hills adds to the joy of holidays. You will have a full view of the twins’ cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Visit Rawalpindi is the best highlight of the 30 days tour of Pakistan

Rawalpindi is a bustling town strategically located between Punjab and Azad Kashmir. It has a strong colonial influence and possesses a large military cantonment with the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. It is the sister city of Islamabad and is essentially the older sister. To locals, Old bazaars, such as the Raja Bazaar, retain their oriental character, with artisans who still create in an old-fashioned way. Designing jewelry, pounding out copper and brass items, fashioning cane baskets, and hand-carving walnut furniture. You will be amazed by visiting there.

Tourist Train Safari to Attock to the Khyber Pukhtun Khaw Province of Pakistan:

From Golra to Attock, a safari train will provide insight into the heritage of northern Punjab

Pakistan Railways has introduced a new tourist train. It offers passengers to visit a variety of historic sites and learn about the province’s rich cultural history.

The railroads launched the weekend train service in collaboration with the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation. By recruiting more people, it hopes to improve the region’s cultural legacy and tourism potential. Furthermore, as it goes through the Potohar environment, the scenic route will allow tourists to experience the region’s natural splendour. It passes through the Margalla Hills and several tunnels and bridges. This is one of the most incredible moments of the Ring the Pakistan tour.

The trip into the historical and cultural heartland will come to a close at the beautiful Attock Khurd railway station. It was built in 1880 and flanked by the Manglot mountain range. The imposing Attock Fort, erected by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1581 near the Indus River’s bank, rises tall. By the evening you will get to the city of flowers Peshawar for an overnight stay.

Tour the Bab-e-Khyber from Peshawar

The most interesting Tour of the Khyber Pass is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Normally we need permission (NOC) from the Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar to visit Khyber Pass with an escort. Sometimes the NOC is not issued depending on the mod and situation. However, it is possible up to Bab-e- Khyber this will be an interesting day, and back to Peshawar.

Later on, visit the city of flowers some of the interesting places are must-visit. Your guide here will unveil the history of Peshawar and the Province. You will visit Qisa Khawni Bazaar, Muhbat Khan Mosque and Sithian Villages are the important highlights of Peshawar.

Drive to Swat En route Tour the Takht-e-Bhai

The small town of Takht-e-Bhai, famous for its Gandharan monasteries is 14 km NW of Mardan on the road to Swat. Takht-e-Bhai literally a small spring on a flat terrace was probably the largest of more than 1,400 monasteries. This flourished in lower Swat and the plains of Peshawar during the Gandharan Buddhist period. The earliest settlement was found in 40 AD, the main peak activity. It was during the Kushan period of the first 4th AD, and the last stage was found in the 5th and 6th centuries.

The monastery is perched strikingly on the side of the ridge of rock rising up from the fertile plain. These are certainly preserved and the most impressive pieces of Gandharan architecture in Pakistan. The cleverness and quality of the building work are clear from the beautifully fashioned walls with their well-preserved bricks work. During summer an early start is recommended as there is little in the way of shade against the sun.

This is an exciting part of 30 days Pakistan tour visiting to experience the Gandharan culture and the remains of the Stupas and monasteries. Obviously, they are still preserved and you will enjoy the day with the Gandharan Civilization. Definitely, visit this historical site in Khyber Pukhtun Province. The road leads from here to Swat via Malakand Pass is a lifetime experience with a charming landscape.

Exploring Swat Valley is the best place for history lovers

The Swat valley is one of the most fertile and easily accessible in northern Pakistan. The main attraction is its scenic beauty-lush green valleys with thick forests, surrounded by snowy peaks – and pleasant climate in summer. In addition, the area is rich in historical sites dating back to the Gandharan Buddhist period and earlier. Swat is one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani tourists. This is the reason we include it in the 30 days Pakistan to make it reach all over the world.

