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Terichmir Base Camp Trek

Terich Mir Base Camp Trek 

Trip Highlights:


    • Amazing Flight, Lawari Tunnel, Kalash Valleys, Chitral Town, Remote Villages, Rivers, Mountains, Glaciers, Camping, Sleeping in Tents, etc.

Duration: 10–15 days

The Hindukush Mountain Range is

Max altitude: 4700 m

Trek Standard: Easy to Moderate

Zone: Open

Best time to visit: June to October


Terich Mir is the highest mountain in the Hindukush Range and the world outside of the Himalayas and Karakoram Range. It is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan’s Chitral District. There is easy access, passing through charismatic landscapes with stunning views. The Terichmir Base Camp Trek is one of the amazing trips in the Hindukush Mountains.


The Hindukush Mountains are a mountain range in northwest Pakistan. Furthermore, there are several mountains above 6,000 meters that offer awesome trekking opportunities among them. The highest mountain in the Hindukush is Terich Mir, at 7,708 meters. In addition, this is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and offers a fantastic trek to the base camp. This famous mountain is located in the northwest of Chitral. The Terich Valley is one of the largest valleys in Chitral. Terich Mir Base Camp Trek begins from Shogram, where Terich Guest has a beautiful garden for camping with amazing people in the guest house.

The Highlights of the stunning Trek

Obviously, the Terich Mir Base Camp trek has amazing highlights. It is a three-day trek that begins at Terich Guest House. The people here are very friendly, and your porters are quite helpful. Without a doubt, I had a great experience leading groups there. Above all, the scenery on the whole trek is heart-touching. Most importantly, you will pass through beautiful summer pastures, birch forests, and colorful grass. Walking on the Terich Glacier is a lovely experience on the white ice, quite different from the Karakorum Glaciers. I have walked on numerous glaciers, but this one is interesting. The walk is smooth and gradually ascends.

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Chitral to Terich Phurgram is a 6–7-hour drive.

In the morning, you will set off toward the Terich Mire Base Camp. The best part is that Terich Mir is facing you as you enter the Terich Valley. Surprisingly, it disappears as you get closer to it in the Terich Valley until you reach the second camp, which is the base camp. Your drive leads through charming villages and stunning views throughout the day. The first two hours to one of the largest villages, Boni, is on a good metaled road.

Then zigzag up to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding vast desert. From here, you enter a wide valley on a narrow, rough road. The views are mesmerizing, with green fields and huge apricot and apple trees. The Terich River on the other side is an amazing experience. Our trips are made even more enjoyable by the scenic views of the white towering beautiful mountains of Hindu Kush, Boni Zom (6,551 meters), Istoro Nal, and many others. Although the road is rough and bumpy, it is part of the adventure. This is the greatest memory of my life: being here and enjoying the real natural beauty of the landscape.

Arriving at Shim at the end of the jeep road, the welcoming of the guest house owner is something unbelievable. In the afternoon, you will arrange your porters for the next trek to Tirich Mir Base Camp. There will be some negotiating moments for your guide as the people are not used to this job. Their expectations are higher than the rules and regulations of the porters’ charges, unlike the porters in the Karakorum. The reason is that very few hikers and climbers have gone there in recent years.

Trek to Shinyak the first campsite on the way to Terichmire Base Camp

The day is very interesting, with superb views of the mountains and passing through beautiful summer villages all along the way. It is better to leave early in the morning if it is a sunny day to avoid the heat. You will walk along the Terich River that flows down from Terich Glacier up to Terich Mir Base. Crossing a beautiful summer village with small cottages is an exciting part of the trip with spectacular views. There are mountains, lush green meadows, and trees, giving a nice view. Most of the walking is smooth to reach your first camp.

A campsite is a beautiful place under the birch trees with crystal clear spring water at 3,400 m. You will have a great night with the sound of the river nearby. Arriving in the morning with the singing of birds is heart-touching. I used to come out of the tent to enjoy the birds’ voices. In 2016, I went on this trek during the month of Ramadan. Our porters were fasting (without eating and drinking). On such a hard walk, they managed to make it, and they are incredibly helpful and cooperative.

Trek to Shoghor Basing.

It is an interesting walk of about five hours with superb views of the Terich Mir group of mountains. We got up at 3:30 a.m. as our porters told us to be ready by 4 o’clock this morning because they had their breakfast at 2:30 a.m. and started to fast as they wanted to walk early before getting hot. The first one-hour walk of the day was hard at the beginning of the moraine of the Terich Mir glacier.

Then we got up to the white glacier, which is a smooth walk of three hours. However, the last twenty minutes are the same as the beginning while crossing the glacier. We reached a nice campsite with nice spring water and full of beautiful flowers and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. We arrived here by 9:30 a.m. after five hours. Our porters decided to move to the next camp to make it shorter for the next day.

