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Kharpocho Fort Skardu the best place to visit in Skardu
Kharpocho-Fort Skardu


North Pakistan is extremely rich in tourist attractions. In this post, we are going to tell you the best places to visit in North Pakistan. There are thousands of amazing places to enjoy a holiday. Above all, the people of North Pakistan are tourist-friendly. Surprisingly, they will offer their awesome hospitality. In particular, the remote parts of the country are the best to visit. There is real nature wherever you go. Furthermore, you have access to the places you choose to travel to.

Pakistan is a country with a diverse culture, traditions, and people. You can choose a place of your interest as well as one suitable for holidays. It has four seasons. Of course, each season presents its beauty. You may enjoy traveling from one place to another by road or by air. Going to North Pakistan is undoubtedly the best idea if you are a nature lover. The climate is also welcoming in every season of the year.

When to visit Pakistan and where to go?

As mentioned above, all four seasons of the year have different beauty and nature in different parts. If you are interested in seeing the history and archaeology of Pakistan, then winter is the best. Of course, the summer in the plains has a beating heat climate. Moreover, if you are a fan of mountains, then summer is the best time to visit the north of Pakistan. Apart from these, spring and summer have different beauties. The spring blossom of the northern peaks lasts from March to the end of May. The autumn colors from mid-September to the end of November have another beauty.

Now is your chance to make a decision and show interest in what you want to do and see. Holiday Hikes Pakistan is the best place to provide you with information and services. They have an expert team with vast experience in organizing trips throughout Pakistan. We will provide you with detailed information on how to visit the best places in the north of Pakistan. You will find your favorite holiday destination by choosing from this entire post. We have provided you with different sections on this website with detailed information on tourist attractions in Pakistan.

The best places in the North

     Skardu: No doubt, to tell about this incredibly famous place in Pakistan. Why do you think so? This is the hub of adventure tourism as well as soft tourist attractions. As result, this is mostly known as an adventure hub. This best place to visit in Pakistan to go for a holiday destination. There are several tourist attractions, rivers, remote villages, historical sites, ancient buildings, and many more. Without a doubt, you can choose your choice of interest. Above all, it has its name having the second-highest mountain K-2 read here.

Apart from K-2, there are three other mountains above 8000 meters. They are Broad Peak, Gasherbrum-I, and Gasherbrum-II. As well, there are more than 100 above 7000 meters and numerous above 5000 to 6000 meters. All these great mountains are easily accessible from Skardu, which is the best tourist attraction. On the other hand, Skardu valley is the center of 230 remote villages in northern Pakistan. Each of the villages has its own distinction and attractions for tourists.

Short Hiking and walking attractions in Skardu

Skardu Town

It is a cluster of bazaars where all basic supplies are available, such as trekking and climbing gear. There are several hotels and restaurants to stay in and eat in. You may find tour operators and transporters for booking your trips as well. Transport for each of the side villages is available in the city. You may go in a passenger car or rent a book on your own. The people of Skardu are tourist-friendly and hospitable to tourists.

Deosai Plateau is the best place in the North of Pakistan.

The largest plateau in the world is located between India and Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful attractions easily accessible from Skardu. Either by walking or driving over 4000 meters, it is an incredible place to visit. Apart from these, the Deosia Plateau is also famous for camping along with the beautiful, crystal clear rivers. The other attraction on this trip is lush green meadows surrounded by tiny hills in the distance. Shoesar Lake is also the best tourist attraction.

Sadpara Lake is one of the best places to visit from Skardu.

A great walk with stunning views from your hotel to Sadpara Lake. It takes around one hour on the metal road. The views during the walk are heart-touching. On the way back, you can visit Manthal Budha, carved on a rock near the city that represents the history of Buddhists in the Skardu Valley. It is meditating Buddha claims from the seventh century.

Kharpocho Fort is another best place to visit in Skardu

A half-hour walk from the Skardu bazaar offers an amazing hike. It also offers a spectacular view of Skardu city and the mountains in the surrounding area. Above all, the history of the fort is heart-touching with incredible architecture. It is located on an enormous rock. It was structured by the Dogras in 1846. There are the ruins of the walls and rocks. The best time to go here is for a great view.

Norsok Village

On the bank of the Indus River, a tiny village is a short walk to experience the typical Balti of nearby Skardu City. While visiting, you may cross a newly built bridge to the Katpata desert of Skardu.

Kachora and Shangrila lakes are the best places in North Pakistan.

