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  • History, Archaeology, Road Drives, Towns, Cities, Remote Villages, Mosques, Temples, Gurudwaras, Forts, Gardens, Remote Villages, Culture, and Tradition, Art, and Music: These are the best attractions in the entire country.


Pakistan is one of the countries in Asia with the best tourist attraction all over the country. You may find your favorite places wherever you go. Furthermore, there is a lot to see and learn. Pakistan has five provinces, all full of tourist attractions. You can fly to the destination from all over the world if you plan to visit it. You can easily book an international flight from the comfort of your home with a mobile phone. Furthermore, in Pakistan, you may also fly on domestic flights from one city to another. PIA is the best for booking your flights.

Apart from flights, the easiest way is to use land transport from one tourist attraction to another. Moreover, there are several companies in Pakistan that provide transport services. If you are in any city, town, or village, the internet has made life easy. You can book from your mobile phone. Above all, the internet is available all over the country, even in the mountains as well. In the mountains of Pakistan, the Special Communication Organization (SCO) has done a great job of providing the internet.

What are the best tourist attractions in Pakistan?

Most importantly, it depends on your interests and likes. As I mentioned above, Pakistan has great tourist attractions and holiday destinations. From the southern Arabian Sea to the mountainous North Khujerab Pass (the border between Pakistan and China). Certainly, it has diverse beauty from city to city, village to village, and valley to valley. Now it’s up to you and the visitors. What do you like, see, and do? Holiday Hikes Pakistan provides you with all the information about the different tourist attractions. Stay tuned to find your holiday destination.

Top Best Tourist Attractions of Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan’s Sindh Province. It is located to the south, bordering the Arabian Sea. There are thousands of tourist attractions where you can go and enjoy your vacation. There are the best hotels to stay at and dine at. The hotels are of different standards, from 5 stars to 0 stars. It depends on your choice of interest and the financial situation that you choose. Like that, there are thousands of places to eat in the city. Whatever food you may enjoy in Karachi,

The Best Tourist Attractions in Karachi (Sindh Province)

As I mentioned above, you have a variety of attractions to visit. It is up to you to chooseWe can write It is possible for us to write all of them in a single post. Stay connected with us and enjoy reading and finding out about the tourist attractions wherever you go. For more details on historical places in Karachi click here.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions worth visiting

  1. Clifton Beach
  2. National Museum of  Pakistan
  3. Pakistan Air Force Museum
  4. Mohatta Palace Museum
  5. Pakistan Maritime Museum
  6. Mizar-e-Quaid (Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum)
  7. Frere Hall
  8. Teen Talwaar
  9. Empress Market
  10. Hawks Bay
  11. Dream World
  12. Hilal Park
  13. Safar Park
  14. Qui-de-Azam House
  15. Park Tower
  16. Zamzama Park
  17. Beni Qasim Park
  18. Hill Park
  19. Indus Scuba
  20. Karachi Golf Club
  21. TDF Magnifie Science Children Studio
  22. PIA Platinum
  23. The Great Fiesta Water Park
  24. Chuakandi Tombs
  25. Jheel Park
  26. Art City
  27. Karachi Zoo
  28. Far Adventures
  29.  Gandhara Art
  30. Shaukandi Gallery
  31. Churna Island
  32. Saints Patrick Cathedral
  33. Sea View Beach
  34. Kidz Dunya
  35. Darya Lal Sankat Mandir

All of the above-mentioned places are interesting to visit in Karachi to experience the attractions. Obviously, in future posts, we will write about all these and their importance.

The Indus Valley Civilizations are the top tourist attractions in Karachi. Ancient history lovers will enjoy visiting there. Mohenjdaro has the remains and ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization from 2600–to 1900.

The Indus Valley Civilization, also known as the Harappa civilization of Indus civilization, was a Bronze Age civilization in the northwestern regions of South Asia. That lasted from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE, and from 2600 BCE to 1900 BCE in its mature form. We will go into more detail in the coming posts. Furthermore, there there are amazing historical places must visit in life.

What is the best time to visit Karachi’s best tourist attractions?

It is industrial as well as being at the lowest altitude closer to the equator, it is hot throughout the year. So, the best time to enjoy your holiday visiting tourist attractions is in winter. In the summer, the temperature reaches 50 C sometimes. Winter is pleasant in the south of Pakistan.

famous tourist attraction in Punjab Province

The top place for tourist attractions is the city of history, Lahore in Punjab. Punjab is the largest populated province in Pakistan in the east. It borders India in the south. It is called the “city of history” of course it is rich in historical attraction. This city has amazing historical places and buildings. There is a lot to see and do. Enjoy your holidays. The best part is that you can reach here by flying from any country in the world on an international flight. From Lahore, you may find flights to any other city in Pakistan as well.