Some of the hill resorts have been heavily developed, with new hotels springing up rapidly in a haphazard fashion. The peak tourist season is generally from mid-June to mid-August when the climate in the upper section of the valley is its best. Although lower down it remains very hot during those months. However, you can visit any month of the year it has its own beauty with the passage of different seasons. Winter is also an exciting moment to visit for those who are interested in skiing and winter adventure.

Apart from its beautiful landscape Swat is rich in historical and archaeological sites. The Buddhist Gandharan Civilization and the footprints of Alexander the Great.

The valley is still, at the height of the Buddhist Gandharan Civilization. In the 1st century AD, there were at least 1400 monasteries in the lower Swat only. The Tantric and the Mahayana schools of Buddhism were developed here, spreading throughout the sub-continent. The valley is still rich in Buddhist monasteries, stupas and sculptures,s and rock carvings. From the 7th and 10th AD, Swat valley became the refuge for a much reduced Buddhist culture.

Hinduism in Swat Valley

Hinduism grew and the Hindu Shahi rulers extended their control into the valley during the 8th and 9th centuries AD until they were supplanted by the Muslims Mahmud of Ghazni. Later, under the Mughals, both Babur and Akber fought to control the Yusuf Zai Pathans the former marrying into the tribe in 1519. During the British period Swat was the scene for the famous Malakhand Campaign of 1897 against the Sayyed Haji Shoaib Baba who preached Jihad against the British.

Tour the Kalash Valleys of Chitral

Five to six hours drive along with Lowari Tunnel, Passing through awesome towns and villages Dir and many other small villages. The drive along the mesmerizing landscape adds to the joys of your holidays on 30 days tour in Pakistan trip.

Chitral is an isolated 230-kilometer-long valley in the northwestern corner of Pakistan. The Hindukush Range is dominated by Tirich Mir (the highest Peak in Hindukush 7,790 meters) separated by Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. It is divided by Hunza, Gilgit, Swat, and Dir on the east and south.

Chitral offers several treks that are greener than those in the Karakorum and Himalaya Ranges. The Hindukush are generally lower and jagged than the Karakorum and lower Chitral, which is just on the edge of the monsoon belt.

Further north outside the monsoon belt, the valleys look more like the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The villages formed small irrigated fields along the rivers. Even in the north, though, there are reasonably large pastures at high altitudes and on the passes.

How is Chitral Accessible

Chitral is accessible from Islamabad Peshawar and Gilgit Baltistan easily with paved roads and by air. It has great potential for tourism for nature lovers. There are mountain climbing, lovely passes for trekkers, and rich history for those who like to experience historical places. 30 days tour will enable you to learn awe-inspiring things in whole tours and hikes.

Tour agencies in Pakistan organize trips for all those who wish to visit looking to their special interest. For a detailed description of your interest go to the concern pages and contact find out your destination Holiday Hikes is always there to reply to your queries and make your trip joyful and full of fun. It is the only company that designed this trip. The people of Chitral are tourist-friendly with their long hospitable culture. There are several hotels to stay you may choose the one best fit for you.

Pakistan Tour Visit the Scenic and Unique Kalash Valleys of Rumbor and Bombreth

A four-hour drive from Chitral is an interesting drive along the Kalash River on a rough tiny road. It is a fascinating full highlight and funs the road of 30 days tour in Pakistan.

The prime attractions of Chitral are the Kalash Valleys, the home of non-Muslims. It is situated southwest of Chitral town between Kunar River and the Afghan Border. These valleys Bumboreth, Rumbur, and Birir are on the edge of the monsoon belt. So the vegetation is dense with large walnut and fruit trees are draped in grapevines swiftly flowing streams. Lush green fields with wheat, barley, maize, vegetables, fodder, and steep ridges with evergreen forest are the beauty of the valleys. Touring the 30 days in Pakistan is the best experience in life.

The 5,000 Kalash live in about 20 villages in three separate valleys. In the lower ends of Birir, Bombutreth and Rumbur were once part of neighboring Afghanistan. The whole area was called Kafristan (land of infidels). Later in 1896, they were forcibly converted to Islam and the name of their homeland changed into Nuristan (the Land of Light).

