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Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia, with some of the best places to visit. It has amazing landscapes, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and above all, high mountains worth visiting. Furthermore, it has a dynamic culture, history, archaeology, and much more. Thousands of nature lovers from around the world come to see these beautiful destinations. Five provinces in the country have a diverse landscape, culture, traditions, and people with a long-lived culture of hospitality. You will enjoy all these dynamic beauties while traveling in Pakistan.

There are amazing holiday destinations in the entire country with great attractions and places to visit. It hosts an awe-inspiring history from the Stone Age to the modern, and the Indus Valley Civilization has a great attraction. There are heart-touching stories and eye-catching scenery to enjoy in Pakistan.

Chitral is the best place to visit in Pakistan

Famous places to visit in Pakistan

As I mentioned above it has five different provinces each of the provinces has its beauty and scene. You must visit to experience the fascinating places of Pakistan on your holidays. We have already posted about some of the interesting parts of the country and there are many to show. In this post, we are telling you about one of the must-visiting places in the Khyber Pukhtun Khaw Province.

The most famous place to visit in Pakistan Chitral

Chitral is an isolated 230-kilometer lon230-kilometer-northwestern corner of Pakistan. The Hindukush Range is dominated by Tirich Mir (the highest Peak in Hindukush 7,790 meters). It is separated by Afghanistan and the Soviet Union on the west and north. Chitral is divided by Hunza, Gilgit, Swat, and Dir on the east and south.

It offers several treks that are greener than those in the Karakorum and Himalaya Ranges.  The Hindukush is generally lower and jagged than the Karakorum and lower Chitral. They are just on the edge of the monsoon belt.

Further north outside the monsoon belt, the valleys look more like the Northern Areas of Pakistan. With villages forming small irrigated fields along the rivers. Even in the north, though, there are reasonably at high altitudes and on the passes.

How to access Chitral?

Lawari Tunnel to visit Chitral
Lawari Tunnel

Chitral is accessible from Islamabad Peshawar and Gilgit Baltistan easily with paved roads and by air. It has great potential for tourism for mountain climbing and lovely passes for treks. Moreover, it has a rich history for those who like to experience historical places. Tour agencies in Pakistan organize trips for all those who wish to visit looking to their special interest.

 For a detailed description of your interest, go to contact and find out your destination. We are always there to reply to your queries and make your trip joyful and full of fun. The people of Chitral are tourist-friendly with their long-lived hospitable culture.

Historically, Chitral was an important valley because it controlled the shortest and easiest route. from China and Central Asia to the northwestern portion of the Indian Sub-continent. The branch of ancient Silk from Kashgar to Tashkurgan, over the Wakhjir Pass, and down the Oxus (Abi-Punja) River. Then it either crossed the Broghil Pass and Darkot Pass to Yasin or followed the Yarkhun Valley/Kunhar River. They would pass through the Lawari Pass and then over to Swat Valley. 

The travelers and conquerors passed through Chitral on their way to the Sub-Continent from Central Asia. Certainly, leaving many of their memories behind.  In addition, you can unfold all the historical background by visiting these places to visit in Pakistan.

Holiday Hikes Pakistan is your great partner to organize your trips to this wonderful part of Pakistan.  Furthermore, it is full of historical stories from its kingdom system and stunning landscape to see and enjoy with us.

Trekking in Chitral is the best thing to do

There are numerous opportunities for trekkers and climbers to explore diverse landscapes and cultures from one valley to another. The people of all the valleys of Chitral are very famous for their hospitality in Pakistan.  For visiting or to find a place of your interest feels free to contact us or visit our website.

Trekking in Pakistan in the famous Chitral Valley
Trekking in Chitral

Kalash Valley is the most beautiful place in Pakistan.

The prime attractions of Chitral are Kalash Valleys. These are the home of the non-Muslims situated southwest of Chitral town between Kunar River and the Afghan Border. These valleys Bumboreth, Rumbur, and Birir are on the edge of the monsoon belt. This is the reason the vegetation is dense with large walnut and fruit trees draped in grapevines swiftly flowing streams. Lush green fields with wheat, barley, maize, vegetables, fodder, and steep ridges with evergreen forests

The 5,000 Kalash live in about 20 villages on the lower ends of Birir, Bombutreth, and Rumbur. However, these were once part of neighboring Afghanistan. The whole area was called Kafristan (land of infidels). However, in 1896, they were forcibly converted to Islam and the name of their homeland changed to Nuristan. The Chitrali Kafir Kalash still follow their religion, a mixture of animism and ancestor and fire worship, etc., and have retained some of their original cultures.

Kalash women wear their cultural dress at all they hang multiple strings of red beads. They plait their hair into five narrow braids, which stick out from under the magnificent headdress. The Kalash men wear ordinary shalwar Kameez (common in the whole of Pakistan) and distinguish them from their Muslim neighbors. Nowadays young girls do not allow to take pictures if they are female tourists could be possible to convince them, but still, they, are tourist friendly. You can visit homes and villages comfortably and they show their culture of hospitality.

How far are the Kalash Valleys from Chitral?