One of the top tourist attractions in Lahore is the best land transportation. You can find buses and train services to other cities in the country very easily. Moreover, if you hire your car, there are many good rent-a-car services in Lahore. In addition, the people of Lahore are tourist-friendly. It also adds to the attractions of the city. Above all, there are places to visit within walking distance, so you can walk and enjoy more sights than driving in a car.

The historical attractions in Lahore are above all other parts of the country. There are several Mughal architectural styles from the Mughal period. This is the thing that adds to the beauty of Pakistan. For your ease, we will discuss each of the tourist attractions in the city in detail. Holiday Hikes aims to find out all the best places in Pakistan and bring them to the site to show interested visitors. Based on our vast experience, we know the tune of the visitors.

The places to stay and eat

The food of Lahore is one of the best highlights in tourist destinations, of course. You will find a variety of foods; the cheapest ones and the most expensive ones. Many restaurants serve delicious food. For staying in hotels, the cheapest ones, and the most expensive ones as well. The best part is that they are all available on the internet. You do not need to be bothered about how to find it. Google made it easy for us to look at our fingerprints. Now, it is your time to choose which hotel and restaurant you want to stay at and dine at.

Lahore Fort Best tourist Attraction
Lahore Fort

The Top Best Tourist Attractions in Lahore

Lahore is rich in tourist attractions as it is the capital city of Punjab Province, Pakistan. It has a great history with the Mughals. It has a great history dating back to the British Period. All of the histories of Pakistan begin in this amazing city in the country. Once you are in Lahore, you will be amazed by it. There are thousands of tourist destinations here. Without a doubt, we will show you some of the top ones near the city.

  1. Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort)
  2. Shish Mahal
  3. Badshahi Mosque Lahore
  4. Minar-e-Pakistan
  5. Lahore Museum
  6. Jahangir Tomb
  7. Shah Jahan Tomb
  8. Shalimar Bagh
  9. Havili Nau Nihal Singh
  10. Lahore Zoo
  11. Bagh-e-Jinnah
  12. Wazir Khan Masjid (Mosque0
  13. MM Alam Road ( famous for shopping & Eating)
  14. Gulabi Bagh
  15. Punjab University Building
  16. Tomb of Dai Anga
  17. Wagah Gate (border between Pakistan and India
  18. Data Darbar
  19. Delhi Gate
  20. Anarkali Bazar
  21. Food Street
  22. Maqbar-e- Anarkali ( will learn an amazing story)
  23. Lava  Temple
  24. Cathedral Church of Resurrection
  25. Sunheri Mosque
  26. Marry Magdelene Church
  27. Qazafi Stadium
  28. Matan Chand Mandir Temple
  29. Lahore Railway Station (Lahore Junction)
  30. National History Museum

There are hundreds of exciting tourist attractions in Lahore. We mentioned here some of the top interesting ones must visit. Apart from all the GT Road from Lahore to Rawalpindi and Peshawar is full of history. The modern motorway from Lahore to Islamabad and Peshawar has mind-blowing highlights. Once you are in Pakistan you must visit these places for your holiday joys. We will walk you through all the holiday destinations in the entire province. Holiday Hikes is committed to unveiling the hidden treasures of Pakistan.

Harappa the Indus Civilization in the Punjab Province

The ancient historical tourist attraction of the Punjab Province is Harappa Civilization. Harappa is a village in the eastern Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located on the left bank of the Ravi River, west-southwest of the city of Sahiwal, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) southwest of Lahore.

The Highlights of Road Journey Lahore to Islamabad

While driving from Lahore to Islamabad the way has great tourist attractions. You may spare a day for it to visit and enjoy. While taking the road on Sargodah Hiran Mahal is one of the best outings from Lahore. Furthermore, moving to GT Rad Rothas Fort a Mughuls huge fort in Sher Suri is worth visiting. Moreover, the Khewra Salt Range the second largest salt mine is located on this road. A train with a guided tour of the tunnel is a great highlight of the day. 

Further up, Katas Raj at Kala Kahar has an amazing story of the Shiva brothers. You will enjoy visiting this amazing place. There is the Satghara Hindu Temple. Their pool claimed the tears of Sheva after the death of his wife, Parvati. To the south of Kala, Kahar Malot is another highlight, with Hindu temples of the 8th century. And above all, the spectacular views from Malot are awe-inspiring.

