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K2 Base Camp trekking and hiking is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Pakistan. Our trekking began on August 21, 2022, after we completed the second section of the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Traverse. Furthermore, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the successful completion of the three parts of the Hindukush and the first part of Karakorum Biafo Hispar. For a detailed itinerary, click here.

These were the most beautiful trekking and hiking to Thui Pass, Asumbar, and Naltar, In addition, it provides a great experience of diverse culture and landscape.

Stunning view of K2 from Concordia


Askole is the starting point of this amazing trekking and hiking adventure holiday destination. Thousands of trekkers from all over 5the the world come here to enjoy this adventure trip. We left the village early morning along with our 17 porters and 5 staff members. We have been very Lucky with the weather condition having a cloudy days otherwise it is beating the heat.

 There is an amazing change in the way a jeep road goes up to the parri 2. But we decided to walk to our camp Jula. It is a beautiful six hours walk with stunning views. The most beautiful views of the villages across the Braldu River. The confluence of the two rivers Biafo and Braldu is the best highlights of the first two hour walk.

Furthermore, the rocky needle pointing mountains all around the valley spectacular. Baifo Glacier and it’s gateway to the Snow Lake and Hispar Pass is antothe fascinating highlights of this  awesome trekking and hiking destination. I was here after three years whee I found a great change a new river here to reaching Corkfon which is the official paying stage of this trek but most trekkers do not camp. Obviously stop for lunch.

A New Experience on Baltoro Trek

The Biafo Glacier River is too high and we had to cross Polly Bridge which is fun but definitely time taking. We waited for more than an hour to cross all the porters and there was another foreign trekking group as well before us.

At about 11:30 a.m we reached the lunch place as usual our cook prepared wonderful lunch definitely we had it with fantastic views. As well as the weather was a blessing being a mild. After the lunch we continue to our camp Jula it was bit sunny this time but again the clouds covered it and really favourable for walking.

 Again there was a surprise for to see a long colorful suspension bridge on Domordu River to make it short to cross rather than a long traverse to the old Jula campsite which is about more than an hour walk. Certainly we arrived a new campsite in confluence of Braldu and Domordu Rivers under the prymid of Bakordass Peak 5809m beautiful peak of the day.

Obviously, it was an exciting trekking and hiking of the very first the last section of the Great Hindukush and Karakorum Treverse.

New Jula Campsite

On the second Day of the Trekking and hiking to the K2 Base camp

Today, on the 22nd of August 2022, we started as usual at 7:30 a.m. and were again blessed by the weather conditions. It was cloudy, and a beautiful breeze added to the joys of our day. The jeep road follows the Braldu River. We continued with spectacular views of the most beautiful mountains in the Liligo range, and Mango Gusar, at 6280 m above the Chin Kang River, was the best highlight of the morning walk. I also found many changes in the track all the way to Payu, which is made by the amazing Braldu River. This river moved westward. Anyhow, the rough Jeep road still continued.

The most interesting attraction of the day is how wide the valley gets as we move up. In addition to that, the views of the mountains are getting better as they rise. There is a point of the day before reaching our lunch spot we could view Broad Peak 8047 m on this day. But there was bad weather we couldn’t see it this day. We reached our lunch spot, the Monzong campsite; some trekkers camp here as well, but rarely. This is a sandy campsite with views of numerous peaks, in the rocky part of Payu Peak (6620 m). We had our delicious lunch with amazing weather conditions on this trekking and hiking day to K2 Base Camp and Ghondoghoro La.

Around 12 p.m., we started towards our next camp, the most beautiful campsite on the way to trekking on Baltoro Glacier and K2 BC.

More Highlights

Two hours after lunch, we could get to the amazing point to view the great mountains of Karakorum. Trango Towers, cathedrals,, and, above all, the views of the Baltoro Glacier is the most exciting moments of the day. As well, we can also see our campsite of the day getting closer, which is encouraging, but once you walk, it’s not much closer, but it takes time. We reached Payu, the campsite for this day, at 3:30 pm after walking six and a half hours.

 It was surprising this campsite was not tha6busy as it used to be. Thare are only two groups of us this day.

Day 3 Trekking and Hiking to K2 Base Camp

An exciting day began from Payu with cloudy weather condition and dynamic views of Trango Towers, Cathedrals, and Uli Biaho. We started at 7 a.m and arrived at the snout Baltoro Glacier after one half hour fantastic walk. Then we got on the moraine to climb up the glacier a rain drop forcedd us to put on our rain jacket. Few drops and stopped soon as I told my clients it will not stay long. We had fantastic time climb up the Glacier and continued up downs toward Liligo which is the normal lunch stop after 3 hours.

Soon after crossing the Glacier to the lateral moraine my client Ade Summers asked me that he is hungry as we did not plan to not stop for the lun. Obviously, it was a hard time for me as I offered some biscuits but he refused. Apparently, moving ahead I see some people at the lunch place from a distance and there is another group as my client Jasmine said that the other group is having lunch there.

