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Ghizer River

The Ghizer River 

Trekking in Hindukush: The 9 Best Adventure Attractions

Travelers can arrange their holidays in Pakistan because the country offers a variety of adventure attractions for tourists. The 9 Best Adventure Attractions are above all in the entire region. Whether you’re visiting the plains in the south, which link to the Arabian Sea, or the plains in the east, which border India, both have a rich history. For individuals who enjoy learning about history, we have a vast collection that spans the Stone Age to the present technological era.
Visitors to the historical locations will be able to see incredible history. If you travel to the south, the ruins of Mohenjadaro will bring back memories of the Indus Valley Civilization. Furthermore, the same experience with the ancient ruins of Harappa in East Punjab Province is mind-blowing.

The Introduction to North Pakistan

Moving north and west, Pakistan is awash with natural resources. There are great high mountains and a wonderful valley panorama. Both the north and west are hospitable to adventure tourism, with passes, valleys, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. In short, you will be able to experience the art of nature there.
In this article, we’ll show you the best 9 treks and day walks in Hindukush, Pakistan, along with a short explanation of each location. But in the future, I will give all the information about each one in detail. Sind, Punjab, Khyber Pukhtun Khaw, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan are Pakistan’s five provinces. As previously said, each province differs from the others in terms of scenery, culture, traditions, and people. You will experience a big difference while traveling to any part of Pakistan.
Because of the favorable climatic circumstances and their location in the plains, four of the low-land provinces are more developed than Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is the country’s most remote region, featuring high-altitude mountain villages. The climate of a region has a significant impact on people’s lives and economic development. As a result, Gilgit-Baltistan is less developed than the other four provinces. Tourism attractions could be the main source of income and development.

The 9 Best Adventure Attractions in Ishkoman and Yasin Valley, Hindukush

In this section of the post, we will tell you about 9 fascinating treks in the Ghizer District of Gilgit-Baltistan province and Chitral of Khyber-Pukhtun Khaw Province. All these treks are easily accessible from Gilgit and Chitral. Whether you travel by air or by road to get to Gilgit and Chitral,

Yasin to Broghil over Darkot Pass, the famous Trek of Hindukush in the 9 Best Adventure Attractions

This is a 10-day interesting program (4 hotel nights and 5 camping nights) starting from Islamabad to Islamabad. Either of the two sides, Chitral or Gilgit, may begin. For your information, Darkot Pass is in the restricted zone and you need a permit to go on this trek. In this case, you have to book this trip with a Pakistan tour operator to organize your permit and other necessary documentation.
If you plan to go on this trip from Gilgit, then you go to Darkot Village in Yasin Valley, a 5-hour drive along with the charming villages of Ghizer District (the land of Lakes). There are several mind-blowing highlights on the way to reaching your destination.
Above all, the Ghizer River, which flows down from Shandur Lake in the west between Chitral and Gilgit, on this trip is for a day trip to the Kalash Valley of Chitral. Darkot is the last beautiful village in Gilgit-Baltistan. It has a great history of the passing of foreign invaders onto the subcontinent on their way from Central. 
We will tell you the history in future posts. Secondly, the story of George Hayward, a British explorer who was killed here in 1870. You will visit the place in the afternoon in Darkot. You will arrange your porters from the same village for the next 3 days. If the plan from Chitral is followed, the trek will start from Last, the last village in North Chitral.

Yasin to Chitral over Thui Pass (4,499 m) is one of the 9 best adventure destinations.

One of the most popular treks in Ghizer There are 10 days in total from Islamabad to Islamabad (Hotel Nights: 4). Camping Nights: 5
This is an easy-open zone trek that you can do without any permits or documentation, except a valid visa in the case of foreign trekkers.
This trek is another exciting holiday destination for people with no experience in the land of lakes. From Gilgit, drive on the Shandur Road up to Gupis. From there, the Northwest goes to the Yasin Valley. The jeep road ends at Nalti Thui. If there are porters available in the village, your guide will organize them. In the case of doing it on your own, you may find a few English-speaking friends and organize it on your own. 