It is a two-hour drive to Bumbureth and Rumbur in the Kalash Valleys. The third valley Birir is further south and takes around three hours to get there. Above all, visiting Kalash Valleys is exciting and interesting; you should not miss it if you are in Chitral. Most of the Kalash villages are set back from the road, with tightly packed houses going up the steep hillside.

You can visit the houses and the architecture of the carefully built houses. Mostly, with their huge wooden beams alternating with layers of neatly jointed stones. The dry stone work in Kalash is the best in Pakistan. The wooden temples in most houses have doors. And pillars carved with entwined geometric designs and goat and horse heads.

Exploring around the villages is also interesting you can find paths and irrigation channels that are miracles of local engineering. Wooden aqueducts sported on wooden poles fly across narrow gorges and closely fitted dry-stone buttresses, resting on the smallest projections, hold the channels in place across the often vertical cliff walls to irrigate tiny clearings in the woods. Building these years of skilled labor, and maintaining their constant vigilance.  Without a doubt, Kalash Valley is the most beautiful place in Pakistan.

What is Chitral famous for a visit to Pakistan?

Jestak Han Kalash

Chitral is famous for the uniqueness of the Kalash Valleys, and the inhabitants are different all over Pakistan. Furthermore, the Kalasha celebrates some of the interesting festivals during the different seasons of the year enthusiastically. Click here to read more about the festivals in Kalash Valley.

The Chili Josh Festival is celebrated from May 14–18, which is the date of the arrival of spring.  Certainly, the events are interesting, with music, dances, and singing songs. All men and women get well dressed on these days and visit their relatives and friends with gifts. For more details and to know about all the festivals, go here. In Pakistan, people organize trips for festivals. If you wish to visit, feel free to contact them to manage your plan and enjoy their services in the popular places to visit in Pakistan.

Chow Mass Festival (Winter Celebration)

It is another interesting and exciting event celebrated during the winter from the first week of December to the second last week. The weather condition stays cold during the winter sometimes covers with snow. Still, the roads are kept open by the government and locals to make it possible for visitors and themselves. The Kalasha visit from one village to another to celebrate the festival together. There are hotels with basic facilities where you stay and dine. Visiting these festivals is exciting all you will enjoy and have fun.

What is the best time to visit Chitral?

The best time to visit Chitral is throughout the year it depends on your likes and dislikes. What season do you like the most? However, spring and summer is the best time for trekkers and flower lovers. Apart from this, there are some festivals and events in Kalash in different seasons. No doubt, the events are colorful and enjoyable. The Kalaha families make them exciting with traditional and cultural decorations.

What other things to do in Chitral in the places to visit in Pakistan?

Chitral offers numerous opportunities for visitors to enjoy their interests. Obviously, for trekkers, there are several trekking routes to take. Shah Janali Pass, Thui Pass, Korumbar Pass, Zani Pass, Chilinji Pass, Darkot Pass, and many more. The best part is that most of the passes are circular ones from one valley to another. Apart from these, the Terichmir Base Camp trek is another best place to visit in Pakistan, the highest mountain in Hindukush. For adventure lovers, there are the most beautiful mountains to climb, like Kayo Zom, Istro Nal, and Boni Zom.

What is the unique thing to see in Chitral?

Chitral District is located high in the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is on the western side of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and is one of Pakistan’s most important snow leopard habitats. During the winter, locals have reported seeing snow leopards near the Toshi Game Reserve. This is famous in Pakistan place of a visit.

Garam Chashma tourist attractions to visit in Pakistan

Garam Chashma (Hot Spring) takes roughly 3 hours to drive from Chitral through the charming villages. Furthermore, the journey is beautiful, but the supply of hot water. It has been encroached upon, and you must travel through tight alleys and climb to reach it. Again, with a little improvement, this might become a significant draw. There are baths as well.

Is it safe to visit Chitral in Pakistan?

Of course, it iy safe visiting the beautiful Chitral in Pakistan. The people are tourist friendly and always welcome the visitors.

In a conclusion, Chitral is one of the popular places to visit in Pakistan. Many national and international tourist visit there during the whole year. Especially, foreign tourists like to go to Chitral because of its famous Kalash Valley. I have seen almost always seen more tourists while traveling these awesome parts of Pakistan tourist attractions. The Lawari Tunnel and later on the addition of Swat Motorway made it easier than in the past. It was once taking 15-16 hours’ but now is 10 hours.

Holiday Hikes Pakistan organizes trips to the most beautiful places in Pakistan with reasonable packages. The comment box below is open for your queries and feedback. Write us your precious suggestions and feedback for further improvement. We are there 24/7 to facilitate our valued visitors and make the holidays enjoyable by finding your favorite holiday destinations.

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  1. Chitral and the Hindu Kush are indeed so beautiful. Thanks for arranging such a perfect trip for me, from Kalash to Naltar and beyond, into the Karakoram. The guides and crew were great, and Bilal is an excellent cook. I had thought I’d visit Pakistan only once. But with so many great destinations, I definitely want to return. Hope to see you again before too long!

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