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The Muree District of Punjab, Pakistan, has the mountain resort city of Murree, which is one of the best places to visit. It is situated in the Galyat area of the Pir Panjal Range. It is located around 30 kilometers northeast of Islamabad and is part of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. Murree is 2,291 meters above sea level on average.

It is one of Pakistan’s most well-known and significant summer tourist destinations. Murree is a stunning mountain resort that draws visitors from around the world. Furthermore, the visitors in the summer visit to escape the oppressive heat. However, in the winter, when access to the northern regions closes, some opt to remain adjacent to see the snow.

Therefore, there are lush green trees, chilly temperatures, clean air, and stunning valleys. Most importantly, the clouds overhead give one the impression that they are hugging them. Among the attractions of Murree are Ayubia, Nathiagali, Murree Hills, Pindi Point, and Kashmir Point.

Places to visit in Muree in winter
Winter in Murree-Photo@Pexel

Why is Muree a Famous place for Visiting?

Without a doubt, it is one of the unique places that has access from the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad. Apart from these, this mountain resort is also accessible from the surrounding larger cities of Pakistan. That is included Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, and other tows.

Above all, there are many things to do and see in Muree to enjoy the holidays. Its geographical location and the beauty of the landscape attract people to visit there. We explain all here in this article all the tourist attractions and things to do in Murree.

Bhurban Muree is the top touristic places

The beauty of Bhurban is above all in Muree because of the magnificent landscape and friendly environment. Staying and dining in PC Bhurban adds to the joys of your holidays as well. It has the most popular places to see and the road to beautiful Kashmir also leads from here.

Beautiful Place Nathia Gali Murree

The most popular place to visit Galiyat in Murree District is Nathia Gali, which also has a significant impact on the community. Additionally, this mountain, which is located at an elevation of 2560meters, is 35 kilometers from Murree and Abbottabad. The Nathiagali also provides amazing views of the Kohistan and Kashmir mountain ranges. On a clear day, it is possible to glimpse the massive Nanga Parbat Mountain Must Visit Places in Murree.

Chair Lift Patriata best place to visit in Murree

Certainly! Approximately 15 kilometers from the Main Murree Famous Places, Murree in Patriata near Lower Topa is growing in fame every day. In order to accommodate more tourists visiting the area, the hill station in Murree was recently constructed. The 7 km journey from Patriata to New Murree is made possible by top-notch chairlifts and cable cars. Additionally, families and couples will enjoy this region’s high mountains, gorgeous hills, and beautiful landscape of Murree Tourist Places.

Beautiful places to visit Murree in summer
Summer in Muree-Photo@Khaleej Mag

The Best Attractions in Ayubia Murree

After Nathiagali, which is the most popular destination, many tourists visit Ayubia. It is Murree’s best place to visit and home to the 1,050-metre-high Ayubia National Park. The mountaintops within the valleys also soar to a height of 3,027 meters above sea level. The Murree Mountains are lush, and green, and have a lovely climate, which draws thousands of tourists each year.

The Best places to visit on Mall Road, Murree

Mall Road is one of Murree’s busiest markets. Similar to that, everything you may find here that makes Murree special may be here. The road is usually open until three in the morning, and because of the cold air and delicious food, it’s a terrific spot to walk. On the other side, this avenue is in fact teeming with people, lodging options, dining establishments, and shops selling trinkets.

The highest point in Murree, Kashmir Point, is one of the most well-liked holiday places in Pakistan due to its breathtaking surroundings and serenity. As a result, visitors swarm Kashmir Point every day. For tourists, it is the ideal trekking location. From here, one can see the snow-covered Kashmiri peaks. A Blue Sky day also provides a fantastic view of K2 (the second-highest peak in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Murree?

It definitely depends on your likes and dislikes it has different attractions in different seasons of the year. Summer is green with a pleasant climate and winter is cold with snow. So, this is your choice and interest to visit when do you want to visit places in Murree?

Are there places to visit aneat and stay in Murree?

Of course, there are cheaper and luxury places to eat and stay.

Are there Luxury hotels to stay and dine in?

Obviously, you will find all kinds of places to stay and dine suit to your budget.

How to reach Murree from Rawalpindi and Islamabad?

There is daily public transport available from Islamabad and Rawalpindi to go to Muree.

How can I arrange my special transport to visit the beautiful place Muree?

There are a lot of Rent Car Services to manage your transportation.

The best time to visit the best places in Murree

If you are a fan of witnessing the snow then plan your visit in the months of December and January. For spring beauty, March and April is the best time. Autumn’s colors are at their peak in the months of October and November.

Places to stay and eat in Murree

There are both inexpensive and expensive hotels, guest homes, resorts, and restaurants in Murree. Every palate can be satisfied by it. Des Pardes Murree, Osmania Restaurant, Thali Restaurant, Murree Tabaq Restaurant, and Red Onion are a few more of the city’s most well-known eateries.

KFC Gloria Jean’s Coffee, and Pizza Hut, are just a few of the multinational companies that Murree runs restaurants under.


Murree is one of the friendly zones that make your day joy full. Its landscape’s cold weather in the summer and white snow in the winter to visit the places in Muree have no parallel anywhere else. Certainly, millions of domestic tourists visit Muree because of its easy access. As mentioned above, there is a lot to do to enjoy the holiday trips. Their several winter places to visit with spectacular views.

Finally, Muree has multiple attractions; there is a thick pine forest, lush green landscape, tiny hills, and spectacular viewpoints. If you pay a visit you will really enjoy the exciting places of attraction. There are also dynamic places for day hikes as well. Don’t miss visiting this amazing place in Pakistan once you are there. During your visit to the places to Muree, you see the best of the best places and eat delicious food in the restaurants.

Hotels pick and drop; English and Urdu-speaking guides are available to make your visit comfortable.

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