The Main Highlights of the 9 Best Adventure Destinations

I have seen several backpackers on this trek. The main highlights of this trek are the snow-covered peaks of Hindukush and Thui-I (6666m), which is on your way and is a famous mountain in Hindukush. You will camp near summer houses and meet local people during the summer. That is another good experience for visitors.
In the north of Chitral, the jeep road goes to Gazin Village, where you end your trek here. If you have more time, there are two more options. Go to Shah Janali Pass or towards Korumbar Lake. See below for Korumbar and Shah Janil Pass treks. There is a 6-hour drive to Chitral via Mastuj and Boni. There is another option. Drive to Shandu Pass and Gilgit. Planning this trip on the first of July makes you able to attend the Shandur Polo Festival as well. You may check it out here:

Ishkoman to Broghil over Korumbar Pass (4,200) along the Wakhan Corridor

9 Best Adventure (Trekking)  Attractions in the Hindukush Range of Pakistan
Kurumbar Lake at 4100 m


It is an awesome trek. From Gilgit, it is a six-hour drive to Matram Dan Emit Ishkoman, where the trek begins with porters. The locals, Wakhi, speak in the Emit Valley. The trek is mesmerizing without a doubt. On this trek, you will also pass near the famous Chiliji Pass.
15-day (hotel nights: 5; camping nights: 10) during the 9 Best Adventure Attractions trip.
The plan for this charismatic trek is worth organizing. This is another restricted zone trek that needs permits and organization with a registered tour agency in Pakistan. 
This trek is mostly for those who love lush green valleys and forests. It is one of the 9 best adventure attractions in the world. Apart from this experience, the local communities along the way, the Gojar Nomads on the Ishkoman side and the Wakhi communities from Broghil of Chitral, also known as Korumbar Lake, are the top highlights of this trek. If you are interested in climbing easy 4,500 to 5,500 meter peaks, you may enjoy it by sparing a couple of days on Korumbar Lake. Of course, you will experience completely different landscapes and people in these two valleys.
The best thing here is that there are several options if you have more days for trekking. You may join it with the Darkot Pass, Zidigharam Pass, Thui Pass, and Shah Janali Pass. You may begin your trek from either Chitral or Gilgit.

Ishkoman to Broghil zindhgram Pass to Darkot Chiantir Glacier Pass (5,500m)

A 12-day (hotel nights: 5; camping nights: 7) plan for this fascinating trek is for those who have experience with glacier walking.
This adventurous trek begins from Ghotolti in the Ishkoman Valley. This is the last village from where three different treks lead to Darkot Yasin Valley. You will find all of them in this article if you don’t overlook the post. It is an amazing trek the first two days, starting from Ishkoman, and very easy going along the thick forest, lush green meadows, and beautiful Chiantir River. The spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains add to the joys of this trek, three days of walking on the giant Chiantir Glacier. Furthermore, the greenish meadows of Broghil are an awesome experience in life.
This trek was discovered for the first time in 2004 when I was leading a large Italian expedition to the Hindukush Mountains. There are several eye-catching peaks above 6000 m in the surrounding area. Most of them were climbed by the Italians in this area from the year 2000 to 2009. On the top of the Chiantir Glacier, there is the best spot for skiing activities. You may also connect this trek to Korambar, Chilinji, Baba Ghundi, Chapursan, and Upper Hunza, as well as down to Emit Ishkoman Valley, depending on the days you have.

9 Best Adventure (Trekking)  Attractions in the Hindukush Range of Pakistan


Naltar Pass (4,700m) and Ishkoman over Attar Pass are the most beautiful 5-day adventure destinations.

Islamabad to Islamabad in 10 days (hotel nights: 4 and camping nights: 6).
This is one of the most interesting treks between Ishkoman and Yasin, the land of lakes in the Ghizer Valley to the west of Gilgit. The road drive to Ishkoman Valley is five hours from Gilgit along the Ghizer River on Shandur Road. From Gahkuch, the District Head Quarters, turns towards the north to Ishkoman, passing through beautiful villages. Moreover, all the way from Gahkuch to the northeast Karakoram and to the west is the Hindukush Range.
Both sides have spectacular views of snow-covered mountains of 5,000 to 6,500 m. There is a great history of the region that you will learn about in future posts. Information and itineraries will be shared. Stay tuned with us.
The main highlight of this trek is meeting local communities on the trek. Furthermore, there are the amazing Hindukush mountains that are easy to climb and numerous other places that offer more attractions. There are several highlights along the way. You will learn more about it. From both sides, either way is a good place to start. The people who came here always fell in love with it and went on this trek. For more detail click here.