The famous Twin Cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is the modern city of Pakistan. It was built after the partition in 1958. Until this time, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. This is a great idea to make Islamabad under the shade of the Margala Hills. There are many interesting places for outings. Margala Hills are the top attractions for tourists to visit. There are different trails for walking. As well, there are roads for cars to drive up to the hills and enjoy the stunning views. From some viewpoints, you have a beautiful view of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Daman-e-Koh is the best place to go for this view. You can go either in a small car or on a big bus. You may hire a car or go in passengers’ vans. There are some great restaurants to eat at with incredible views.


Rawalpindi has unique tourist attractions with its old clusters of bazaars and buildings. Visiting the old city is mind-blowing. The people here are tourist-friendly. If you are a foreign tourist, they will be very happy to see you. Furthermore, asking questions like “Where are you from?” Do you like Pakistan? These are some normal, funny questions. Their very interesting offering of cold drinks and tea is their unbelievable custom. Above all, Rawalpindi is the hub of transportation to all other parts of Pakistan.

Places to stay and eat in Rawalpindi

There are thousands of hotels to stay at in Rawalpindi, mostly for middle- and lower-class people. All the hotels have the best facilities for you to enjoy your stay. The basic needs of today’s Internet are almost available in every hotel. For eating, there are more than a thousand places in the streets. Make sure of the cleanliness if you go to a street restaurant. Apart from these, there are special restaurants as well where you can choose your favorite food. The city has many attractions for tourists to enjoy.

Pirwadai is the best place to go anywhere in Pakistan from the General Bus Station

This is one of the most important places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Why? Because in all the cities of Pakistan, you have a transportation system from here. There is the largest bus station in the middle of the city. If you want to go anywhere in Pakistan, you will find this place has great tourist attractions for solo travelers.

Places to stay and eat in Islamabad with the best tourist attraction

In the capital city of Pakistan, we have five-star, four-star, and three-star hotels to stay at. Most of the hotels provide you with comfortable services. There are amazing places to eat. You will find whatever food you like. One of the best attractions is the Kabul Restaurant in the capital city of Pakistan. All the tour agencies offer welcome and farewell dinners there for the clients. You should have this delicious food there. For all kinds of people, some hotels are cheaper and more expensive. The Serena Hotel and Marriott ahe 5 stars.

We will provide you with the complete details of the best attractions and places to stay in them in the coming posts. Stay tuned with Holiday Hikes Pakistan to find your favorite holiday destinations.

Places of attraction for tourists in Islamabad

There are numerous places in Islamabad and nearby. We are providing you with a list here. We come with full details for your ease in the future.

  1. Shah Faisal Mosque
  2. Islamabad Museum
  3. Loke Virsa Museum
  4. Islamabad Monument
  5. Shakar Pierian
  6. Rawal Dame
  7. Daman-e-Koh
  8. Bari Imam
  9. Saidpur Village
  10. Nurpur Shahan Village
  11. Margala Hills
  12. Jinnah Super Market
  13. Islamabad Sports Complex
  14. Centuras Shopping Mall
  15. Islamabad Art Center
  16. Parliament and Supreme Court Buildings
  17. Sunday Bazaar (Friday, Tues and Sunday)

These are some of the tourist attractions you can visit to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Capital of Pakistan. Apart from these, there are many more to see there walking around. The best is some of the above-mentioned places offer stunning views of the twin cities.

Best Tourist Attractions in Rawalpindi

One of the oldest cities in Pakistan. Rawalpindi offers a great attraction for tourists to enjoy holidays. Here is a list of some of the top destinations.

  1. Raja Bazaar
  2. Sangni Fort
  3. Juma Masjid
  4. Ayub National Park
  5. Liaqat Bagh
  6. Liaqat Memorial Halls and Garden
  7. Saddar Bazaar
  8. Nawaz Sharif Park
  9. Cathedral Church Saddar
  10. Army Central Library
  11. Poonch house
  12. Gakhar Plaza
  13. Hindu Temple in Raja Bazaar

All these above are the main highlights he Rawalpindi. There are several minor places and things that have high attractions. We will be there with details and what to do on this website. 

Places nearby Islamabad for sightseeing

They’re some of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan are nearby Islamabad. An incredible outing from the capital city. You can visit and come back to your hotel.

Taxila is the most interesting place. 30 KM on the GT Road to the North You are crossing Margala Pass to reach the best place to visit. It is famous for the Gandhara culture. There are about eight interesting sites with ruins of the Gandhara Civilization. Stupas, statues, and the remains of buildings tell you an amazing story. The sites are very interesting, with stunning viewpoints.