Lunch breaking Spot

 As getting closer I recognized my great crew who stopped and prepared the lunch there wow! It was an amazing moment of the day for me.

As well as my clients faces shined reaching thEre and seeing there usual lunch on table and thanked to crew for their great job. We had our lunch with fascinating views of the great Tango Towers. Moreover, the weather was pleasant as well.

After having the lunch we continued along the leteral moraine for next two hours to our camp at Khurbutse. It was great walk while reaching the Liligo Glacier I found a big change of the glacier the trail. We got close to the camp and there was no path on the glacier and we had to cross pretty cold water flow down from the Liligo Glacier.

 I was looking around my cook Bilal called me on walking talking to cross the river below. We crossed this very cold river as well with some rain drops and wind. Any how we reached our campsite at 3pm. As usual, the Camp was full tents there more than 6 trekking groups in the camp here this day.

We had a rain at night soon after having our dinner about for an hour. Luckily, there were no any rock falls and other issues because of this rain.

Day 4 Trek to Urdukas the most beautiful campsite on Baltoro Trekking

This morning once woke up the weather was getting with some blue sky partly cloudy. As usual we had our break fast my clients were too happy with the weather. Furthermore, we started 7:20 am the short day to Urdukas. There was great weather stopping for pictures on the way reached at the campsite.  soon after about ten minutes walking we had the great view of Broad peak 8068 m the first view of eight thousands of this trek.

The  one hour on the leteral moraine and ïthen crossing Khurbutse Glacier and Urdukas Glacier as well as the fascinating views of Trango Towers, Payu Peak, Chirping, Cathedrals and many more above 6000s. It was an interesting day of the K2 Base camp trekking and hiking. We had our lunch with dramatic views from the Urdukas Camp.

In the as fternoon we had some rain in Urdukas. The campsite was pretty busy at noon. Many of the trekkers were on their way to cross Ghondoghoro La but the bad weather turned them all back. After lunch they went down to the next camp Now we are here on the way up two groups in Urdukas.We had rain all night with frequent breaks.

Day 5 Trek to Goro 2

As usual we had our breakfast at 6:30 a.m. It was still raining we decided to move and moved. As soon as we began walking itye rain stopped in Urdukas. After 20 minutes again started but we continued on our pace. There were dark clouds all around the views were still exciting. Amazingly, the rain stopped and again started in every 10 to minutes breaks. Whjile we got on the Baltoro Glacier leaving Yurmandu Glacier we had bright sun and the walk was fantastic and we got dry.

Certainly, after half an hour again the rained with frequent breaks. We arrived Goro 1 in five hours. As I was here after 3 years of my last trip in 2019. The path on the Baltoro Glacier changed a bit longer than earlier up to Goro 1. As well more up and downs. At 12 pm we arrived the camp found our crew preparing the lunch. Luckily, tye rain stopped while having our lunch.

 This time it took more time we had our lunch and continued to our next destination Goro 2. Obviously, we more up the scenery is more exciting for my clients especially the ice penetents of Goro 1 andb2. These are the main highlights of this afternoon.

We arrived Goro 2 at 2 clock with some sun shine our camp was already set up by our staff porters. Surprisingly, again started raining as the morning time with stops continued untill we had dinner at 7 pm. The whole night I heard rain drops on my tent. I went out for toilet coupe of times and there were were some stars in the sky still with rain drops unbelievable weather condition of my experience on K2 base camp trekking and hiking trips.

Day 6 Goro 2 to Concordia

As usual after having breakfast we started our 6th day hike towards Concordia. The weather was too bad small rain drops were in the morning. Later on, the stopped somewhere and rained again. We couldn’t see any of the mountains along the way. The main highlights of this day were Masherbrum and Mustagh tower but both covered with snow.

We stopped for a packed lunch as our clients suggested. The scenery from Goro 2 to Concordia is obviously mystical, but because of this long stretch of bad weather, we couldn’t see it well. We arrived at Concordia after 7 hours of walking. There were few groups around, and all were disappointed because they could not see the mountains for what they were. We arrived with raindrops and continued until the next morning with frequent breaks. We decided to move to Broad Peak Base Camp the next day.

Day 7 Trek 2 Concordia

The stunning view of K2 from Concordia

This is a smooth 7-hour walk with spectacular views. Unfortunately, we had bad weather and the views were not interesting as usual. There were dark clouds along the valley which is an unusual situation at this moment of the season. We had frequent rain on and off all the way to Concordia. Luckily, once we arrived in Concordia there was a sunshine to enable us to dry our tents and all wet clothing. We set up our tents and became relax for while. It was a boring day but Concordia is a great place to enjoy the day.

This is obviously, a place in the hub of mountains where fourteen glaciers meet in one place. Above all, the great view of the second highest mountain in the world, K2, As well as the Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 4 and numerous other mountains in the surrounding. Without a doubt, it is paradise on earth for nature lovers.