Top 5-day adventure destination: Ishkoman over Panji Pass (4,700 m).

10 days (hotel nights: 4; camping nights: 6):
Like the Attar Pass, this trek also begins in Ghotolti Village, Ishkoman. The first day is the same as for Attar Lake. You will have another fantastic valley all the way to the pass that is lush green. The mountains in the area have panoramic views all around. On the way to the pass, it is an amazing day, with the views of Karakoram to the east being dramatic. While descending to Darkot village, on the other hand, is as beautiful as the Attar Valley. More information and trekking details will be shared in the next posts.

Ishkoman over Naltar Pass (4,600m) to Naltar Gilgit.

10 days (Hotel Nights: 4 Camping Nights, 6:
This is another interesting trek that begins in Pakhora Village in the Iskoman Valley. Reaching the start point of the trek is from Gilgit Pakhora, which is another exciting journey on Shandur Road along with the crystal clear Ghizer River. Furthermore, the main highlights are passing through charismatic villages. For a complete guide, click here.
The road drive is smooth and interesting. You will stop at many places to take pictures. The trek climbs from 2,600 m to 4,600 m to the Naltar Pass and then descends to an altitude of 2,400 m in the Naltar Valley. Both sides offer different landscapes, views, and cultures across the pass. For more details on this stunning trek, stay with us and read our post. We will always try to ensure your satisfaction in planning a holiday trip.

The easiest trek of the nine best adventure attractions from Yasin to Ishkoman is over Asumbar Pass (4,400 meters).

Islamabad to Islamabad: 4 hotel nights, 4 camping nights, 4
This is the easiest trek in the valley, so you can enjoy your holidays. Camping in the lush green meadows has spectacular views, crosses small streams, and passes through thick forest. Most importantly, you may enjoy horseback riding trips if you plan to do this trek. The starting point is Assumbar village, Ishkoman, 4 hours drive from Gilgit, as the other one is on Sandhu Road until Gahkuch and then on Ishkoman Road that leads to the Wakhan Corridor.
You will experience the awesome culture of the Gojar nomads on the Ishkoman side, visiting their summer cottages on the way. After crossing the bridge, descend towards Yasin Valley for panoramic views of the Hindu Raj Mountains in the distance.
Reaching Yasin Valley is another life experience that has a fascinating landscape and the hospitality of the people is unlike anywhere else. There are some historical sites worth visiting in Yasin. The Yasin Fort, Midori Fort in Sandhi, Mizar-e-Lalik Jan Nishan-e-Haider Hundur, Mizar-e-Baigal in the Thui Valley, Hayward Stone Darkot, and many more. Sparing a day allows you to visit all the awesome highlights.
Stay connected with this site for more details and trekking itineraries. We will always be happy to provide more information. You can extend this trek to Thui Pass, Chitral, or Darkot Pass if you have more days to see more.

Yasin over Nazbar Pass (4,970 m) to Shamaran Phundar or Zagar Pass (5008 m) to Mastuj

12 days (Hotel nights: 4 camping nights) 7) Islamabad to Islamabad.
This is a very rarely visited trek in the Hindukush. For those who want to see lush green meadows, low-high mountains, and rocks, this is the best trek for them. This trek starts from Nazbar Village in the Yasin Valley. Very few people go on this 9 Best Adventure Attractions trip.
The jeep drive from Gilgit takes 3 hours to reach Yasin Valley, a beautiful village. You can arrange porters here. The beginning is very easy for the first day. However, with the pass steeply growing, it’s a bit of a hard walk for normal trekkers. For those who have experience of trekking, it is not that difficult. The view of the surrounding area is eye-catching while ascending to the pass.
Furthermore, Nazbar Pass and Zagar Pass are almost the same, descending from 5,000 meters down to 3,200 m.
Finally, all of the above trekking regions are worth visiting, but very few know about these treks’ best destinations. I am very curious to get your attention, so please read and share as much as you can. For further information, stay tuned to this site. We will bring all the required information for your convenience. You may also visit here to book a trip.
I’m looking forward to your suggestions and feedback for our development in the comment box below. Furthermore, for this kind of post, check out here.

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