Taxila Museum has great collections collected from different sites. They tell all about the culture of the Gandhara Civilization. They are a great attraction for history lovers. Without a doubt, you will enjoy this outiThesehere amazing displays of the collections of the materials with their history and use. A guided tour is more interesting to know about all.

Hasson Abadal is the best tourist attraction to go to from Islamabad.

Hasson Abdal is another tourist attraction outing from Islamabad. Here you will learn about Sikhism and its history. The Sikh Gurudwara is worth visiting it tells you about Sikhism and its period here. They gather here for the Baisakhi Festival every year in April. It is famous for the Shrine of Siant Baba Wali is also located in Hasson Abadal. There are some of the Mughal Tombs near the gurudwara Maqbara Hakimian

Terbela Dam: The best attraction near Islamabad

A most amazing day outing on the way to Peshawar Terbala Dame. You may drive about 40 kilometers from the capital city of Pakistan. The dame was built on Kabul and Indus rivers which flow to the Dame. The dame is the most important source of power for the surrounding areas. It has also the best attraction for nature lovers.

Close to the Terbela Dame Attock Fort is another Tourist attraction. It is of the time of Mughal Emperor Akbin er 1580. Another attraction is the Sher Shah Suri Caravan Saria below the fort. The outing from Islamabad is full of fun you will enjoy it.

What is the best time to visit all these best destinations?

In my experience, most people visit Pakistan in the summer months. This time the heat reaches its highest point. I hexperiencedence hearing 50 C in Lahore in July. This is the reason visitors cannot see most of the best tourist attractions. As a result, I suggest visiting these areas from October to March. These are the months you have pleasant weather in the plains of Pakistan. Although, in summer is best to visit the north of Pakistan. This is especially for adventure holidays.

Peshawar, the Capital of KPK Province’s best tourist attractions

Khyber Pukhatun Khaw (formerly known as Northwest Frontier Provinces) is rich in tourist attractions. It lies in the northwest of Pakistan. Peshawar the capital city 230 Km from Islamabad is the best destination for history lowers. You will mind-blowing highlights in Peshawar like in the other cities. It is also accessible by road and air from out of the country. Khyber Pass the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan adds to the attractions. You may have a great day outing from Peshawar (need a permit for it).

Apart from this, Peshawar has awesome attractions. Furthermore, an outing from the city has attractions and enjoyable destinations. The main road to Swat Valley and Lawari Tunnel to Chitral is an exciting journey. This journey has many beautiful tourists who stop staying the night and enjoy the sightseeing. Swat is the best place to spend a few days and enjoy its scenic beauty and archaeological sites. We will discuss it in the coming posts.

Places to stay in Dine in Peshawar

Like in other cities in Pakistan, there are wonderful hotels and restaurants to stay in and eat at. The top attractions in Peshawar are street food. Never miss the Charsi Kabab of Namak Mandi.

Moreover, many more interesting restaurants serve food. The best thing is the market streets offer clean and healthy food in Peshawar.

Here are some of the best tourist Attractions in Peshawar

  1. Peshawar Museum
  2. Muhabat Khan Mosque
  3. Qisa Khani Bazaar
  4. Barra Market
  5. Sethi Streat
  6. Gor Khatri
  7. Balahisar Fort
  8. Sadar Bazaar
  9. Cloth Bazaar
  10. Meena Bazar
  11. Andaeshah Bazaar
  12. Namak Mandi :
  13. The Afghan Carpet Center
  14. Khyber Bazaar
  15. All Saints Church,
  16. Khyber Gate
  17. Shalimar Garden
  18. Ziarat Rehman Baba
  19. Akhun Dar Wazir, Baba Tomb
  20. Kotla Mohsin Khan Gate and Tomb
  21. St. John’s Cathedral
  22. Peshawar Club
  23. Edward College

Sightseeing attractions from Peshawar day trips

Apart from the above attraction, there are amazing places to go from Peshawar for a day trip. Khyber Pass the border between Pakistan and Afghan is the main highlight of Peshawar. Jamrud Fort (from 1836 Sikh General Sing Built) is another day trip. Furthermore, Shagai Fort, Ali Masjid Fort, Warsak Dame, Landhi Kotal, and Torkham are the best outing from Peshawar.

Finally, Holiday Hikes Pakistan is proud to provide you with the best tourist attractionWe we will come with more detailed information. If you wish to go on a trip to Pakistan we are there 24/7 to plan your holiday trips.

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