We were happy with this idea and took a rest up to 1 o’clock. That was the time. We wanted to start, but by that time, they changed their mind and decided to stay here. We got a suspension because they decided to leave by 3 a.m. for us. It was hard. My clients decided to leave with our stuff and they would come in the next morning. We set off from there with one porter by 2:30 p.m., and it was an unbelievably hard walk of four hours.

It is on the last moraine of the Terich Mir Glacier, as we expected in two hours. The trek took us four hours to get to the Istoro Nal base camp at an altitude of 4,400 meters. It is the hardest walk of the Terich Mir Base Camp Trek, with ups and downs and boulders as well.

Terich Mir Glacier Near the Base Camp

Trek to Istro Nal Base Camp.

The hardest day of the Terich Mir Base Camp is if the trekkers normally The trek goes on the lateral moraine of the glacier as it begins to climb. There is no clear path except for some parts on rocks and boulders. You need to be very careful because some of the stones are moving. Most essential, mentally prepare for this ahead of time, since your guide will brief you in the evening. I usually used to do it while leading groups on this trip. On the other hand, the views are heart-touching.


Furthermore, getting close to the camp at Istro base camp is smoother. It also depends if there are climbers. It is not that hard and long. Obviously, for normal trekkers, it is a hard day. You will camp here at 4,400 meters with magnificent views of Terich Mir and fellow mountains.

An interesting story about my trip to Terich Mir Base Camp in 2016.

As I mentioned earlier, I was there in the month of Ramadan with two French climbers for Terich Mir. The day we were in Soghor Basing, our porter decided to leave in the afternoon for the next camp. We arrived there early in the morning, and the time was fixed for 1 p.m., but they changed their mind by the time. But I, with my clients, decided to leave with our stuff and let the porters go the next morning. It was to avoid the hot, sunny day of walking the next day.

The porters decided to go ahead the next morning. We left at 2 p.m. and arrived at Istrol Nal Base Camp at 6 p.m. It was a terrible day for me.

Surprisingly, the porters who were in the previous camp arrived by 1 a.m. They started at 9 o’clock after eating in the evening. It is unbelievable because the path here is hard, too steep moraine with moving boulders. They took a big risk, but luckily everyone got there without any problems. They decided to move towards the next-to-last camp after having their breakfast by 3 a.m.

Anyhow, they had their breakfast by the usual time and waited until 4 o’clock to wake the members. But one of the members was not feeling well and told them that they could go with the language. After dropping off, they came back, and it was a short two-hour walk. The porters left by 4 o’clock and came back to the camp at 7 a.m. We stayed there again for one more night. It was a better decision as one of the members had altitude sickness.

Trek to Terich Mir Base Camp

It is an easy two-hour walk with stunning views of the Hindukush Mountains. You will feel yourself in paradise on earth without a doubt. I have great experience of people who visited here and their unforgettable comments.

Then we moved to the Terich Mir Base Camp the next day. It is called Babu Camp as one of the guides, Babu Muhammad, from Chitral (passed away this year 2022). This camp is paradise on earth for adventure lovers. You get to the heart of the mountains, a nice campsite with clear spring water and flowers, with tiny grassy plates. It is windy all the time without stopping at an altitude of 4,700 meters. The views of the majestic mountains are mind-blowing. The landscape and glacier are similar to Baltoro Glacier and Concordia.

When did Terich Mir climb for the first time?

It was first climbed on July 21st, 1950 by a Norwegian expedition. Later on, this mountain was climbed by some more people. To the locals, it’s the mountain of fairies. A surprising story about most of the people who do not know that it has been climbed. They claim that nobody will be back if they go on this mountain. Terich Base Camp Trek is full of fun. I stayed there for one month with these two French climbers with an amazing experience. For the last time, they climbed until today.

Golen Gole Peak Terichmir Base Camp

A very important piece of advice for trekking to Terich Mir Base Camp

It is very important to make sure that you have the equipment you need for this trek. You will be the only trekkers there. If you are short of something, you won’t find it. It is visited by very few people. You must organize it with a reputed tour agency to be comfortable for your organization. I know very few people know the condition of this trek as I have been through the websites with wrong information. This one of the distinct adventure holiday destinations like Terich Mir Base Camp Trek.

Trek Back to Shogram from Terich Mir Base Camp

It takes an easy two days on the way back down from the base camp. Most of the climbers do it in one day. But the trekkers it is better to plan for two days if you are normal trekkers. Some of the nature lovers spend more days enjoying more as the walk back camp by camp. The views are the same. You may combine it with Zani Pass either while going up or back another interesting two days and see more.

Last but not least, Holiday Hikes Pakistan is the best option to organize this trip. Our guides and staff speak the language of Chitral and the organizer has led several trips to Terich Mir Base Camp.

You may combine this trek with the Shandur Polo Festival in the month of July. An exciting event on “THE ROOF OF THE WORLD” is celebrated in the month of July every year. It has been scheduled for the first and second weeks of 2022. For more information, click here.

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