The Chitrali Kafir Kalash still follow their religion, a mixture of animism and ancestor and fire worship). Certainly, they retained some of their original cultures. However, some of the younger girls use to observe Purdah and changed into modernism. That has been affected by the neighboring communities.

Women in Kalash Valley Dress a colorful dressing

Kalash women wear their culturally decorated dress at all they hang multiple strings. The red beads and plait their hair into five narrow braids, which stick out from under the magnificent headdress. The Kalash men wear ordinary shalwar Kameez (common in the whole of Pakistan) and indistinguishable from their Muslim neighbors. Now a day’s most young girls do not allow to take pictures. If you are a female tourist could be possible to convince, but still, they are tourist-friendly. You can visit their homes and villages comfortably and they show their culture of hospitality.

Pakistan Tour Drive to Mastuj to the North of Chitral

This is a six-hour interesting dive to the North of Chitral on Yarkhun Road. There are charming villages in Chitral with a spectacular views of snow-covered mountains that are eye-catching. Tiricnhmir is your company for three hours. Furthermore, Boni Zom, Istro Nal, and many other above 6,000 peaks are staying on your head until getting to Mastuj. Mastuj is the central town of North Chitral it was once the center of the Kingdom before 1973 the end Kingdom system in North Pakistan. Their couple of hotels stays both standard and normal. You may choose the one for your choice.

Drive to Yasin over Shandur Pass (3740) an amazing day of the 30 days Pakistan Tour

Wow! It is a surprising 6-7 hour drive on rough road along with beautiful Villages of East Yarkhun on Shandur Road. The journey begins early morning from Mastuj two hours to Shandur Pass and the highest Polo ground in the world Shandur has no alternative anywhere else. You will witness it by yourself. The Shandur Pass, Shandur Lake, and the Shandur Polo ground are unbelievable art of nature. You might know about the Shandur Polo Festival that is celebrated in July read more here.

Descending from Shandur you will be in another landscape very different from Chitral you have visited. You are entering Gilgit-Baltistan, especially the Ghizer District (The Land of Lakes). The crystal clear River Phander and blue sky lakes are surrounded by lush green meadows. Phander River is famous for trout fish in whole Pakistan there is parallel to it. An incredible part of the 30 days Pakistan tour.

We will have the taste of trout directly from the river. Passing through splendid valleys the scenic reaches Yasin Valley with amazing beauty of the landscape and hospitality of the people. In the afternoon you will visit Yasin Fort with an interesting story your guide will tell you about it. It is mind-blowing Yasin Valley. Like Mastuj there are a couple of hotels to stay in on your 30 days Pakistan tour.

Day trip to Darkot a village among Hindukush Mountain

The last village is surrounded by snow-capped mountains of the Hindukush Mountains. This is the hub of 5 passes and incredible history (Read here). Your guide will elaborate on the spot about the Chinese invasion over Darkot Pass, the Russian pushing back from the past, and the place where a British explorer George Hayward was murdered in the village the heartbreaking stories of Darkot Village.

You will listen to all about it at the real spot. In the afternoon drive back to Sandhi Village. This is the point where 4 days hike begins on 30 days Tour of Pakistan. Your four days trek leads to Ishkoman Valley over Assumabar Pass (4100m). Visit the Muduri Fort remains located in this village. From there you will have a view of the whole Yasin Valley and the unbelievable story of the fort.

3 Days Trekking and Camping From Yasin to Ishkoman during the Pakistan Tour along the Road


Trek to Anno Tek:

Four-hour walk from the village begins in a narrow valley along a stream flowing from Assumbar where your trek leads. There are dry hills in the surrounding area that are not interesting, but you will have incredible scenery as you go ahead. The valley gets wider and wider, and the landscape becomes more beautiful every day. August is the best time for this trek, with pleasant weather you will really enjoy. You will reach a small summer village called Ano Teck (that means at the pass). Camp at an altitude of 3100 m.

