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Azad Kashmir is regarded as a paradise on earth worth visiting to spend holidays there. one of the best places to visit in Pakistan as well. Its main attraction is its green landscape, which is full of beauty and spectacular. In addition, it is a place with many lakes, streams, and wildlife adventures.

This region of the country recognizes across the world for its astounding wildlife, mighty waterways, lush green valleys, and mountains as high as mountains can be. Where are you considering going on your next vacation? Europe can wait; instead, you should rely on Pakistan’s finest tourist destinations. All, these amazing places are easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawal Pindi.

What are the best places to visit in Azad Kashmir?

Normally, it is very difficult to decide and choose the best places. The reason Azad Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Certainly, it has a stunning landscape to enjoy for nature lovers.

Following are some of the most fascinating places for holidays.

Neelum Valley is the top place to visit

It has captivating attractions that make it a popular place to visit. Without a doubt, this one is an exciting highlight. Greenery and azure waters are as beautiful as they come. Furthermore, God has bestowed it with awesome beauty and humanity that adds to the beauty of Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir. Neelum valley is a top destination in Pakistan, according to everyone who lists them. It has a lot of small towns and villages, lakes, hiking trails, mountain passes, and other grand highlights that place it among the top tourist destinations.


If you know your way about Rawalkot, you will undoubtedly find your way here. This would be the area with the most vegetation in a perfect world. With some red contouring, the color green predominates in this region. Beyond a clear lake, a large area is covered with tall trees.

You frequently need to travel there in the summer due to the mild temperature, which hardly ever hits 25°C. Winter horribly cold and snow-covers, however, summer may be fairly pleasant. It would be nice to have those pictures in your camera. When fall is almost around the corner, Rawlakot is awash in hues of gold and reddish brown.

But what good is the lake? A boat can always be propelled by sculls. Young people and ladies are always advised to row in the summertime among those magnificent pine trees.

Stunning Kashmir Valley
Stunning Kashmir Valley

The ideal location to visit in Kashmir is Ramkot.

This gorgeous area, which rises on an elevation and is bordered by the River Jehlum, is a well-liked tourist destination in Azad Kashmir. The no longer stronghold Ramkot Fort features contemporary Muslim military architecture. This fort has a history that stretches back to the 5th and 9th centuries, and in the 17th century, Muslim authorities discovered and destroyed artifacts from those periods. This region offers the framework for excitement for people who have wanderlust.

Toli Pir’s main highlights in Kashmir best places to visit

Look at it, please! Just consider how far it reaches. It appears to have every type of green space you might desire in a location. If you travel to Rawalkot, you will learn about this famous peak, or if you are not already aware of it, you will find out about it while you are there. This summit, which is 8800 feet above sea level, gives you the impression that you are at the top of the world.

Travel to Toli Pir in the final weeks of spring while the weather is still pleasant. Due to its high altitude, it spends the remaining months doing nothing but chilling. Generally, the good time to travel is between April and October in order to explore the area fully.

Pir Chinasi

This area lies in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, and is one of Pakistan’s top places to visit and tourist spots. It is magnificent to explore Pir Chinsai. You’re racing for your patience and for your own security. It’s a beautiful scene, but you must always move with great caution.

The history of the area will serve as your introduction to Hazrat Shah Hussain, a Greater Kashmiri Saint, whose Shrine is fundamentally located here. Every part of this region emanated a cutting-edge nature of brilliance. The lush vegetation is what draws visitors from all around Pakistan. Pine and oak trees that encircle the area bloom in the summer and cover in the snow in the winter.

Leepa Valley is an amazing place to visit in Kashmir

Do you really think this is Pakistan? It goes without saying that you would have to rub your eyes twice to realize that you were in this kind of place Because of the Leepa Valley, Azad Kashmir is now more valued than ever as one of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations. Azad Kashmir has one of the friendliest climates in the world and is accessible to visitors from May to November. In the vicinity of Muzaffarabad, one can see tall mountains and towering pine trees approaching.

 After you cross Reshian, there are numerous options for local jeep transportation.

Red Fort

It is one of the forts in Pakistan that you really must see. This fort is a top location for archaeologists and tourist enthusiasts who are curious about the region’s past. Although it has had numerous catastrophes and may currently consider a ruin, it may use some renovation. However, this area is a wonderful work of art. Avoid confusion; it is often referred to as Muzaffarabad Fort. This region is a well-known historical location in Azad Kashmir, and many international visitors have also been there.

Shounter Lake

Offering nothing more than what magnificent Mother Nature has to offer. The best time is between May and August; the weather will be on your side, and the transportation options are excellent. From Kel in Neelum Valley, a Jeep is easily accessible.

If you enjoy camping, don’t be hesitant because it appears that many tourists also think it makes for a great camping location. You can discover various lodging options here because it’s more conducive to camping than to hotels. Even though the Shounter Lake is small, it is nevertheless worth seeing if you take a Jeep from Kel. Overall, this region’s stunning geography shortlists it as one of the best tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir.

Plan your next vacation to Azad Kashmir now that you have experienced its fervent beauty. If you were to see all of these sites in person, what sights would you see? Explore Azad Kashmir with your spirit of adventure and passion for your nation

The best places to visit in Kashmir
Gandola Cable Car Kashmir photo credit@Pexel

What are the things to do in Kashmir?

Culture Tours, sightseeing, Out-door Activities, Multi days, and Extended Tours are the top things to do in Kashmir.

Moreover, there is a beautiful drive, a well-kept road, and an amazing view of the summit.  A zip line, chairlifts, paragliding, and other attractions are the top highlights of Azad Kashmir tourism attractions. Pakistan has

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