The most beautiful day trip from Skardu is to Shangrila Lake and the hotel. It is located in the city and offers great days. You may take a special car or passenger bus to Kachora Village, easily available in the city. Just go and have a look at the main bazaar. You will have a great view of the Indus River while visiting Kachora Lake. A beautiful walk takes you to this lake, where you can enjoy your holiday. For organized groups and upper-class people, Shangrila Hotel is the best place to stay in Skardu. If you are on a low budget, a day trip is recommended.

The best places to visit on an outing from Skardu


One of the best place in Khapolu Skardu
Liala Peak Skardu

About 100 km to the east of Skardu is Khapolu, the district headquarters of the Ganache District. It is worth visiting. While driving to Khapolu, you pass through several highlights. The meeting point of the River Indus and the Shoyok River is mind-blowing. On the other hand, it’s an interesting drive through a charismatic village. Mehdi Abad Fort across the Indus is worth visiting on this trip. This road leads to the remotest village, Hushe. This is the base of the most beautiful mountain, Masherbrum, at 7828 m.

Apart from all these high passes in the Karakorum, Ghondoghoro La and the most beautiful Liala Peak are accessible from here. This road also leads to the Siachen Glacier, one of the longest glaciers in the Karakoram. Few trekkers take this route to Ghondghoro La (5600) and down to K-2 Base Camp and down to the Shigar Valley north of Skardu. If you have enough time on this trip, spare a day to visit Hushe Valley to experience the remotest village in the Karakorum.

Shigar and Braldu Valley are the best places to visit in Skardu.

The best place to visit in North Pakistan is the Shigar Valley, about 100 km from Skardu. This is the valley from where the road and the trek lead to the Baltoro Glacier and four 8000s. See the trek to four 8,000s in Pakistan (here.) Obviously, it is the most interesting part of Pakistan’s having the second-highest mountain in the world. Above all, the longest glacier in the Karakorum, along with the great mountain, is the best adventure tourism attraction. The road to Askole gives an exciting moment along the Braldu River.

Of course, this part of the country, the Shigar Valley, is popular all over the world for adventure holidays as well as for soft tourism. You may drive along with charming villages. There are several destinations for a day of hiking and walking. On the other hand, there is an awe-inspiring history of the Balti inhabitants in Skardu. Enjoy your holidays at Shigar Fort, Shigar Old Mosque, Thale Valley, and many more highlights. We will cover all the information in our coming posts on this website. Keep in touch to “Venture into Nature” with holiday hikes in Pakistan.

Apo Aligon is one of the best destinations in the Skardu Valley.

On the road to Skardu, a small beautiful village is the lunch break spot for all the expeditions and trekking groups. Their small garden restaurant serves basic food for lunch. You will enjoy the chicken with rice in the usual Apo Alison Garden. The main thing is having a great lunch under apricot trees. At the end of July, you will taste them.

Askole, the last village in Shigar Valley, is the best place to visit.

It was the starting point for K2 and Baltor Trek until 2020. Now the jeep road reaches Payu. Still, some trekkers start their trek from Askole, one of the best tourist attractions. The typical remote village offers great attractions for visitors. You reach here with the mesmerizing highlights of a 6-hour drive on an adventurous road. The road is rough, bumpy, and dusty, making it best for adventure lovers.

How to get there to these best places to visit in North Pakistan?

This question is not difficult to answer today. Of course, it is. Nowadays, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operates flights to Skardu. Certainly, from three major cities in Pakistan: Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Isn’t it a surprise? Definitely a surprise. Most importantly, you can book the flight online from anywhere you are. As well, there are several bus services from these cities too. If you want to see more and enjoy it, the bus travel is amazing. You can also book a NATCO bus service to Skardu.

What is the best time to visit Skardu and what are the best places to visit?

As mentioned above, there is a unique beauty to each season and time of the year. It depends on your likes and dislikes and in which season you like to travel. For adventure vacations, summer is the best time from June to September. If you are a fan of history and culture, any season of the year is welcoming. So, it is up to you, and doubtlessly, what time you have your holidays. You can choose your favorite season and a destination that you can reach when you are free to go there.

Finally, Skardu is one of the most popular places for mountaineering and trekking. It offers a variety of places to stay and things to do during your holidays. Nothing is fixed by the country and its people. There are numerous trekking opportunities. Most of the adventures are in Skardu, in the north of Pakistan. Find your favorite holiday destination using this website.

Stay tuned with us for further posts on the best tourist attractions and places to visit. As well, holiday hikes help you plan your holiday destinations for no cost. You may go to most of the places on your own with a fee schedule, except in the restricted zones. You may enjoy reading about the best places to visit in north Pakistan.

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