Trek to Mayor

Five hours of ascending all the way up and with fantastic views You will come across local people in summer pasture; they usually stay in the mountains with their cattle from May to October. You will be invited to have a cup of tea. If camp is near the huts, you will definitely be invited for dinner with local dishes. Your camp near the summer house is called Mayor. If you have enough energy to move one hour more up, there is another fantastic camping site with magnificent views at 4000 meters.

Trek to Janali across Assumbar Pass 4,100m crossing point on 30 days Pakistan Tour

Seven hours is a fantastic walk as the previous day ascending and climbing up, passing through more summer houses. Without a doubt, the scenery in the surrounding mountains, with its tiny peaks and green plateaus, catches the eye. However, the peaks are not high, but the beauty is stunning. The last part approaching the pass is an hour’s hard, steep, with steep slopes and slippery. Reaching the pass is your celebration of ending your ascent.

Now you will all the descending down and down very smooth walks that take you to a beautiful, huge grassy ground called Janali (which means Polo Ground in the local language). It is really a polo ground at 4000 m. You will camp here after tiring this day. This is on the Ishkoman site.

Trek to Assumbar and drive to Chatorkhand

Five hours of smoothly descending along the Assumbar Stream with the views of the Hindukush Mountains Far in the distance, the Karakoram to the east is mind-blowing. In addition, you will come across some summer houses in Gujar on Ishkoman’s side. They are quite different people than the people of Yasin Valley. However, their behavior towards tourists is friendly and also hospitable, but the women stay away.

Here the trek ends; when you reach Assumbar village, your car will pick you up there. Furthermore, a 30-minute drive to Royal Guest House for a staycation is an amazing place to relax. In the Royal Garden, pitching fruit directly from the trees is another unique experience on the 30-day Pakistan tour.

Tour the villages of Ishkoman Valley there are mesmerizing stories of the mountain communities

You will get up late in the morning and drive to the gateway to the Wakhan Corridor Emissions. Further, a nice place to peep into the valley is worth visiting. There is a charming village along the way. In the afternoon, you will go to the Dain Waterfall. You can either drive or walk there. Dain Falls is a high place above the villages, from where the views are exciting. On the way, you will visit some local houses to explore the lifestyle of the people in the region.

We have heard great things about the visitors here. Hopefully, you will enjoy it too and give us five stars as well. Moreover, there are many more things to experience with the fairy lady of Dain Village, who tells about your future and past by looking at the lines on your hands. This is an awesome day during the 30-day tour to Pakistan.

Drive to Karimabad Hunza Hunza Valley the popular tourist visiting part of Pakistan

Who doesn’t know Hunza in the world”? these are the words of most tourists in Pakistan

A two-hour drive along the Ghizer River on the Shandur Road to Gilgit You will pass through the charming villages of Punial and on down to Gilgit. You will visit Kargah Buddha, a rock carving beside the Kargah Nullah (steam) 6 km west of Gilgit. This is the most popular short outing from Gilgit. The Buddha figure is about 3 meters tall and looks down protectively over Gilgit. It was carved in the 7th century, and its workmanship reveals a talented master. A beautiful spot and stairs to climb up to have a close look at the Buddha

Gilgit is located in the heart of the Karakoram Range and is surrounded by lofty peaks, the most majestic being Rakaposhi. Gilgit is both accessible by road and by air; the road is a journey along the path of the ancient silk route. It is an unforgettable experience through winding valleys and tumbling waterfalls. In the afternoon, we will reach Karimabad, the top tourist spot in North Pakistan. In the evening, we will visit Eagle Nest Duiker and enjoy the sunset seen from there. The top highlight of the 30 days was the Pakistan tour. The mountains in the surrounding area are mesmerizing.

30_Days_Tour_Pakistan_to_Explore_from_the_ South_to_West_North_and_East
Hunza River-Pakistan Tour

Visit Altit and Baltit forts; hike to Duiker. After sunset drive to Gulmit overnight

We will start our day by visiting the fairy-tale-like castle of Baltit, above Karimabad, which is a landmark. It was built about 900 years ago, and in 2004, it was tentatively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the visit to Baltit Fort, After lunch at a traditional Hunza home, we will visit Altit Fort and Duiker. You will drive to Gulmit on the Karakorum Highway. The main highlights of the day are the rock carvings on the road and Atta Abad Lake on the Pakistan 30-day tour.