Day 8 Trek to Broad Peak Base Camp and hiking to the K2  Base Camp

This was an interesting day without any rain. We left Concordia at 8 o’clock in the morning. Our porters stopped after 3 hours of walking to make it shorter for themselves. It was about an hour before the real base camp at Broad Peak. Anyway, we arrived there by lunchtime, and after having lunch, we continued to hike to K2 base camp. It took us three hours on the white ice of Sovia Glacier to reach Gilky’s memorial near K2 Base Camp.

The best was no rain this day but still the mountains were in clouds we did not have views. My members were very happy to reach the memorials and took pictures of the base camp. We decided to return soon from there and walked back three hours back to our camp. Fortunately, we reached before getting dark at the camp. The day was full of joys.

Day 9 Trek to Shama towards Gasherbrum 1 & 2 Base Camp trekking and hiking

As usual we had our breakfast at 7 a.m and started the day by 8 a.m. As the previos day it was still cloudy but no rain. We walked back to the Junction of Gasherbrum and Broad Peak Glacier for 2 hours. Then another four hours to our next camp shama. As we planned to camp at Shama and the next day hike to Gasherbrum II Base camp.

We camp a new place near Shama it was a great view point from there. This day was also full joys and interesting experiences of the scenery. Above all, the water channels along the Gasherbrum Glacier are beyond the imaginationation. The views back to K2 and many other peaks and glacier are amazing. Every step was wow! The views are really fascinating once your are on this trip must not miss this amazing hiking. It is absolutely, an easy day hike from Concordia to Shama and back.

Day 10 Day Hiking to Gasherbrum II Base Camp and back to Shama

It was the most exciting days of this trip because this morning we could be able to see K2. In addition, the bad weather changed and we had some parts of the blue sky and sun. One of my member decided not go to Gasherbrum base camp. But the other member along with a porter and staff I decided to go on this day hike. We started our camp at 7 a.m and reached G-II Base Camp at 11 O’ Clock. It took us four hours to go up.

It was obviously, a nice sunny day we enjoy the beautiful secenry in the great Karakorum Mountains. As well as the giant glaciers of the Karakorum. It was a fascinating day with good weather and enjoyable scenerio. We walked back to our camp another four hours. Above all, it was an amazing day for us because for last 9 days we haven’t seen a sunshine.

Day 11 Trek to Concordia

Like yesterday, it was a good day we started back as usual at 7 a.m. We walked back to Concordia about four and half hours. It was fantastic day with sunshine and spectacular views of the majistic mounatains and glaciers. Our porters left us behind and took them three hours to reach as they too trikky short route. While approaching to concordia there long traverse to go down and back up to the campsite

This was an easy day for my clients as well. We reached our camp for the lunch withot having it on the way. We had great time enjoy the scenries arround Concordia.

Day 12 Rest day in Concordia

This was the rest day to be relaxed; usually, all the trekkers have it for the next Ghondghoro La. Our plan was to move next to Ali Camp and cross Ghondoghoro La to Hushe and Skardu. Here, I heard from my porters that the rescue team has closed the fixed rope and taken it down. This made me disappointed and I did not believe it as most porters don’t want to go this way.

My clients took a rest day, but I myself and porter Sirdar visited Ali Camp to make sure to see the rescue team there. The rescue team had gone, and we could not go over Ghonghoro La. It was a very sad moment of this trip, trekking and hiking. As our mission from Chitral to Hushe became incomplete because of the early closing of the rescue camp at Ali Camp

This is the reason we came back on the same route Askole. It took us five normal days to reach back Askoe.

On day 13 we camped at Goro-I 14 Khurbutse, 15 Payu 16 Old Jula and day 17 Akole

Day 18 Drive to Tisar Shigar and Stayed one night in Shigar. We visited the 6 years old Shigar Fort. This fort is now Serena hotel one of the best hotels in Skardu Valley.

Day 19: We drove to Skardu and walked up to Sadpara Lake. We had a 3-hour walk in the hot sun and returned two hours later after visiting Manthal Budha Rock as well.

This was an interesting trekking and hiking trip with great memories and experiences. We had a great 56-day trip from Chitral with the name “Great Hindukush and Karakoram Traverse 2022.” There is a diverse landscape, culture, traditions, and people from valley to valley. The three group members and five staff started the trek from Gazin Valley Chitral and ended in Skardu. Click here for the beginning.

Finally, these amazing trips end in Skardu with awesome memories and experiences. If you wish to enjoy such an exciting trip, write us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance to K2 Base Camp from Askole?

It is 180 km to go and return to Askole.

How many days do I need for the K2 Base Camp Trek?

It takes about 3 weeks to make the complete trek comfortably. However, some people do it in two weeks as well.

What is the best time to go for K2 Base Camp Trek?

The best time is June to October.

Is there any difficulty to go on this trek?

Of course, some parts of the trek have some difficulties like walking and sleeping in high altitudes as well as glacier moraines.

What is the height of the K2 base Camp in meters?

It is at 5,551 meters.

Can I do K2 Base Camp Trek without a guide and porters?

No, you cannot do it without a guide you need a licensed guide to get permit to go on K2 trek.

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