Drive to Khunjerab Pass and back to Post

One of the interesting days of the 30-day Pakistan tour reached Khunjerab Pass (4,740 meters). This is the highest point you reach by car on this memorable tour of Pakistan. The border between Pakistan and China is the main source of development in North Pakistan. The tourism industry in Hunza flourished because of this road. There are great views, and all the stunning, tiny snow-capped peaks are heart-touching. You will have a great journey on this day, without a doubt.

Drive to Gilgit on the way back on the same route

Visiting Borith Lake above Hussaini Village and the suspension bridge at Hussaini, then going down to Gilgit In the afternoon, visit the market in Gilgit. It is worth visiting and experiencing the market in the mountains. This journey goes under the stunning views of Rakaposhi and its fellow mountains.

Drive to Tato & trek to Fairy Meadows:

Drive to Raikot Bridge, where we will leave our car and take a Jeep to reach Tato. From Tato, there is another three-hour trek to Fairy Meadows. The jeep road ends at Tato, and it is another 3 hours’ walk to reach Fairy Meadows. You will take a rest at an Alpine hut surrounded by trees and lush green meadows. a surprising view of Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world. An unforgettable moment of my 30-day tour of Pakistan

Free day or day hike to Nanga Parbat Base Camp and back to Fairy Meadows for overnight:

The optional day hike up to Nanga Parbat base camp does involve a relatively long day of trekking. The trek follows a walk on a narrow goat path along a ridge overlooking Raikot Glacier. It descends into a stream originating from the melting Ganalo Glacier. Once across the stream, the trek rises to the top of a ridge at the base of the snowy mountains.

Another descent leads to a narrow reach of Ganalo Glacier marked by ice walls and big boulders that afford access across the glacier. Following the glacier, the trek rises again, leading now to a wider grassy plain and meadows in the wilderness with wildflowers above the tree line. Nestled between the monumental peaks, the Nanga Parbat base camp (3,967 m) offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, huge masses of snow, and the frozen world. We can either camp or stay in a room near the base camp at Bial, an interesting place with a clear view of Nanga Parbat.

Trek to Tato drive to Raikot Bridge with jeep and Transfer to Car and drive to Astore

Seven hours from Raikot, you will continue on the Karakoram Highway and turn towards the second-highest plateau in the world. Deosai is located between the great mountain ranges of the Himalaya and Karakorum at an altitude of 4,100 m. The best part is that it is accessible from Skardu and Gilgit. Apart from these, there are many other highlights of your travels.

Tour the Astore Valley over Deosia Plateau to Skardu the Base of the Great Mountains

30 day tours in Pakistan continue to the south of Gilgit-Baltistan over the Deosai Plateau to Skardu. You will have an amazing experience with the remote inhabitants under the shade of great mountains. Then this journey will end by flying from Skardu to Lahore with a flag-down ceremony. Skardu is the hub of adventure holidays in Pakistan (click here for more information).

Your journey begins in the south, crossing a newly built Ramgot Bridge on the mighty Indus River, where the River Astore joins it a few meters earlier than the bridge. The road goes along the narrow gorge of Astore Valley, from where you can access the South and Rupal Faces of Nanga Parbat. Click hereHotel inHighwayof theIslamabad andpathsMeadows,for and Rama Meadows which are attractive tourist destinations in Astore Valley. The other important highlights are the ancient path to Ladakh and Kashmir and Islamabad Rawalpindi before the building of Karakoram High Way. You will stay the night in the Kamran Hotel Astore City.

Drive to Skardu via Deosia Plateau

Five hours One of the most important highlights and mind-blowing tourist destinations is the Deosia Plateau. This is a great attraction and an enjoyable journey to Skardu. The adventurous Deosia Plain starts by turning towards the east from Gorikot Astore. It is an interesting drive for nature lovers. This is the reason Holiday Hikes puts together a 30-day Pakistan tour to the best places.

The beginning along the roaring rivers welcomes the visitors with joy. Once you start to climb up from the Chilam Chowk towards Deosia, the landscape is amazing. The natural fresh air with flowers, wild bushes, and wild roses gives you the first surprise. Shoesar Lake, at a height of 4,000 meters, shows the real beauty of nature with its lovely silence and blue sky scene. It is surrounded by lush green meadows, and the reflection of snowy mountains is stunning. Many Pakistani tourists come to camp here during the summer.

Your journey continues further with fantastic views. The colorful flowers, bubbling springs, whistles of marmots’ colonies, trout fish, flying birds, and numerous wildlife add to the joys. Bara Panini is the most interesting and attractive highlight on your way. You will stop for chai and eat some basic food with beautiful views. The people prepare basic food items for travelers, which is amazing to stop for and be relaxed for one to two hours in the fresh air of nature. The whistling of marmots is heart-touching.

Camping at the Deosai Plateau is another highlight of 30 days Pakistan Tour

There are plenty of places that offer camping for one or more nights to enjoy the morning views of this great plateau. The crystal-clear streams are surrounded by colorful flowers and full of trout fish. If you are fond of fishing, of course, you may enjoy it there. You need a permit from the fisheries department for fishing in the Deosia Rivers. You may obtain it in the towns of Skardu and Astore before leaving on this trip. crossing Sadpara Lake near Skardu, the hub of the huge Karakoram Mountains. You may find your favorite place to stay and dine here.

The best places to see in the list of 30 days Pakistan Tour in Skardu

Skardu is the capital of Baltistan, located on the Indus River’s wide bank at the base of the great mountains. That includes the Karakoram Range, and Skardu is a famous destination for mountaineering expeditions. The Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp, and Concordia are all popular destinations for high-altitude trekkers. Click here. In the morning, we will visit the city and Kharpocho Fort; in the afternoon, we will drive to Shigar for an overnight stay. There is one of the best hotels in the Serena Hotels chain.

Shigar Valley Skardu-Pakistan Tour

Visit Shigar and fly to Lahore:

In the morning, explore the Shigar village, which is worth visiting to explore the living standards of the local communities. There is an interesting mosque about 700 years old, with the amazing architecture of the time. The old Shigar Fort, now converted into the Serena Hotel, is also a highlight of the village. Mid-day drive to Skardu to catch the flight to Lahore in the afternoon, but I need to check the latest schedule.

Lahore: Sightseeing Jahangir’s Tomb, Evening Wagah Border Closing Ceremony:

The sightseeing includes a visit to Shahi Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, and the Mausoleum of Emperor Jahangir, –It was built by Jahangir, who ruled the Mughal Empire from 1605 to 1627. The mausoleum is located in Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Punjab. Shalimar Garden, Shahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, and Lahore Museum are also part of the 30-day Pakistan Tour.

Flag Lowering Ceremony

You will attend an incredible event at the Wagah Border between India and Pakistan. This is something very unique where rangers from both sides of the border put up a fabulous display of parade and ritualistic flag lowering in a charged environment with people chanting slogans for their countries. This is something you can only witness here! amazing place to see people from both sides of the country (Pakistan and India). By the will, drive back to Lahore. The farewell ceremony in the Food Street Restaurant on the roof with lights watching the historical city of Pakistan

I am sure you will enjoy this long, brief post. If you are interested in it, whether the whole trip or a part of the 30-day Pakistan tour, You are warmly welcomed by Holiday Hikes Pakistan. We will be proud to show you the stunning places in our beautiful country. We are available 24/7 to reply to our clients’ queries. You can call us on the phone or write us via email at any time. Do not hesitate to ask any questions at any time.

We will be very glad of your input about this 30-day Pakistan tour or any other suggestion. Your feedback and suggestions will definitely support our development. Please leave your comment in the box below.

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